Sunday, November 20, 2016

Blinded by hatred unto accepting possible corrupt rule again

Trump became president in one of the biggest shock of all times.

Despite his perverted acts, racist rants and uncivilised mutterings, he was voted overwhelmingly by American voters. The TV show entertainer who does not even have an iota of political experience did not just scrap through to win the polls but won convincingly against one of the most qualified, well-prepared and experienced politicians.

Many condemned the white male American voters for being bodoh, but that had been their choice, perhaps because he convinced the white Americans he would keep the coloured people out and get their jobs back for the ang-mor.

However, what could NOT be understood was the support for vile racist Trump by non-caucasian voters in the USA (Yanks of Mexican descent, other Latinos, Black Americans, even Asians) and most surprisingly, even outside the USA by non-American Asians such as, wakakaka, Malaysians.

In Erna Mahyuni's article in the MM Online titled Malaysians for Trump: Where are the mirrors? and which I also blogged on in my Dear brown & yellow people, Erna wrote (extracts):

From what I've seen of Trump rallies, they're whiter than Malaysian school uniforms. A sea of Gardenia bread and yet there are immigrants and non-white people who aren't even American citizens supporting someone who would be too glad to throw them under the bus.

There is, apparently, a big group of Asian-Americans also supporting Trump for his purported “family values.”

Is it family values for a man to cheat on all three of the women he married? To sexually objectify his own daughter and allow someone else to do so in front of him? It is perplexing.


Dear brown/yellow people: look at your skin. Now matter how loudly you proclaim yourself as allies to people like Trump, they will never treat you as an equal. It is perfectly conceivable that Trump, after getting rid of illegal immigrants, would likely turn his attention to the legal but unwanted ones.

He's pledged to get rid of Muslims; he's made disparaging remarks about Jews, despite his daughter marrying one. There is only one colour that matters to Trump and it's definitely not brown nor yellow.

It's akin to European Jews in 1930's praising Adolf Hitler skyhigh. In recent times, we have had dedak-driven Arabs.

In fact I know of one high profile female Egyptian who's on Israel's payroll and in American home to write bad of Arabs while praising Israelis, but then her motive, though not appreciated, is understandable because she's makan-ing heavy dedak.

And in Malaysia we have our very own ultra-kiasu RTA and Ustaz Ann Wan Seng, the latter  who loved to insult non-Christian Chinese.

For Malaysians, most of whom, know f**kall about American politics and personalities, to condemn Hillary Clinton of unspeakable crimes through their ignorance is sheer stupidity though expected of blinded and easily influenced idiots, but for Malaysians to praise and support Trump, despite his bigoted remarks about non-whites is breathtakingly moronic.

They don't even do it for money, which would have made their misguided support understandable. But to praise and support a racist who speaks ill against them is surely to show the nadir of their moronic mentality.

Some Trump supporters even gave the excuse that Trump won the white votes because of his connection with their problems, which has been yet another bullshit they fed to themselves.

Does anyone believe for an instant that multi-billionaire hedonistic pervert Trump know how the poor white people in the States live? Hey, the only likely connection would be that he f**ked their daughters.

But quite a number of Malaysians applauded Trump because because his victory represented an achievement of the near impossible, thus an unlikely victory that did miraculously come to wonderful fruition.

And that has been why those Malaysians were rapt with Trump's victory because it signalled hope for them in Malaysia. But were they aware that Trump achieved his victory on a platform of racism, pervertism, bigotry and promise-anything tactics?

Is that the sort of victory that Malaysians want?

Even if on a platform of racism, pervertism, bigotry and promise-anything tactics?

Which by the way has been what UMNO including and especially its erstwhile leader Maddy resorted to.

Thus effectively those who applauded Trump was also applauding UMNO and Maddy. Indeed on the latter person which I will now come to.

Thus the same wishful moronic mentality of Malaysians was shown again yesterday when they applauded people like "I am Malay first" Moody and "Lalang and Memali-rized them" Mahathir.

For Bersih Malays I can understand their support for the former, as Moody had bravely declared his ethnic affiliation above his sense of Malaysian-ness. In other words, if accorded the opportunity, Moody will alway be a Malay PM and never a Malaysian PM, not unlike his boss.

Indeed, I wonder about the Bersih non-Malays who applauded Moody as the star of Berish 5.0? Could they ever trust him as a "I am Malay first" before his necessary Malaysian-ness to be one of our leaders? 

Or could they ever trust him as per Trump with their wives, especially Chinese wives? But on this question I guess we would have to ask Stanley Augustin.

As for Moody's boss, after 22 years we warned of our immense dislike of him with the 1999 GE votes when his BN only managed to win 56% of the previous (1995) 65% votes, a drastic drop of approximately 10%. 

He took the democratic hint and dropped out in 2004 (perhaps under the horrid undemocratic belief he could still be de facto PM and control his successor), the new BN Chief AAB won back 64% of the votes.

But today, having forgotten how ugly he was to us during his PM days, and his single-handed destructions of our hallowed democratic institutions, we hailed him again as Moses about to lead us into the land of milk and honey.

Today some Malaysians are either stupid or blinded with hatred or both in many many things that George Santayana's words would be most apt: 

Fanaticism consists of redoubling your effort when you have forgotten your aim.

Wasn't our aim to restore our democratic way of life together with our much hallowed institutions like our judiciary, our parliament including the Senate and a non-political non-aligned civil service (plus police) and armed forces.

Yet we hail the return of the man who has destroyed all we cherished in his 22-years of rule. What of our aim?

Last year (2015) in April, in a now-defunct TMI news report titled Working with Dr M to remove PM will be a ‘disaster’, Pakatan told we read what Ramkarpal Singh of the DAP said (extracts):

“The question of working with Dr Mahathir is an unimaginable disaster waiting to happen."

“There can be no doubt that Malaysia needs to be saved. While I agree that Najib ought to go, I cannot agree with the means by which Dr Mahathir proposes to do so.”

“Asserting pressure on a democratically elected prime minister to step down cannot be democratic and it is high time that Pakatan Rakyat come together at this very critical time against Umno and the Barisan Nasional (BN)”.

Ramkarpal said that working with Dr Mahathir would mean that PR would just be maintaining the status quo and allow “corruption to continue.

“I am firmly of the view that saving Malaysia can only mean a new clean, accountable and transparent government."

“Pakatan Rakyat must live up to its promise to Malaysians of being that alternative and democratically oust Najib and the BN through the ballot box,” Ramkarpal stressed.

It seems we are prepared to 
allow “corruption to continue so long as we can get rid of Najib, wakakaka.

Such is our cleverness that we even accept Maddy's sly words to only appoint a PM after Pakatan Pribumi wins the election, a first in any Westminster system.


  1. The white sahib Trump triumphed! The KKK and the Heartlanders don't give a damn of who Trump was/is? They just want white supremacy; to replace a murky brown president with a clear white president who has a deep anger against Islam combined with active contempt for non white immigrants. Yea, the fools and the hypocrite Americans have stood up and be counted - it vexed the wisdom of Solomon. But didn't we fight for democracy and human rights too? How sickening it must be to you, huh matey? Wakakaka.

  2. What a cheap piece of theatrical rhetoric to shower on the Bersih non-Malays!

    U seem to forget that;

    1)Bersih is OPENED to all, irrespective of colour, religion or udang

    2)One's past deeds, one has to face them squarely in time to come. When those creeds join in for the fun, ONLY one aim must be projected - for the good of M'sia. Lain masa untuk udang nya. Faham tak?


    Neither is the Melayu-first moohead been forgiven.

    Those who cheered them, could be their machis'.

    We cheer them bcoz, at this moment, we all share the same enemy/vision.

    If they r playing Machiavellian, then they should know that we r not the same blur-sotong group who have been conned for the past 40+ yrs. They should keep in mind that there r many SunSzis among us!

    3)U wrote as if we r the same as those with blur-sotong herd mentality.


    "allow corruption to continue"?

    "our cleverness that we even accept Maddy's sly words"?

    How sure r u???

    Treating us as if we r born yesterday! How naive can u be?

    Perhaps, been so far DownUnder, u r not in touch with the pulse of the Bersih non-Malays.

    Or perhaps, u r acting on the same mode as that big cheat of Manchester.

    For all yr self-cleverness, just don't forget our long history of survival against all odds!

  3. Reading your rant, its also obvious to me you know Fuck All about American politics and personalities, just spewing prejudices picked up from the socialist media that you read exclusively, forming your world view.

    As to Malaysia, I have to remind people it will be an absolute disaster to turn a blind eye, of both blind eyes and remain silent on the criminal behaviour of the Current Prime Minister, regardless of what somebody else may have done 15, 20 or 30 years ago. Two wrongs don't make a right.

    1. I live in Oz, a member of ANZUS and probably the USA best ally or machai, and am more familiar on American politics than most Malaysians, wakakaka

      Even if Najib is alleged guilty of RM42 billion, his crime is paltry in comparison to Malaysia's worst dictator who destroyed virtually every democratic institutions, moderate policies and sense of good house keeping - how could we ever forgive this monster?

    2. I do business with a fair number of Americans. Interestingly, most of them are hardworking entrepreneurs who built up their own business, without advanced degrees. Those who went to college more likely came from provincial universities, not the Ivy League. I've never met a real racist among them, just hardworking and, I have to say, honest businessmen. That's why I like doing business with them. And yes, I think many supported Donald Trump. Most have said that the US Federal government has been unfriendly to businesses in the last 8 years.

      Interestingly, according to the New York Times (definitely no Donald Trump supporter) , 29% of Asians voters supported Trump, and also 29% of Hispanics and Latinos.

      The explanation on the sizable minority of Latinos who supported Trump is relatively straightforward.

      For many Latinos who are born and bred in the US, and also those who became citizens legally through the long and strict process, illegal immigration , especially those who commit violent crimes is also serious issue. It appears some were willing to ignore his nastier, race-laced comments, but supported his immigration law-and-order platform.

      By the way, the deportation of illegal immigrants with criminal records is Federal Law in the USA. Trump is not talking about acting beyond the bounds of law.

      For Asians, many of the 29% votes are more likely traditional Republican votes, rather than support for Donald Trump per se.

      The Republican Party, with its pro-business policies, as well as emphasis on traditional family values, has a surprising amount of support in the Asian American community. A minority, but substantial portion of Chinese Americans, for example, will tell you the Republican Party's policies are closer to traditional Chinese values of hard work, self-responsibility and family.

      This is not an excuse for Donald Trump. He has said many nasty things, has a past history of repulsive behaviour. But many people were obviously willing to look past what he said literally, and listen to other aspects of his message.

  4. The pariah and pervert,Donald Trump,have finally settled the phony Trump University lawsuit.Three days before the presidential elections,a lawsuit for raping a thirteen year old girl was withdrawn.This pariah pervert must have settled the case too.His children have defended a rapist,so they must all be pariahs too.Like father like children.

  5. 'Even if Najib is alleged guilty of RM42 billion, his crime is paltry in comparison to Malaysia's worst dictator ...'

    How sure, again, that yr idol won't over-take that mamak's record?

    Mamak had 22 years & no more. Thus, that RM100B is a standing record waiting to be broken.

    Yr ahjibgor is just starting & he has already cleansed RM42B that's known. (There would be more, if more dirts is been discovered.) This is almost half-way mark of the mamak's, mind u, in 7+ yrs!

    Pro-rated, yr idol would come out champion in M'sian undertable monetary record. Betul tak?