Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Malaysian political parties for Chinese (2)

Continuing from Malaysian political parties for Chinese (1) 

But in recent times (past 30 plus years or so), a younger more educated generation of Chinese Malaysians grew up, wakakaka, to be eligible voters. They no longer consider themselves as children of migrants but rather true blue umpteen-generation Malaysians with all the rights of true blue citizens.

They frown on 'recent' migrants from around the region, perhaps even as far as beyond the Kashmir Valley or even the Great Rift Valley, many of whom have far more rights and privileges than they do.

They make mucho noises, upset the more conservative Malays and even the elder Chinese with their vociferous behaviour. And annoyingly they have been right in their assertions of their citizens' rights.

Praetorian Guards were sent out with the usual messages of 'Don't test our patience' as if those Praetorian Guards have any patience themselves. 

Ironically, most of the 'newly aware' Malaysian generations flock to the most vociferous and least corrupt opposition party, namely, the Democratic Action Party (DAP), thus labelling themselves in the eyes of Malays, even those who arrived recently, as 'Chinese', not Malaysians.

They earn descriptions of being DAPigs, with their accusers not being aware that Chinese love pigs, even to the extent of being named after those creatures (eg. Ah Too, Too Knia, Aw Too, etc) or to eat them, wakakaka, as in char siew, siew yoke, bah-kut-teh, tau eu bah, etc. 

Thus their wannabe tormentors were casting poisonous pearls before bah-kut-teh lovers, wakakaka.

Some of these 'newly aware' Malaysians join PKR, wishing to distance themselves from what has been perceived as the Cinapek Party (DAP) instead found themselves wading in a familiar cesspool. The PKR, as mentioned in the previous post, was nothing more than a single-issue party, that of initially rescuing Anwar Ibrahim and now promoting him or his family. The 'familiar ground' is that the PKR is a melange of UMNO, MCA and MIC, wakakaka, basically old wine rebranded under a new label.

the 'quiet' MCA of PKR 

To be continued ...

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