Friday, November 11, 2016

Heil Israel, Seig heil

From FMT about Israeli's delight over its eventual annexation of the West Bank:

Israeli god's last name is Trump ... I mean .... Trumm 

JERUSALEM: Donald Trump’s shock election as president will likely result in a US tilt towards Israel that puts a Palestinian state even further out of reach, his own campaign team and analysts say.

While so much about Trump’s thinking on the Middle East remains unknown, he and his advisers have spoken of overturning decades of precedent by recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and relocating the US embassy from Tel Aviv.

Trump said in March that “there’s nobody more pro-Israel than I am,” adding that he would oppose any attempt to force Israel into an agreement it opposes.

The president-elect’s adviser on Israel, David Friedman, told AFP last month that he does not believe Trump sees Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank as illegal, as nearly all the rest of the international community does.

Asked whether he believed in the two-state solution, the basis of more than two decades of peace negotiations, Friedman said Trump was “tremendously sceptical”.

“A Trump administration will never pressure Israel into a two-state solution or any other solution that is against the wishes of the Israeli people,” Friedman told a Trump rally in Jerusalem in October.

The Israeli right has welcomed such statements and seized on Trump’s victory to promote its cause — including, for some, a call to bury the two-state solution once and for all.

Hardline lawmakers, including some from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, said Trump’s win represented a “historic opportunity” to abandon ideas of Palestinian statehood and move towards annexing the West Bank.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who heads the religious nationalist Jewish Home party and is seen as having ambitions to be prime minister, said “the era of a Palestinian state is over.”

Hallelujah, YHWH has moved in mysterious ways. Hasta la vista, Palestine.


  1. About a month ago in this blog I predicted that Donald will trump Hillary.

    InsyaAllah, Najib will will trump the opposition in GE14.

    Simply said, our country is divided into two i.e. the heartlands and the metropolitans. The heartlands will choose the look east to China, unlike the metropolitans who will have no qualms to work with the American-Jewish sponsor to overthrow the Malay government.

    It is not about the Jews. It is about jobs and economy. Our 1MDB has made China rich. Wakakaka.

    1. i hope msian anti establishment sense is as strong as american, n make a dare move to reject the current regime. i dun mind one from pas to lead us as long as he/she not from the hadi gang wakaka.

  2. Why so happy? DT might instruct his AG/DOJ to name and charge MO1.

    Not that I am truly believing but the ancient court officer of the Tang Dynasty already predicted that DT would win long before you uttered it. The interesting part is the story hasn't ended. The story goes on that HC would still become the 1st woman president of USA come this Feb 2017 though the original USA may became 4 entities and all 4 leaders of the new entities are women and DT never fulfill his appointment!

    Chinese version of the Harry Potter fantasy ........ wakakaka

  3. 'Our 1MDB has made China rich.'

    U mean MO1 had made China rich, right?


    'The heartlands will choose the look east to China, unlike the metropolitans who will have no qualms to work with the American-Jewish sponsor to overthrow the Malay government.'

    What zombie shits have u being consuming?

    Heartlanders r living under the tempurung, praying everyday for their god to provide alms (non stopping wine & 72 virgins) in their afterlife.

    Anything outside that realm is too far & complicated for them to want to understand. Meanwhile they r happy with dedak trickling down from their 'helmsman' for their daily needs!

    Getting helps from China is just the idea of their dedak master to look for 'willing' outsider to ease the cancerous pains of their selfish kleptomaniac indulgences.

    China is the ONLY source of money now as no American/European financial institutes &/or govts r willing to touch bolihland now with a 10 foot pole in the lights of 1MDB.

    The RM144B trade deals r ONLY MOUs, that can be changed.

    What MO1 doesn't want Joe M'sians to know is the billions of MGS (M'sian Government Securities) offered to the Chinese at prime discount, that's payable in the future!

    And China WILL extract her dues in time to come, financially & politically, u bet!

    Moron, if it is not yr take about the Jews, or any other shit excuses, then why accusing the metropolitans who will have no qualms to work with the American-Jewish sponsor to overthrow the Malay government? Zombie thinking leehhhh.

    Bolihland will pay & suffer. With the blur sotongs suffer the most in jobs & economy.

    Along the way, creating another excuse for the ketuanan freaks to blame the Chinese M'sians just bcoz of their ancestor tie.