Sunday, November 13, 2016

Aliran's pathetic example

From FMT on how Trump's victory holds hope for Malaysians by P Ramasamy of Aliran:

I'm inspirational? Wow!

There is a lesson for Malaysians in Trump’s victory: it holds hope for Malaysians who despair that our country is beyond repair.

Everything, as it were, went against Trump. He did not have political experience or any administrative experience in government, having never held an elected position. He was very much an underdog in this contest.

Clinton was First Lady for eight long years when Bill Clinton was President of the United States. Even before that, she was the First Lady of Arkansas for more than 10 years when Bill Clinton was Governor. She was a US senator for New York for eight years and was part of President Barack Obama’s cabinet for four. She wielded vast and formidable experience and expertise in government to take on Trump.

Clinton’s team demonised Trump for his lack of demeanour and exposed his sexual escapades – hoping to turn women voters against him. But the majority of non-college educated women voted for him anyway.


It is time for Malaysians to learn a lesson from Trump’s victory and vote in the Opposition to run the country. It is time for action. This is the historic opportunity we have been waiting for.

It's quite amazing or rather stupid when some Malaysians cited Trump's election victory as holding hope for Malaysians, and thus for the Malaysian federal opposition.

But just a quickie (excuse the American pun) to answer P Ramasamy flabbergasting article, to wit his comment that:

Clinton’s team demonised Trump for his lack of demeanour and exposed his sexual escapades – hoping to turn women voters against him. But the majority of non-college educated women voted for him anyway

... were those accusations by the Clinton's team true, namely:

(a) Trump's lack of demeanor

(b) Trump's sexual escapades

and the most flabbergasting of Ramasamy's allusion

(c) that the majority of non-college educated women voted for him anyway.

I ask because the context of what Ramasamy has written implies that the non-college educated American women had been stupid enough to vote for a man who boasted of his sexual escapades and who lacks personal dignity to be a head of state. 

Really, Mr Ramasamy!!! Malaysians can di with less or preferably none of such candidates wishing to eb political leaders.

Yes, it seems that not only Ramasamy but some Malaysians seem to have forgotten that Trump campaigned for his election on a platform of racism, xenophobia, scare-mongering, hooliganism, abuses against all and sundry including a Republican Party/USA war hero John McCain, and that Trump was discredited and disowned by his own Republican Party, but highly praised by the notorious Ku Klux Klan and ultra right wing Europeans.

It can be said his political campaigns were very UMNO-like or alternatively, UMNO's campaign under Mahathir and Najib were very futuristically Trump-like.

Do we Malaysians including the federal opposition (minus Pribumi and PAS) and fair-minded NGOs (OK lah, including Bersih) want to be like UMNO? Then go and buy yourself a red shirt, or even a brown one.

To suggest that Trump's victory is an inspirational hope for the Malaysian federal opposition is horrifically idiotic, when and where Trump's victory had been based on extreme bigotry, hateful xenophobia, abuses and fear-mongering and ...

... if those were put-on shows for campaign purposes, then those were based on Trump's sinister massive deceit of American voters, where those voters were treated like fools.

Is that what Aliran is saying Malaysians hope for, and presumably the Malaysian federal opposition should do?

Don't talk cock by using the awful example of Donald Trump and his election victory as a beacon of hope for us, without bearing in mind the evils and deceit of Trump's campaign.


  1. Ramasamy needs to have his nuts check.Maybe he needs to see a shrink.Donald Trump have been accused of raping an 13 year old girl.And also by his first wive,Ivana.And a dozen women have came out that he groped them by the breasts and pussies too.Is this pariah a good example for law abiding people?

  2. I have travelled extensively in the United States, and much of my working life was with American corporations. When I retired, I was the highest ranking Malaysian in the company I worked for.

    My take on the US election results.
    No, Trump's Electoral College win was not primarily due to extreme bigotry, hateful xenophobia, abuses and fear-mongering. To be sure, there was some of that, but many of the swing voters who switched to Trump had voted for Obama - twice in 2008 and 2012. They are , for the most part , not hateful racist.

    United States went through a deep Financial crisis in 2008. Millions of people lost their jobs. By and large , at a Macroeconomic scale, the US economy has recovered. Apple makes Billions of Dollars of Profits. So does Google , Facebook , Boeing , General Electric, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel etc. etc. etc.

    United States is still the richest, most powerful nation in the history of the world. But America's underclass has received little or none of the economic gains. The jobs are gone, perhaps permanently. They are the "forgotten people" as Donald Trump said.

    If you want to understand more about the key dynamic of the 2016 Elections I recommend you read the best selling book "Hillbilly Elegy". Its available in Malaysian bookshops, certainly in Australia.

    It is one man's moving account of his journey from deep poverty in Appalachia, to the US Marines, to Yale University and Silicon Valley.

    Donald Trump spoke to and for this American underclass, the way Hilary Clinton and his elitist team did not.

    I don't know how sincere Donald Trump is on addressing their pain - I suspect he is not. But they listened - and they voted.

  3. Lets hope Trumpie doesnt turn out to be another version of Australia's Clive Palmer, making all the right noises to the masses just to get his foot in...then ended up delivering nothing but tears for all.