Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Koreans, eat your 'sausages' out!

MM Online - Auntie Anne’s confirms ‘pretzel dog’ now ‘pretzel sausage’ to satisfy halal cert

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 28 ― The local chapter of US pretzel chain Auntie Anne's confirmed today that it has changed the name of its “pretzel dog” to “pretzel sausage”, after it was reported that they would be denied halal certification if they refused to do so.

The company's executive Farhatul Kamilah Mohamed Sazali said the name was changed to meet the requirements set by the country's halal authorities.

“We changed already to ‘pretzel sausage’ to comply with Malaysia's halal certification requirements,” she told Malay Mail Online when contacted today 


Jakim previously denied that it had rejected Auntie Anne's application for halal status due to the presence of the word “dog” in its menu, and had blamed media for the public furore.

Its halal division director Dr Sirajuddin Suhaimee said the chain’s application for halal certification had failed due to reasons such as incomplete paperwork.

Previously, Sirajuddin had told the media that “In Islam, dogs are considered unclean and the name cannot be related to halal certification” but later insisted his remark was in general and not specific to the Auntie Anne’s chain.

Media outlets reported Sirajuddin’s remarks about the unsuitability of the term “dogs” this week, along with the department’s guidelines against halal food items being similar in name to haram products such as beer, bacon and ham, among others.

The issue surfaced after an executive with US pretzel chain Auntie Anne’s revealed that their application for halal certification had failed due to, among others, concerns over the “pretzel dogs” in their menu.

Muslim lawmakers from both sides of the political divide have also expressed their disagreement with Jakim’s decision.

On the heels of the Auntie Anne’s controversy, non-halal pork burger chain Ninja Joe was probed by state religious authorities for allegedly confusing Muslims with its “P. Ramly” homage burger.

Bravo, we have done it. Malaysia is not for nothing, in the words of Mahathir in 2002, a fundamentalist Islamic nation.

The Koreans must be envious about Malaysian can-do for once. Yes, we may not be able to manufacture mobile phones, tanker ships and aeroplanes, nor do we have K-pop sweeties or popular K-dramas, but we can convert dogs into sausages.

As can be read from above MM Online extracts above, Jakim's Sirajuddin Suhaimee said that and now says this, wakakaka, as a Jakim man would do.

If he has told the truth, then no sweat here or hereafter, but if he has lied (as above news report seems to indicate), then he will have to face the wrath of Allah swt, and may His Almighty use the mightiest hottest painful thunderbolt, amin.

As for Ninja Joe's Ramly pork burger, it my take a while as Jakim has no authority whatsoever over a non-Muslim joint. Thus Mahathir's job is at this stage only half done.


  1. For the record.
    "Hot Dogs" were never a problem during the Mahathir Administration - up to 2004.

    This extremist interpretation of Islam is occurring under the "moderate" Najib Administration.

    1. like all PKR-ista, you're already under Mahathir's control, wakakaka

    2. Would you care to explain why it is inappropriate to hold the current Prime Minister for the actions and policies of the current administration ?

    3. a PM is always responsible for his ministers' actions, whether the responsibility is direct or indirect. Minister Nazri Aziz disagrees with Jakim's actions, and so did Jamil Baharon the minister for religion - I believe it has been a case of lil' Napoleons going too far which of course the PM is still responsible for (indirectly). BTW, lil' Napoleon was a term brought into play during AAB's term, where the previous PM might have been referring to those civil servants still loyal to Maddy, wakakaka, and dong it "their way" against AAB's policies

    4. Wordsmith at play AGAIN!

      'a PM is always responsible for his ministers' actions'???

      So, by arguing semantically, u r saying just bcoz some machis disagreeing with Jakim's actions, thus MO1 is also again that action.

      Betul tak?

      Then, siapa tu najib?

      Oooop.. I lupa u tak bercaya yang MO1 tu di maksudi najib.

      Thousandx2 maaf!

      Tapi, najib tu pm M'sia. Siapa tu lil' Napoleon yang kuat tenting pm M'sia? Siapa yang baki kan mereka kuasa/kefahaman untuk mebuat demikian?

      Lagi, "The buck stops here" maksud apa?

      Mungkin MO1 yang diam sahaja, memberi pemerintahan kepada lil' Napoleon untuk membuat demikian!

      So apa jadi?????

      KT duduk dekat river of denial di Oz!!!!!

    5. Are our justice system evidential or speculative based? Wakakaka

    6. selective, race n religion based.

    7. btw was there such a fast food Auntie Annie during Maddy's time?

    8. There was an A&W outfit having corny dog during Maddy's time.

      Corny dog tak sama pretzel dog. Tapi, nama juga ada "dog".

      So, what's yr take, wordsmith???

    9. A&W was more known for its root beer than corny dog so that might have escaped Jakim's attention then, wakakaka.

    10. As late as 2008 - with Pak Lah as Prime Minister , I was still enjoying A&W Root Beer, and it was named such on the menu in Malaysia.

      This yet another extremist interpretation of Islam that we need to hold the current Prime Minister responsible for the actions of his current Administration.

      The "Root Beer" name ban was never disavowed by any of Najib's ministers nor by Najib himself.

  2. Kaytee,I have a wire haired Dachshund too,you know.So,please do not compare my(and other dog owners)dog,with these crazy religious do nothing,peeping toms,breast groppers and pussy grabbers dudes.You can,in future compare these perverts only with Donald Trump.

    1. bruno matey, your dachshund at least has a raw birdie, wakakaka, whilst jakim's birdie has to be sembelih first, wakakaka again

  3. Had good memories working at the A&W outlet on Jln Bukit Bintang during my school holidays - there was the sumptious Coney Dog, all prepared by me and my melayu mates in the kitchen - we had so much fun, almost racially-&-religiously blind those days.