Wednesday, November 30, 2016

PAS government underhanded?

Why is the Kelantan government so uncaring about Aborigines?

Star Online tells us an NGO has condemned Kelantan PAS government's underhand tactics on orang asli - underhanded? by an Islamic government?

The Star Online report stated:

A non-governmental organisation has told the Kelantan government not to use underhand tactics against the orang asli who are trying to protect their land and homes.

Center to Combat Corruption & Cronyism (C4) founder Cynthia Gabriel said it "is deeply alarmed and disturbed at the arrests of about 40 orang asli leaders in attempting to defend the blockades in their native customary lands of Simpang Petei near Pos Gob, Betau Cawas near Pos Bihai and Kelawong di Pos Pasik."

"Is this the type of government who prefers to use underhand tactics and what happened to the promise by the Kelantan deputy mentri besar to meet the orang asli and see the devastation of their forest. It never happened," Cynthia said in a press statement.

Then Zaid Ibrahim tells us in FMT that PAS Kelantan doesn't care about Orang Asli. Zaid said:

“You have to care a little bit. But this is the problem with PAS. Everything they do, they add an Islamic label to it, but in the end the content is zero.

And Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad, who was a former PAS member, was reported by FMT as surprised and very disappointed to hear about the way PAS Kelantan government is treating the Aborigines so shabbily. He said:

“I’m sure that if the late Nik Aziz were around, he would not allow this kind of thing to happen.”


  1. Politicians are politicians.When logging is concern,big money is always involved.The smell of the ringgit,will make people crazy.It does not matter which party is in power.Money can buy that piece of pie called "pussy".Those PAS people just love it.When it all comes down to pussy,PAS will all but forget about hudud.You guys better believe it.

  2. Whether it is Kelantan run by PAS,Selangor run by Pakatan or Pahang run by Umno,corruption is corruption.Hudud or no hudud,corruption is king.

  3. These are the recalcitrant orang aslis, probably practicing animists, bahais, Christians etc... who have rejected PAS salvation efforts through the years.