Monday, November 21, 2016

Matthew 22:21

From Malaysiakini:

A Gerakan Youth leader has reminded churches that joined the call to attend Bersih 5 last week not to mix religion with politics.

"Last weekend we saw some churches holding their masses and services before the rally by having the believers conspicuously supporting one side of the protest.

"Many of them wore the particular colour of shirts to show support in the church.

"An archbishop who joined the rally also encouraged his followers to do the same," said Gerakan Deputy Youth chief Andy Yong.

"The archbishop is, of course, free to make a decision if it involves church matters, but to use the sacraments to encourage support or affiliation to certain political agendas is not appropriate.

"He should consider whether he risks fuelling the anger sentiment towards others with different faith and political support. He must consider the consequences of his actions," Yong said in a statement today.

While he is not advocating that persons who are religious should be excluded from government affairs or that they influence others to do the same, there is a matter of "sensitivity" to be considered, he said.

"We cannot use religious tenets as a justification for our support in government or politics.

"History has provided ample proof that when religion is mixed with government or political affairs, it will cause serious problems and lead to violence," Yong said.

He said politicians should not declare that their religion is "superior to others, or that their religion is more authentic, or that their opponents’ faith is less sincere or significant".

He added: "There should be, no hierarchy of faith for political purposes in Malaysia. Rhetoric such as that used by PAS to pressure Muslims to support hudud has no place in our civic multi-religious life.

"The separation of religion and political ideologies or government support is essential in our civil liberties. Politics and religion must not mix."

As a pro DAP blogger I am not normally a Gerakan supporter but I believe Gerakan Deputy Youth chief Andy Yong has been absolutely correct that there MUST be separation of religion and political ideologies.

We have been frequently pissed off by Jakim on this and Jais on that, and various muftis and sundry telling us what to do, wear and see, and call our fast food, so on the same token (of being pissed off) how could we allow clerics of other faiths to interfere in secular politics.

Let's not have double standards, like we have been forgiving a 22-year dictator who lost for us, according to Barry Wain, RM100 billion of taxpayers money while attacking a 7-year PM who allegedly siphoned off RM42 billion.

Furthermore, Wain informed us that said dictator was involved in a number of scams, which included a government attempt to manipulate the international tin price and gambling by Bank Negara on global currency markets.

He also used a secret fund of the ruling Umno to turn the party into a vast conglomerate with investments that spanned almost the entire economy.

Under that dictator, UMNO financed its new Putra World Trade Centre headquarters in Kuala Lumpur partly with taxpayers money, by forcing state-owned banks to write off at least RM140 million in interest on Umno loans.

And we have been told to forgive him? And my dear reader Monsterball asserted that happened 15, 20, 30 years ago as if those naughtiness didn't matter today? Is there a statute of limitation on dictatorship?

Then there was his single-handed systemic destructions of our hallowed democratic institutions such as the independent Judiciary, Parliament, an independent Senate, Electoral Commission, Civil Service (including the Police), universities, etc, and today we want him as our putative leader on democratic reforms?

You must be f**king joking.

And back to our Christian brethrens, please bear in mind Matthew 22:21 and also that:

On 2 December 1972 the late Tun Mustapha, then CM of Sabah, rounded up Christian priests for interfering in politics in Sabah and within 2 weeks deported them from his state.

The Muslim clerics will be happy to see that happen again. Let's hope it doesn't but our lil' St Pauls must behave in accordance with Matthew 22:21.


  1. Please note I said Two Wrongs don't make a Right .
    I was and am not defending Mahathir.
    I am deeply critical and suspicious of your inability and unwillingness to recognise and criticise Najib's wrong doing and abuse of power.

  2. Is that mamak asking for forgiveness? Maybe.

    Is he paying the price of his past deeds? Definitely.

    A caring wife of many years, knows what's driving her old partner's relentless effort to remove a pressing pestilence.

    It could very well be a desire for a dynasty. (KT & gang's wish.. wakakakaka)

    It could also be his last remedial contribution to the nation for what he has had done in the past to the detriment of the nation. (Mamak too proud to say it out's wishful guess)

    Who to tell, but that mamak himself! (I guess, KT won't buy it, wakakakaka)
    Mahathir turns up at Dataran Merdeka, chants 'Free Maria'

    For a fragile 90+yr old old man to do what he is doing now, either his dynastic desire is truly strong, or he knows he has little time left to do a final Samaritan Good for the nation.

    Either way, that strong will of doing either deserves respect. A deserving foe!

    What naughtiness happened 15, 20, 30 years ago matter today as lessons to M'sians at large. There is NO statute of limitation on dictatorship.

    Isn't Mahathir paying for that naughtiness now. Right?

    But ain't there is a bigger & more pressing pestilence now facing M'sia in the form of yr ahjibgor?

    The past CANNOT be corrected. But the future can be guarded & be guided by those past lessons.

    Compare yr continuous drubbing of the past bad deeds of manmanlai/Mahathir with yr closing-an-eye approach to yr ahjibgor's current pestiferous indulgences, u seem to have lost yr sense of priority!

    Past evil deeds done by others bolih korek kuatx2 for the world to see. Ahjibgor's current showings tak nampak sikit pun! Pariah!!!!

    Mamak's past deeds r done deals, but they can be mirrors. & yet those mirrors r not been used by u to reflect onto yr idol's current kleptomaniac excessiveness!

    I am, TOO, deeply critical and suspicious of your inability and unwillingness to recognise and criticise Najib's wrong doing and abuse of power.

    By choice &/or by pure ignorance(??), either ways, apa u mahu??