Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The secret of sardines

From the MM Online about "fish" diet being good for DAP or ...

... how Tony Pua's constituency of Petaling Jaya Utara will go from 78,000 to 150,000 voters of mainly Cinapeks, while 80,000 mainly Cinapeks will be removed from Kapar to make the latter seat more winnable for BN:

otherwise known as DAPigs


KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 8 ― The DAP will likely not only be unaffected by the proposed redelineation exercise in Selangor by the Election Commission (EC), but also stand to gain an even bigger non-Malay vote base there, a report by Politweet said.

According to the research outfit’s analysis, the proportion of non-Malay voters in DAP seats in the state was 74.26 per cent, but will shoot up to 77.42 per cent after redelineation, although the size of the seats is expected to grow by 26.13 per cent.

“DAP seats represent a larger, more non-Malay population of voters,” said Politweet in the report made available to Malay Mail Online.

In comparison, PAS's seats will be reduced in size by 17.04 per cent but will have a higher percentage of Malay voters, while PKR seats will still represent a mix of ethnic groups, albeit a slight increase of Malay voters and decrease in Indian voters.

As a result of redelineation, Politweet said the transfer of voters will result in DAP seats having a higher percentage of Chinese and Indian voters, while Barisan Nasional (BN), PKR and PAS will have a higher percentage of Malay voters.


  1. What a no brain rhetoric from a supposedly research outfit!

    Number IN electoral base isn't the problem.

    Number OF the electorate is the one that determines the formation of a dutifully elected govt.

    At most, the research PROVES conclusivly about the monkeying business of the EC.

  2. so in ec mind, dap is a chinese party n pkr is multiracial? hmmm not all dedak eaters r brainless.

    1. EC did NOT say PKR is multiracial. In fact PKR is a Malay party with some Chinese and Indian assistants hanging around as window dressings

    2. BTW, for all the accusations that DAP is a Chinese party, it has more Indian MPs and Indian Aduns than all other parties put together, including MIC, PKR, Gerakan, PPP etc, wakakaka - ni podah

    3. i am not really sure what is in ec mind, thats y i end with a "?". n i doubt yr conscience in trying to rebuke my guess due to yr bias n partisanship.

      for instance, u seem to felt sorry for a woman in rpk article, however it is crystal clear the article make use of woman, sex n personal matter to attack muyhidin n husni. even such a cheap shot u pretend not to see n instead wanna show off yr sympathy for woman? u n yr pal is equally cheap la.