Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mudah lupa?

From Malaysiakini on one of Mahathir's last PM acts:

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has denied he approved a RM507.77 million contract for Malaysian Maritime and Dredging Corporation Sdn Bhd (MMDC) without the cabinet's approval, as revealed by Auditor-General Report 2015 (Series 2).

"No, that's invention," Mahathir told reporters when met at Dataran Merdeka last night.

"They should show proof," he said curtly before leaving.

Mahathir was attending a vigil in solidarity with Bersih chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah who has been detained under the Special Offences (Security Measures) Act 2012.

According to the audit report which was tabled at Parliament yesterday, Mahathir, the then finance minister, decided that MMDC be granted the contract for dredging works at river mouths across the country, with a 15-year concession period.

This was despite 15 bids having been made for the contract to undertake dredging works at the ports in 2011.

MMDC was established in June 2002.

"Checks also revealed that on Aug 10, 2002 the finance ministry decided that all prior dredging tenders were to be cancelled and awarded to MMDC."

"However, checks by the audit department did not find any documents pertaining to discussions, valuations or studies regarding the decision at the transport ministry level,"
reads the audit report.

Mahathir denies the audit report. He has also denied a number of other issues, like Project IC in Sabah, he was in KL when Memali occurred, etc.


  1. Speaking of Auditor General's reports, why is the Auditor General's report on the investigation into the RM 42 Billion 1MDB scandal a classified secret document subject to OSA penalties ?

    What is there to hide ?
    1MDB is a 100% Malaysian Government-owned corporate.
    Why is the public not allowed to read what was exposed by the A-G's report ?

    1. separate story. what do you think of this one, wakakaka. why are you attempting to divert attention from Mahathir's alleged misdemeanour?

    2. Look separate, betul!

      Tapi, apa udang nya?

      Why this pattern of keep korek old & past issues of manmanlai/mamak???

      Meanwhile, what yr ahjibgor does to bolihland, tak nampak juga!

      Similar pattern observed in yr sifu's blog, too.

      A collaboration of same mind or diversion tactic requsted from the same dedak master?

      Oui..which is more pressing?

      Past & done deals, or ongoing kleptomaniac indulgences?

      Bolih get yr priority right ke?

      But then u might be right bcoz for u, carma is everything.