Wednesday, November 02, 2016

EC at its worst again, as expected

Air Itam assemblyperson Wong Hon Wai complains the EC has ignored his request (which Wong has submitted as per the restrictive requirements of the EC) to re-examine its current delineation exercise.

even a Malay dish like laksa sold by bloody Cinapeks in Ayer Itam - consequence of too many Cinapeks there

wouldn't that just be too horrifying for the EC?

Wong complains that the Paya Terubong state constituency, near where lil' kaytee used to live and play in as a kid, is likely to have 50,000 voters with the EC gerrymandering, more than triple some other state constituencies, especially in the Heartland where one can see only 12,000 voters.

Aiyoyo, Paya Terubong as a Penang state will have triple the number of voters to that of the federal seat of Putrajaya.

With a bit more effort, the EC will make the Paya Terubong state seat in Penang match the Selangor federal seat of Tony Pua’s Petaling Jaya Utara seat (to be re-named as Damansara and with an increase in voters from 78,000 to 150,000 voters).

The trouble for the EC in Paya Terubong is that there are far too many Cinapeks, in fact almost all voters are Cinapeks, with Indians and Malays easily counted with one's fingers.

BTW, Wong is not asking for 3 state seats but merely for the EC to sensibly halve the number of voters in Paya Terubong to 20 to 25 thousand voters, thus having EC create another state seat out of that 50,000 voters.

But f**k, Wong is being unreasonable, because that will defeat the whole purpose of the EC's gerrymandering. Please don't break his (EC Commissioner's) rice bowl lah.

It's actually the bloody fault of the Cinapeks for having so many of their kind in Ayer Itam, once described as the largest Chinese village in Malaysia.

So do excuse the brazen EC who shamelessly and thick-skin-wise conducts the delineation exercise in accordance with the EC Commissioner's Islamic values.

By the by, have you ever seen sardines in a tin?

I heard the EC loves it during its delineation exercise

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