Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Not destined for high office

Boe mia li chea tian.

The above Chinese (Penang Hokkien) saying means 'not destined to (sit on) ascend to the throne' (to wit, the political throne where hereditary ascendancy is/was not involved).

In other words the person does/did not have the karma to be a PM or President.

The saying only applies or applied to people who have (had) the qualifications, ability and positional potential to be a PM or President.

Well, No 1 on our list has to be Hilary Rodham Clinton. She was not only the First Lady of the USA when her husband was the President, but she was also a senator and secretary of state.

Hilary has all the necessary experience to be America's President, but she lost to a real estate agent who was a terrible liar, a scoundrel, a bigot who has zero experience in government.

Second on our list would be Kim Beazley of Australia. A Rhode scholar, he was DPM to Paul Keating, Labor Party's PM candidate after Keating, held all sorts of ministerial posts with bags and bags of experience plus a formidable knowledge on foreign affairs but lost to John Howard of the Coalition in elections.

Subsequently, when Howard's popularity was diminishing and Kim stood a damn good chance of becoming PM, he was replaced in a party putsch by a relatively younger upstart who was discovered to be notorious for his alleged ultra political narcissism, namely, Kevin Rudd, a name best forgotten by most Aussies, wakakaka, though Rudd did go on to be PM.

Then, in Malaysia we had Ku Li - I needn't go into history to tell you how he lost in somewhat questionable circumstances in the UMNO party election. Alas, Boe mia li chea tian.

If you like, I suppose you could also add Anwar Ibrahim to the list. He missed out on the cusp of his ascendancy to the PM post, alas, forevermore. He was let down by his own impatience.

And also that of Tun Dr Ismail, probably the best PM we never had. He passed away before we could benefit more from his amazing ability.


  1. Bravo! Mr President Trump!
    Bravo American Democracy!

    1. Bravo Trump??? you must be smoking something, wakakaka

    2. american dare to chng, thats the best thing happen in democracy. trump win is perhaps he represent republican when their people cannot tahan the democrats anymore, just like taiwanese.

      only we msian r a bit unique, we dun mind year in year out vote in murderer, robber n thief.

    3. murderer is a wild reckless slander; hope you can justify that accusation

    4. u r one that always claim umno was the major cause of 513, i didnt know that is a wild reckless slander.

    5. Jadi robber n thief can be the acceptable norms for an elected officer!!!!!!

      BTW, wasn't there a minister been convicted for murder in the course of bolihland history????

      Perhaps u would argue that been convicted for murder after been elected is not the same as electing a murderer into office.

      Mmmm... but the case implied doesn't twist yr brain neurons, no??

    6. a criminal is not fit to hold public office, thus a murderer, thief, robber, sodomite and rapist etc should not be allowed to stand for elections

      Najib has been accused of theft and kleptomania, but up to today, there is yet no substantial evidence to convict him though there have been mucho allegations, insinuations and innuendos which unfortunately are not accepted by the courts. You should help the courts and police by coming up with said evidence

      as for murder, I believe while allegations about robbery, theft and kleptomania are already bad enough to be considered as slanders, the accusation pf Najib meurdering, presumably ltantuyaa, has been way over the top and a figment of HY's extreme prejudice. Thus far, no evidence of Najib and Altantuyaa being in close intimacy has been proven or even shown, other than Tian Chua's photoshop image, again a created fantasy of PKR's extreme prejudice

      As for the UMNO minister (or MB of NS) who murdered another UMNO party bigwig (who apparently bonked the former's spinster sister), it was by shooting the victim with a handgun.

      The murderer was convicted of murder and sentenced to death, but after a few years (still with his datukship intact) he was pardoned by the Agong on recommendation by the PM - guess who?. The convicted murderer was actually once touted as a potential PM but his crime let him down in his political career

      If you or HY can come up with evidence, not prejudiced suspicions or speculations or inter-party aggravations in support of convicted sodomite Anwar, of Najib murdering Altantiyaa, that will be most welcomed by many, especially Mahathir

    7. i didnt mention name so y r u so obsessed with najib? even one that buy no swimming pool bangalooo can be a thief. u disagree there is selected prosecution in msia n thats y u ask for evidence from a commonner like me?

  2. demonstrations in new york and california. a grotestque parody of the truth of the democrat supporters?

  3. For the first time in American history,the land of the free,has elected a "pariah" name Trump for president.

  4. If u r demanding evidence, not prejudiced suspicions or speculations or inter-party aggravations or what's not, then u SHOULD demand for a clear & open investigation lah as we have had!

    Why all the road blocks, denials, dedak sweethenings & forced compliances within & without the course of the investigation ????

    With all these man-made hindrances, how do u expect the REAL truth to come out?

    Occam's razor demands that ONLY the guilty would go to such extremes to prevent the truth from appearing. Right??

    Don't u think u r putting the cart before the horse in yr twisted logic by asking us to provide the truth??

    1. do you realize what you have just done? You have admitted by your "Occam's razor demands that ONLY the guilty would go to such extremes to prevent the truth from appearing. Right??" that you have been speculating.

      Do you want to convict someone of murder on your mere speculations?

    2. Wordsmith indeed!!

      OK, bad me. I'm trapped with my own carelessness in phrasing my sentence.

      But then Occam's razor should cut both way.

      So what about the other case under mentioned. U can't just cherry-picking, homing on me & ignoring yr idol. Right????

      Moreover, all I'm putting across is using Occam's razor on WHY all the obstacles on 'proper' police investigations. While u r twisting the razor blade on me for asking the right question!

      Tsk...tsk... sigh

    3. I've always fantasized being a lawyer, wakakaka

    4. Wakakakaka...

      Yr lawyership fantasy must be much higher than that useless AG, who is now the laughing stock of the world leehhhh!