Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Deny Deny Deny

Malaysiakini on cosmonaut versus astronaut:

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he was ashamed to call Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali his friend.

"I am ashamed. He is my friend but he doesn't want to join Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia because we are friends with DAP," Mahathir said during a press conference at Putrajaya.

While Ibrahim had claimed that DAP was "jahat (evil)", he should compare DAP with MCA to truly see who was more evil, said Mahathir.

Mahathir said DAP has publicly declared that they respect the constitution, the position of the Malay rulers, Islam as the nation's official religion, among others.

He questioned if MCA and MIC had done the same.

On Perkasa's plan to field independent candidates during the next general election, Mahathir said this meant Ibrahim was working for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

"He (Ibrahim) works for Najib because he knows that if there's more than one-to-one contest, Najib will win, so he's making it so that Najib will win.

"He pretends to fight for Malays. He cannot work with DAP but he is willing to work with Najib, he is willing to work with someone who steals money," Mahathir said.

He also denied that he was ever a Perkasa patron.

What a shameless man. The Malays call it
Melayu mudah lupa while the Americans have a saying to describe a person like him, something about selling something down the river.

And now he praises his erstwhile Satan-ish DAP - man, what an 180 degrees volte-face.

But didn't I mention Ibrahim Ali is an astronaut? Wakakaka.

And since Maddy inspired the Malaysian cosmonaut program as part of the deal with Russia when Malaysia signed up for the RMAF a bunch of 18 Russian Sukhoi Su-30MKM fighter jets, we saw Sheikh Muszaphar Shukora a Malay cosmonaut become our first man in space.

Sheikh Muszaphar Shukora  

Thus Maddy must be so honoured as Bapak Cosmo-nought (nought = kosong, wakakaka).

So he and Ibrahim Ali in a stoush would be akin to a cosmo-nought versus astronaut.

Maddy can have the roti canai and Ibrahim Ali the teh tarik, wakakaka 


  1. Bapak Cosmo-nought???

    Wakakakaka...there r many contenders, past & present!


    Sosma for terrorist ONLY said the immediate past AG, who help draft the act.

    Ditto especially that potentially youngest PM of bolihland.

    Same for some other Cosmo-noughts within the current cabinet of yr idol.

    Like usual, for u, past is more important than present.

    U, too, can be a Cosmo-nought in cahoot with yr Manchester sifu. Betul tak?

  2. looes74 begged and begged me to publish his comments (still vile and obscene) so I have to edit it her wrote (edited, wakakaka):

    I am not banned in Din Merican's blog. Hahahaha! I was commended in revisiting the topic winston churchill. Kaytee moc, so how? You supported Hillary but yet like fucking republicans kept hound Hillary over many issues including Benghazi, ah so...... Why Pauline Hanson doesn't catch you and torture you before sending you back to Malaysia? Like Lim Yew Hock......hahahaha https://remembersingapore.org/2012/11/13/the-curious-case-of-lim-yew-hock/ Kaytee, are you related to Lim Yew Hock

    my comment on looes74: no, you're not banned at Din's because you behaved properly there like a young novice nun, commenting with decency, wakakaka

  3. Ibrahim Ali is now a KT hero for standing up to Mahatiu