Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Has PKR been Soros-ized?

From the Malay Mail Online about Soros funding PKR (extracts):

Former Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) supreme council member Datuk Lokman Noor Adam said he was not surprised with the exposure by DC Leaks website claiming several local organisations received foreign funding from billionaire George Soros.

"I'm not surprised because I had already exposed PKR and Malaysiakini (received funds) in 2004. Only Bersih and Merdeka Centre were the new recipients (of the funds), after 2010," said Lokman, who was sacked from PKR following his disclosure of the party's sourcing of funds from foreigners. [...]

"When I asked Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor (former political secretary of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) at the time, he informed me that the funds came from Soros.

So for PKR, being financed by Soros is not a new thing.... (it has been so) since 2004 to my knowledge. What I don't know is it could be earlier than that, I'm not sure," he explained.

Naturally funding from foreign sources should be considered carefully before its acceptance, firstly to ensure it's not illegal under Malaysian laws, and secondly, to ascertain the foreign motives and interests are NOT prejudicial to Malaysian interests and security.

Thus, if PKR sourced funds from abroad, provided that's not illegal under Malaysian laws and does not conflict with Malaysian interests and security, then it's okay and entirely a PKR affair, though funding whether domestic or foreign, usually carries a quid pro quo requirement.

I wonder why George Soros funds PKR.

Has it been because he dislikes Mahathir, thus sees PKR and of course Anwar as a natural opposition to the former Malaysian PM?

Or has it been because he thinks he could control or at least influence Malaysian affairs?

Notably, Soros is known for his support of separatist movements. He supported Kosovo independence, helped fund the non-profit group called Independent Diplomat which represented Kosovo, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Somaliland, and the Polisario Front of Western Sahara.

I wonder whether Soros could have interests in the former Tamil Eelam, and perhaps now in Hindraf, wakakaka.


  1. Eh...you have totally ignored the exposure months ago of your Najib receiving Billions of Dollars of "Political Donations" from Saudi Arabia.
    This doesn't even start to include the suspicion that the money was siphoned from Malaysian public funds via 1MDB in the first place.

    Now suddenly want to jump on PKR...

    Typical one-eyed partisan....

    By the way, your Najib already declared there is no wrong doing for political funding given "without consideration"....so what's your beef ?

    1. IF this was a first time issue of a possible foreign donation being prejudicial to Malaysian politics I would have accepted this as a legitimate highlight from you.

      However, given that you had already given SOMEONE else a Free Pass earlier, and you chose to raise your concern only when PKR is involved, smacks of highly selective partisanship.

    2. please show me where I "chose to raise [my] concern only when PKR is involved, [and which] smacks of highly selective partisanship.

      if you can't then apologize for your reckless accusations, wakakaka

    3. "I wonder why George Soros funds PKR."
      "I wonder why George Soros funds PKR."

      Its all about being anti-PKR.
      Ktemoc was and is as silent as a churchmouse when news broke months ago about Billions of Dollars of "Political Donations" being given by a so-called "Saudi Royal"?
      Isn't gigantuan foreign donations being given to a sitting Prime Minister, with all the powers and privileges to reward the Donor , an even bigger concern on being prejudicial to Malaysian interests and security ?

      I did a search in your blog, and you have definitely given Najib a Free Pass on this issues.

    4. and just how is that question partisan?

    5. When you question one, imputing possible nefarious reasons "because he thinks he could control or at least influence Malaysian affairs?" ,

      and earlier already given a Free Pass to Najib on a similar, nay , even more serious incident of a similar nature, that is Partisan ship.

  2. Why do you keep hitting ktemoc for asking a legitimate question? At least Najib admit to it but has Anwar or PKR admit to receive funding from overseas donors? And another thing I think as both of you are non Muslim you may not understand for us it is better to owe monies to a Muslim who is our brother than to a Jew who supports the state if Israel. No wonder Anwar declare support for the existence of the State of Israel that is what you pay for. Anwar is totally bangkrupt unscrupulous leader who is guilty of sodomy and the leader of the opposition. You get what you deserve

    1. hi wan.. great observation. and dear hy and monsterball.. do you know that china is poised to gain about usd1.0 billion from the listing of edra soon? ha ha.. i will always maintain it is very wrong for pkr/dap and tdm to throw a spanner to the cogs of 1mdb listing! today you look at that great rr of yours who still wants to cause a run on tabung haji. he should consider of being an astronaut! ha ha..

    2. yes great observation. u 2 oso notice kt only sound anwar n stay silence on najib.

    3. Typical zombie mentality;

      'you may not understand for us(zombie Muslim), it is better to owe monies to a Muslim who is our brother than to a Jew who supports the state if Israel.'

      Yr prophet's will has lost!!!

      What did he said above treating yr fellow human, even if he was a non Muslim???

    4. Golden rules of zombie Muslim;

      1) ummat zombie bolih mengrogol satu sama lain tanpa was-was. ummat zombie lain tak bolih buat umno(u must not object).

      2) stolen assets can be listed in zombie stock market w/o diligent management inputs & value creation. It must be prime rated!

      More rules to be added as & when demands required..sigh