Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Still white balls

I am speechless (though I can still type this post, wakakaka).

As they say, there is no accounting for taste, not for Yanks anyway.

No sirree, not when those Norte Americanos (el gringos, wakakaka) have just voted into place a President who had been a groper and abuser of women, who was said not to have paid his tax nor answer to that allegation, who by his verbal bigotry is undeniably a vile racist, a man deemed by even his own Republican Party as not fit to hold public office, and ignored and bypassed by Dubya (George Bush Jnr) in the ballot box today.

He is far far worse than our neighbour Duterte but Americans have voted him in as President by a very convincing margin, making him now the most dangerous man on earth. But they want him as their leader so what can the rest of us say.

However, I have also read of many Americans making moves now to migrate to Canada and New Zealand. They can't stand Trump. The Canadian migration website has been reported to have crashed due to overwhelming inquiries, wakakaka.

Up to late last night many of my Aussie friends (and I) were convinced, confident and certain it would be an easy roam home for Hilary, so needless to say we are all in a bit of a shock. 

I dare say the American presidential results 2016 have been far far more tsunamic than the results of the Malaysian general elections in 1969 or 2008. Many have now called Trump as President Brexit, indicating today's unexpected outcome in the US presidential race.

When I think about it deeply, maybe I should not blame the Yanks for their idiocy in voting in such an unmitigated thug as their president, because I can see similarities here in Malaysia and Philippines. Ya, what's the difference?

Though Trump has singled out Australia as the ONLY ally he favours, I and many Australians certainly need a scotch most badly, nay, make that a double please.

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