Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bad choices?

I seem to like unpopular people or politicians, wakakaka, wishing they would win but alas, they would usually lose.

Yes, at times I wonder whether I ought to blame them for making me lose face, or failing my confidence in them.

I had hope for Hilary Clinton to win in the recent US presidential race but instead a lying women-abusing scumbag has won the right to be President of the USA.

I had supported Julia Gillard in her intra party fight against publicity-hound (err. I mean 'sausage', wakakaka) Kevin Rudd but again I made a losing bet. 

I had backed Zaid Ibrahim and Saifuddin Abdullah but the two weren't popular enough to hold on to their position, though I must say Zaid resigned from his UMNO position on his own accord and was subsequently manoeuvred out of PKR by a cleverer schemer, wakakaka.

Initially I had admired Mahathir but subsequently abandon any respect for him after his retirement because of his incessant interference in operational politics.

In the same way, Lim Kit Siang has been, besides the late Karpal Singh, one of my icons, but as he grew older he became less wiser, making deplorable alliances and political deals instead of his former statesmanlike policies and statements.

I have to admit that once I liked my blog visitor Looes74 and tolerated his somewhat obscene vulgarities in his comments, until I found out his totally different mafulat meow-ish mewing manners at other blogs like Din Merican's, indicating his double standards at discriminating against friendly naive tolerant kaytee.

I now delete any of his comments containing disrespectful obscenities, wakakaka.

Yes, at times I wonder whether I have been too liberal and socialistic in my proclivities, wakakaka.

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