Thursday, November 24, 2016

What is PKR Selangor up to now?

FMT on The Thinking of Manmanlai:

First, the thoughts of Chairman Mao Mahathi

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Mais) has instructed the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) to rescind its order to religious teachers in the state to attend the Pemikiran Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (The Thinking of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) seminar scheduled to be held here on Monday.

Mais chairman Mohamad Adzib Mohd Isa in a statement here today said the Jais officer who issued the order did so on his own accord without referring to higher ups.

He also reminded the state government and Selangor PKR leaders not to involve Jais in political matters.

One day earlier, Malaysiakini reported:

The Selangor government has instructed the state Islamic Religious Affairs Department (Jais) to invite teachers to a seminar on 'The Thoughts of Anwar Ibrahim' next Monday.

"Jais received instructions to extend the invitation to teachers under Jais' purview, but it is not compulsory to attend," Jais director Haris Kasim said in a statement.

Haris said this after an invitation letter from Jais to Islamic schools in the districts of Petaling and Klang was circulated on social media. [...]

Haris stressed that the seminar is not a Jais event but is hosted by the state under the purview of Selangor executive councillor in charge of education Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.

Nik Nazmi is PKR Youth Chief and Adun for Selangor state seat of Seri Setia and the exco member for Education, Human Capital Development, Science, Technology and Innovation.

Three issues have been demonstrated:

(a) PKR has executive control over JAIS so we know who to see when JAIS exceeds its authority again,

(b) PKR has via Nik Nazmi uses JAIS, a religious agency, as its party vehicle, and

(c) PKR (or a section of it) is still promoting (officially promoting) the thoughts of a convicted sodomite through JAIS.

MAIS is the policy making authority for JAIS, and under the direct control of HRH Sultan Selangor.

In the past, the state government under PKR had sought to review JAIS' SOP because the religious agency was intruding into non-Islamic domains, but MAIS fended off that attempt by the state government.

So, with the misuse of JAIS by a PKR exco member, and dissent by MAIS, two questions arise, namely:

(1) Who is charge of what? and 

(2) Is there two factions in PKR, with one preposterously promoting the thinking of a convicted sodomite, no doubt one now approved by Anwar's erstwhile archfoe, former PM Mahathir and current chairman of Pribumi?

we're together again

 but this time who is the boss, you or me?

manmanlai lah, we'll decide after we've won the GE


  1. Beijing 1966 - The Thoughts of Mao Tse-Tung.
    Selangor 2016 - The Thoughts of Anwar Ibrahim.

    By the way , I don't believe the Sodomy conviction against Anwar, but what's this anti-homosexual agenda on your blog ?

    1. according to Saiful he was not a willing participant, 'forced' into being a partner by virtue of a powerful man - that' what I am against, not consensual homosexuality per se

    2. As I said, I don't believe and don't accept the Sodomy conviction.
      In any case the charge was not on a coerced act. There is no evidence to support that, the prosecution didn't even try, yet another reason this case stinks to heavens.
      Saiful can say anything in court, that doesn't make it a fact.

    3. many times this anomaly had been disputed, argued & analysed;

      'forced' into being a partner by virtue of a powerful man

      AI, then, was a powerful man?

      Perhaps it meant the govt position rather than the physique of an old man!

      I do hope that's what u r against, semantically...tsk...tsk..

      It's better to use consensual homosexuality as a legal vulture's key argument in this case!

      But then consensual between two adults implied no case.

      Mana bolih...mesti salah pagi AI. Logic, no logic, tak apa.

      Wakakakaka..what a perpetual sh*t argument of a die-hard AI basher!

    4. not physically powerful but status-isem as the alternative PM, very powerful and intimidating to PKR adorers like you guys, wakakaka

    5. unfortunately in Malaysia, homosexual sex is illegal

  2. You are not being fair here KTemoc. If you want to argue along that line, have any court found Tun guilty of wasting the RM100 B? You may say you never accused Tun of doing that but you were actually implying that many many times in here of your blog.

    To me any fool with a little bit of common sense will think that the court judgment on AI is faulty unless you are the biggest idiot with ulterior inclination to certain faction. I don't believe AI did it! Do you?

    1. what have I posted here?

      No one, especially the PKR supporters like Monsterball, mentioned anything about Nik Nazmi misusing JAIS, a religious body, to promote the thoughts of a convict? why evade the issue?

      I am not even sure what Peter is talking about - wrong post?

    2. Oh Peter. so I am the biggest idiot with ulterior inclination to certain faction, in daring to believe AI did sodomize Saiful!

    3. u r free to believe wat u wan to, however is it necessary to use the term convicted sodomite in a article that have nothing much to do with the sodomy case? what if i use the label to be convicted cm in an article abt penang development? u not only prejudice n now becoming uncouth n rude in yr writes. yr comment on maria chin n even call for jakim action could be a tongue in cheek, however it divulge yr cruelty n lack of compassion. u r a hypocrite.


    Time Magazine earlier this year listed Brazil as currently facing the World's number 1 Corruption scandal.

    It previous President Dilma Rousseff was impeached six months ago for grave misconduct related to cover up of corruption. Her replacement , from the Opposition, is now facing accusations of corruption. It appears there are no trustworthy senior politicians in Brazil. None.

    The 2nd most gravest corruption case in the world is....Malaysian Official 1 and the 1MDB scandal.

    This is by far, the most serious current threat to Malaysia's governance. The biggest single case of corruption and abuse of power in Malaysian history, and because even now it is being actively covered up.

    All this ranting and raving against Anwar Ibrahim and Nik Nazmi is just trivial bullshit.

    1. my dear Monsterball, every time there is a PKR misdeed, you would attempt to divert attention by allusion to an alleged case of corruption,usually associated with 1MDB which thus far is all accusations with no substance. If Najib was corrupt to teh extent you have blamed him, why would Obama and other world leaders (Japanese, Chinese etc) even meet with him?.

    2. Oui... diplomatic protocol lah. Tau tak?

      Samax2 macam dictators & known corrupted politicians r given cordial govt-to-govt receptions when visiting as a govt officer.

      Besides most of these craps enjoy diplomatic immunity when still holding office.

      Wait till they lost power, resign then u see lah.

      BTW what substance is u abusing si that u can prop yr idol with a sh*t argument like this;

      an alleged case of corruption, usually associated with 1MDB which thus far is all accusations with no substance.

      R u waiting for those investigating countries to name real name instead of moniker like MO1?

      Showing yr tail, ye?

    3. "1MDB which thus far is all accusations with no substance"?? My, my Ktemoc, talk about an ostrich burying its head in the sand.

      Lets see about the "without substance" part.
      The banker who facilitated and conducted the 1MDB money laundering in Singapore has been sentenced to 16 weeks jail. The Singapore court obviously considered the case of 1MDB Criminal money laundering as proven beyond reasonable doubt. 16 weeks sounds like a light sentence , but the sting is the 16-weeks jail penalty ensures the banker will never, never be able to work in the Financial Services industry for the rest of his life.
      Another 2 Singapore bankers who aided and abetted the 1MDB money laundering are facing criminal trials.
      The Monetary Authority of Singapore ordered the Falcon Bank, which conducted the 1MDB money laundering to be compulsorily shut down on 6 months notice. Finito.
      On to Switzerland. The Swiss investigation has been stymied by Malaysia flirting with Pariah State status in refusing to cooperate with a formal Mutual Legal Assistance request. However, they have been able to unearth plenty purely on their own efforts.

      The Falcon Bank in Switzerland is allowed to continue business, but its owners have been give 6-months notice for Compulsory Divestment. The Falcon Bank's Current owners MUST sell off the bank to other parties and have no further role in the bank's management. The Swiss Financial Regulator have ordered the Falcon Bank's CEO and CFO to be removed from their positions to take responsibility for their negligence over the 1MDB criminal money laundering transactions.

      Only in Bolehland there is no case and no further investigation over 1MDB, because the Malaysian Attorney General, Police Inspector General (PIG) and MACC have ignored their oath of office to uphold the law without fear or favour. How these people can go to Mesjid every Friday tonggang tonggek and pretend to be pious is beyond me.

      As for Ktemoc....make sure don't choke on whatever...

    4. Monsterball, don't be so naive. MAS should have closed down Falcon Bank perhaps 15 years ago. But perhaps again, NOT only Falcon Bank? What about SCB and DBS? These banks are players of issuing SBLCs which gave/give support as collaterals to large syndicated and club deal loans. It is a short-term bridging loan until the outfit was/is listed. These SBLCs were/are normally supporting mega projects which were/are supported by the government. Have you not ever heard of 1 golden share or letter of comfort or sovereign pledge/risk? With that the 'lusting' of the outfit would be over-subscribed and there would be more than enough money for the project(s) to be completed. BTW do you think S'pore is what it is today because of clean rakyat Singapura's money/investment? Tanya itu soalan denganTemasek? Wakakaka..

      I want 1MDB to be on because of new jobs, new businesses, growth and development. There will be leakages but it happens everywhere. The American economy is in the trillions of dollars. Please don't tell me there are no leakages? All their millionares/billioners are all angels..yea? Get real please. Wakakaka.

      You keep on hitting Najib/1MDB but you haven't told me how much money was actually siphoned out through the financial intermediary with the CEO(s) making a cut on the issuance of myriads of hazy SBLCs.

    5. Typical blur sotong mentality - other do it, so must I!

      Perhaps a perverted interpretation of that an-eye-for-an-eye doctrine of that Abrahamic faith.

  4. Jadi all the holiness is only when it suit you? SO it is okay when you say so? Now no need to refer to your holy book or your god...... wakakaka........ betul betul "his-boleh-great"