Wednesday, November 30, 2016

May I humbly disagree ...

Malaysiakini tells us that The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) surveyed 76 countries and concluded that Singaporeans are among the smartest in the world due to prioritising math and science.

I respectfully dispute that, and in turn claim Malaysian students are in fact the smartest in the world as they are being taught by JAKIM on how to turn dogs into sausages (to the envy of Koreans), to bite policeman (wakakaka) and to be aware that floods are caused by god to punish those who support unnecessary amendments to Act 355.

But admittedly some Malaysians don't even know their nation's history.



  1. Your threnody, fiction or distorted, is a deliberate intent to give some of your readers the feeling of solidity underlying the superstructure of your judgment on the intelligibility of some muslims if not all. KT's mock, abuse, throw contempt, and malign intent are woven into his story is my cause for concerned and complaint. KT, as judge, jury and executioner, is taking great pains to proffer the corpse of RUU355/(Hadi?) and  JAKIM as the only way out for the nons not to be trashed into the dustbin of Malay Islamic history. I wonder - what kind of idea are you? Wakakaka.

  2. '..the only way out for the nons not to be trashed into the dustbin of Malay Islamic history.'

    Moron, who wants to be trashed into the dustbin of Malay Islamic history?

    There is the ketuanan freaks continuous wet dream of forever be the tuan of the land based on rhetoric.

    There is the religious zombies inbred desire for an al janah based on self-indulgences of their own interpretation of that faith.

    There is that blur sotong's infamously claimed of amok-ism, which is the true exhibition of the group's inability to deal with the pressure of reality. The frequent mass hysteria of their young girls in a collective environment is the sign that these blur sotong DONT want to find corrective psychological actions!

    To summarize, the siege mentality of a group of indoctrinated weaklings (mind u, not DNA-ed but meme-ed) in full theatrical cosplay to the march of 'tak akan Melayu hiking di dunia' chant.

    Dustbin of Melayu islamic history?

    Ya loh - a collection of make-believes, complying of spuriously mental & spiritual elements formed out of an inability to be of self-awareness & organic creativity. Thus, the original non-islamic inheritances from eon pasts r been wiped clean for the want of an imported arabized culture.

    So, again, who want to be trashed into such a dustbin?

    Perhaps, the Melayu palsu yang terlampau Melayu leading those blue sotong. Right?