Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pakatan's problem: Who gets what?

Malaysiakini - Don't let seat talks drag on too long, S'gor DAP tells allies

S'GOR DAP CONFAB | DAP cannot too long for its coalition partners to hammer out a deal to ensure one-on-one fights, said Selangor DAP chief Tony Pua.

Khalid Ibrahim still owe DAP an ADUN
due to my naive trust in treacherous PKR

He said this is why DAP has insisted on a deadline for such an electoral pact to be finalised, so that its election preparations would not be affected.

He told delegates at Selangor DAP annual convention in Petaling Jaya today that the party supports the idea of having straight fights in the next general election.

This is because the strategy proved effective during the two previous general elections.

He said although DAP cannot trust parties that would backstab its coalition partners, it is willing to give time for its partners who are still willing to negotiate.

"How do we trust a party that is unprincipled, that only wants its bread to be buttered on both sides and wants to use its partners to attain its own selfish interests?"

I have to say I'm glad usually-senseless Tony Pua has finally come to his senses, that Pakatan Rakyat or Pakatan Harapan being well and good, but there is no denying such a coalition (especially with over but unrealistic ambitious PKR) is fraught with treachery and back-stabbing, as was seen in Sarawak in the recent state elections.

Pakatan whether Rakyat or Harapan is a coalition of far too many ideologies:

... formerly with PAS as a political so-called Islamic party (but with many of its ulamas being ultra Malays),

... DAP with its so-called secular socialist democracy (but with some hallelujah-ing), and 

... PKR with its so-called multi-racialism (but with all its inner coterie only of bangsa Melayu and its leadership formerly from UMNO),

... hence there is immense distrust among its component parties.

Thus it prevaricates when it comes to determining who gets what, ie, it avoids listing out who gets this or that share of the post-election booty for the simple reason some within the coalition do not believe in equal share, wakakaka.

Hence it avoids forming a shadow cabinet and bullshits the voters by having silly small groups of at least three or more (with a minimum of one from each component party) in each ministry, 

... meaning if it wins, it either installs 3 ministers to each ministry thus exceeding the BN numbers in cabinet ministers, or

... it breaks apart over squabbling who shall be the minister for, examples, Home Ministry, Finance, Defence, etc etc etc, on the day immediately after winning the election.

That's even without naming the PM yet.

And I dare bet a dollar or two that Azmin Ali wants all of the above named ministries including the PM post, wakakaka.

But a coalition that dares not name the members of its shadow cabinet is NOT worth voting for, because the day after winning the election, it will break asunder from quarreling over who gets what.

Now, Pakatan will prevaricate even more over seats because with a new member Pribumi who probably wants the lion share, the coalition is further under stress to avoid the nasty business of determining who gets what, when each wants its choicest seats.

For example, PKR has previously bared its fangs at DAP for straying into Malay-dominated seats even though it claims to be a multiracial party, while bending down for Pribumi, wakakaka.

And Tian Chua of PKR lusts after DAP's Chinese-dominated blue ribbon seats, while poor Amanah may not even get PAS' previous seats as both PKR and Moody are still attempting to have political sex with the East Coast party and thus pampering to Pak Haji's group. I like to see who will be assign the Temerloh seat, wakakaka.

Now, if Pribumi were to sapu most of PKR and Amanah seats, with PKR kowtowing to Uncle, PKR is likely to demand DAP surrenders some of the latter's blue ribbon seats to it, and the dominoes tumble, wakakaka.

I did warn of Pribumi encroaching into an already highly-competitive Pakatan but alas, some including LKS are super keen on having a spent Mahathir on the Pakatan team when the old man is unlikely to contribute much but instead to further reduce the slice of each component's cake.

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