Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Splash or splosh in Selangor?

From Malaysiakini on Khalid vs Azmin stories on water:


Azmin was previously reported accusing Khalid of "hiding" the RM2.975 billion offer made to Splash in a letter dated June 25 2009 and July 19 2009.

The MB alleged that his predecessor only announced that the magnitude of the offer for the controlling stake in the water concessionaire was only RM250.6 million.

In answer to Azmin's allegations, Khalid who was former Selangor MB, said that the June 25 2009 amounting to RM2.975 billion to Splash included the price for equity totaling RM1.579 billion and the firm's liability of RM1.396 billion.

Meanwhile, Badan Amal Tarbiah Sejagat Malaysia (Batas) supreme council member Hafizam Harun brought up the issue of possible commissions paid in the takeover.

The third NGO that lodged MACC police today was Gerakan Penegak Suara Selangor, or Gapenas.

Malaysiakini has contacted Azmin for his reaction to the matter and is awaiting his reply.

I'm keen too to find out who, ex PKR MB or current PKR MB has been correct on watery figures, oh so watery as to have fishy angle(r)s.

Oh PKR, oh dear, wakakaka.

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  1. I think that Azmin is fucked.Left,right and center.And kau kau too.He should have kept his fucking mouth shut in the first place.If Khalid had offered to pay a much higher price to Splash,he would have still be the Selangor MB.Because,he will be the favorite son of Manmanlai.And Manmanlai will be the one laughing all the way to the bank.