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Why Chinese did NOT fight for a NON-existent Malaya-Malaysia?

Extracts from Malaysiakini:

birds of the same feather

Ismail Mina said only the Malays had sacrificed their lives for Malaya.

"This is not racist but I'm talking about history. The ones who fought off Siam were the Malays.

"Later, who fought the Portuguese conquerors if not the Malays, even though non-Malays were already (living in Malaya) then," he said.

He added that it was also the Malays who also fought the Japanese, British, and the Bintang Tiga (three stars, communists).

Well, I have to admit I don't know about non-Malays being soldiers in Peninsular during Malay wars with Siam and Portuguese, well, at least in a sufficient numbers to provide the country with soldiers as in the 1950's, 60's, 70's and 80's.

By the way, which country was Ismail Mina talking about in his ravings about Malay wars with Siam and Portuguese?

Kedah? Malacca? Because there was no nation such as Malaya let alone Malaysia.

Tell me again, Ismail Mina, how was a 'non' going to fight for Malays when there was not even recruitment for a Kedah army or Malacca army? In other words, please don't tok-kok, unless you were expecting Hang Li Poh to use her Chinese sword to save Malacca?

As for the Japanese and British. I don't wish to insult Malays in general because there were some Malays who fought against the Japs and indeed the British.

But t'was mainly the Chinese who fought the Japs and British in a big way. There's no need for Ismail Mina to apologise for his shameful mistake on the excuse he's totally f**k up with his history. Let's just ignore him, an idiot.

Members of the Malayan Peoples' Anti-Japanese Army (MPAJA) pose for photo 

flag of Malayan Peoples' Anti-Japanese Army 

As for the communist terrorists who were admittedly Chinese but also made up of Malays and Indians, I mentioned/blogged about non-Malays, specifically my uncles and their Chinese and Indian friends, serving in the Malaysian Armed Forces fighting against the CTs during the Emergency.

About 5 years ago, I crossed scribal sword for the second time with Pakcik A Kadir Jasin's blog (The Scribe) who BTW is on to my blogroll [to widen the availability of political views].

Pak Kadir once held various high level management posts in the UMNO controlled news media, and has been a longtime Mahathir man and mouthpiece.

But in 2010 I first disagreed with him over at the Centre for Policy Initiatives (CPI) website in March 2010 when it carried his article I wish to remain a Malay. I decided to answer him with my I wish to remain a Malaysian wakakaka.

He was then a very ardent pro UMNO blogger, and I respected his political preference. Today he writes mainly for his old boss, the uber-Pribumi Mahathir.

But when I read Pak Kadir's blog post in 2013 titled Sabah Incursion: Hang the traitors, I was terribly disappointed by his anti Chinese tone in the opening paragraphs, which stated:

As has always been the case, when we send our policemen and soldiers into battle and are killed or injured, the chances are they are Melayus and Bumiputeras.

Perhaps there is wisdom in getting more Chinese and Indians to join the armed forces so that they too can die for one Malaysia.

Thus I decided to cross scribal sword with Pak Kadir again, in an effort to draw his and especially Malaysian attention to the huge sacrifices Chinese Malaysians had made for their country while serving in the Royal Malaysian Police Force and Armed Forces.

But before I come to that, it may be worthwhile to ask ourselves why in the tragedy in the Lahad Datu and Semporna areas in eastern Sabah, there was no Chinese police death.

Not that I wish for Chinese death or for that matter, any Malaysian deaths, but we, especially Pak Kadir, must be honest and ask ourselves why the casualties were confined to the Malay policemen.

But then Pak Kadir answered that himself when he suggested at that time (2013) that “Perhaps there is wisdom in getting more Chinese and Indians to join the armed forces so that they too can die for one Malaysia” but in a regretful tone that sounds caustic, unfair and indeed morbid.

Alright then, who’s to be blamed for the Malays currently bearing all the greatest sacrifice to their nation?

Surely not the Chinese for back then in 'less divisive' days we depended heavily (though not solely) on mainly Chinese policemen (and women) in the Special Branch (SB) to win our war against the insurrection of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM).

Then the head of the SB Division (a two-star bloke) was always a Chinese but which practice ended together with the end of the Malaysian Emergency (probably because the Chinese were no longer useful after the defeat of the MCP).

From Star:

IGP: Yuen Yuet Leng to be buried with full police honours

Yes, the sad fact today is that both the Police and Armed Forces (and the Malaysian Civil Services) have not been interested or sincere in recruiting non-Malays as they used to do in the earlier 'less divisive' days. We sense we the Chinese and Indian Malaysians (other than a token few for window dressing) aren't welcomed in these 'member kita' institutions.

But to answer Pak Kadir's seeming jeer and Ismail Mina's ignorance, we should remember and I would encourage them to be decent and acknowledge recognition of our Chinese Police heroes of yesteryears, stalwarts such as:

Yeoh Chew Bik (killed by CT at Sebarang Perai),

Koh Ah Cheng (killed by CT at Bukit Kepong police Station)

Ironically the communist assailants at the Bukit Kepong police station were led by a Malay Communist, Muhammad Indera - not unlike today's Muslim-Filipino Malay assailants of our 8 policemen.

Loh Ah Chu (killed by CT at Bukit Berapit, Perak),
Chan Eng Teck (killed by CT at Bukit Berapit, Perak),
Ang Lock Say (killed by CT at Bukit Berapit, Perak),
Yeap Sean Hua (killed on duty while apprehending a criminal at Setapak; another policeman Fong Thean Kit who was off duty but heard the shot gave chase and apprehended the killer)

Important note: Both Yeap Sean Hua (posthumously) and Fong Thean Kit were awarded Malaysia’s highest gallantry award, the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP).

SP - awarded for act of extreme bravery and valor

Fong Thean Kit  SP

Alas, in October 2015 Fong Thean Kit passed away at 76. We know and salute him for serving his nation well.

farewell Fong Thean Kit SP 

Chin Chin Kooi (Special Branch Chief Inspector who served in the Police Force for 21 years - shot at point blank range and killed by unknown slayers, probably CT; before he died he managed to shoot back)

Important note: Chin was posthumously awarded the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP), Malaysia highest gallantry medal, awarded for act of extreme bravery and valor.

Lee Han Cheong (a Sergeant and PFF patrol leader was killed by CT near Bidok)

DCP Tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong (killed by communist subversive in Perak)

Two other Special Branch police officers who are still alive today were awarded the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP), namely:

Superintendent of Police Paul Kiong, 

Superintendent of Police Paul Kiong SP

From FMT -

Ex-SB officer speaks of the price paid for independence (extracts):

The peace and harmony that Malaysians get to enjoy today did not come without a price, paid by those in the armed forces who tirelessly and bravely fought to ensure the country remained independent.

One of them is former Special Branch officer Paul Kiong, who spent over a decade of his life fighting against the communists’ second insurgency from 1968 to 1989.

Kiong also put his life on the line by going undercover to infiltrate the communist movement, despite being married and having a young child at home.

Over a period of six years, he went in and out of the jungles of Perak, placing his life in the hands of “rehabilitated” communists who led him deep into the movement’s network, or what he called the insurgents’ “playground.”

He captured 43 of them throughout his time undercover, earning him the country’s highest gallantry award, the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa medal.

The blood, sweat and tears he shed to ensure the country did not fall into the communists’ grasp is one worth retelling over and over again.

“I remember very clearly how when I came back from a jungle operation after a few months, my son, aged around three or four then, couldn’t even recognise me.

“He opened the door, called out for his mother and said ‘there is a man here who is looking for papa.’

“I looked so haggard, bearded, and hungry. We were under the canopy of the trees so there was no sunlight and that made me look so pale.”

Knowing full well in that particular line of work, the only thing certain was death, Kiong said whenever he left for his operations, his wife never asked when he was coming back, or even if he was coming back.

Paul Kiong SP saluting Fong Thean Kit SP, fellow Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa holder, for last time

DSP Sia Boon Chee.

DSP Sia Boon Chee SP 

Without exaggeration, I would consider SP Paul Kiong's and DSP Sia Boon Chee ’s contributions (presumably still under secret classification) as pivotal to the defeat of the communist terrorist movement in Peninsula Malaysia.

Thus five Chinese police officers were awarded the nation's highest gallantry award, the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP), with two posthumously. I hope Ismail Mina and (previously) Pak Kadir take note of this.

Then there were Chinese in the Armed Forces who showed their loyalty to their nation by making the ultimate sacrifices, TUDM officers like the late Lt Choo Yoke Boo and the late Lt Chang Tatt Min who were both awarded the Panglima (or Pingat) Gagah Berani (PGB) posthumously. It's said that the PGB is next in gallantry honours to the SP.

PGB - awarded for act of extreme bravery and valor

One Ranger officer, 2nd Lt David Fu Chee Ming who I believe is still alive today, was also awarded the PGB.

David Fu Chee Ming PGB

2nd Lt David Fu was the Platoon Commander of 8th Platoon of C Company, 4th Battalion Royal Rangers who was tasked and placed in the Tanah Hitam area of Perak to track and destroy the enemy in his sector of operation. This was the citation for his award of the Panglima Gagah Berani (PGB):

On the 27th August 1970, his platoon of 24 men made contact with a group of about 70 enemy combatants. The enemy unknowingly had entered his sector. Thus started a heavy and intensive battle lasting 7 hours. Under his unwavering leadership, the men fought on, successfully killed 4 of the enemy. His patrol did not suffer any casualties.

For his outstanding gallantry and bravery in the finest traditions of the Ranger Corps he was bestowed with the Pingat Gagah Berani, by the King.

He left after exemplary service as a Captain

Then on overseas services with the United Nations in the Congo, the following two officers (together with their respective citations) were awarded the Panglima Gagah Berani (PGB):

Maurice Lam Shye Choon

Maurice Lam Shye Choon PGB 

Maurice Lam is from Penang. On November 12, 1961, during the Congo rebellion, about 40 people tried to besiege and attack the Officers’ Mess to capture some of the Italian Air Force officers; he showed great courage by manoeuvring two tanks to recapture the Mess.

His courageous and determined action had succeeded in rescuing members, equipment and Special Forces weaponry Malaya (Malaya Special Forces (MSF) from falling into the hands of the Congo rebels when they invaded and sieged the Officers’ Mess including the Kindu Airport. He was awarded the PGB medal on June 5, 1963.

Lee Ah Pow

Lee Ah Pow PGB 

On September 12, 1962, No. 2 C Squadron troops led by Lt Lee was ordered to patrol the north of Elisabethville airport. At 1100H, when returning to the base, they passed through a lane at the intersection of Martini. 

After 30 km of the road, a group of 30 to 40 people surrounded the Katanga army convoy and they opened fire when ordered to retreat by Lt Lee. To save the convoy from further attack, one shot of browning machine gun short bursts was aimed at the Katanga forces. This action causes the Katanga troops to flee their positions. 

Once rummaging the area, Lt Lee found two Katanga soldiers were killed, and many weapons and ammunition were left behind. 

The courageous and quick action by Lt Lee saved a section of the Gurkha soldiers who were besieged by the armies of Katanga. He was awarded the PGB medal on June 3, 1964.

Alas, Ismail Mina and Pak Kadir have not been unlike Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi, who on 09 Nov 2010, as to be expected for the archetypal UMNO ‘patriots’, stated in response to a question in Parliament that the low number of Chinese and Indian recruits in the military could be due to the Chinese and Indians [being] 'not patriotic enough'.

I wonder where were Ismail Mina, Pak Kadir, Ahmad Zahid, Ibrahim Ali, Mufti of Perak, etc, namely UMNO and Pribumi 'patriots' when the above Chinese Malaysians made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, Malaysia?

As Aldous Huxley informed us: "One of the great attractions of patriotism - it fulfills our worst wishes. In the person of our nation we are able, vicariously, to bully and cheat. Bully and cheat, what's more, with a feeling that we are profoundly virtuous."

Doesn't that just describe Ismail Mina aptly? Maybe he should be the one to go find a country that suits his NATO** patriotism and live there.

** NATO = No Action Talk Only


  1. 95% of the Communist Party of Malaya's combat force was Chinese, strongly supported materially by the average Chinese population, especially in rural and semi-final areas. The CPM did NOT survive on wild boars or snakes and certainly did not grow their own rice.

    The relatively few Chinese who served in the Malayan Armed Forces were often looked upon as Running Dogs and Collaborationists by the ordinary Chinese.

    1. It doesn't matter Chinese who served in the Malayan Armed Forces were often looked upon as Running Dogs - the deliberately ignored fact by people like Ismail Mina is that Chinese served bravely and with dedication in the Malayan Armed Forces and Police

      People like Ismail Mina are racist liars and even worse if they themselves sat comfortably back in safety while Chinese fought for the nation. I know of two Malays who did that, and they were promoted until reaching a very high position

    2. '....strongly supported materially by the average Chinese population, especially in rural and semi-final areas.'

      Where's the proof?

      What about those rural Melayu supporting their own kindreds in the CPM?

      Another one of those MF**ker's 1002 zombieic tales in the proportion of blur3 Ismail Mina, who contributed then zilch & yet now acts cheperonly for his piece of 5sec fame!

      U want to write about disloyalty/patriotic towards Malaya, dig deeper into the collaborating association of the Melayu elites with the colonists lah.

      Especially, pinklips' father!

    3. "95% of the Communist Party of Malaya's combat force was Chinese"

      like almost all the present day terrorist r muslim, hence muslim r terrorist?

    4. "Where's the proof?"
      The proof is when the British setup Chinese New Villages. They didnt setup Melayu new villages or Indian new villages, did they?

      I dont know who u refer to as pinklips father, but the Malays serving in the civil service werent there to serve the British overlords but to serve the people. Tunku was a civil servant but he became the Father of Independence, the same goes for Gandhi as well. Or are u gonna say Gandhi was a British collaborator too?

    5. the british set up new village, not chinese new village. 20% of the nv is malay majority, in fact almost all nv in kelantan r malay nv. in fact i agree some do support communist, but i dun agree only the chinese did that.

    6. Read more & wide into the setting up of the new village for the Chinese Malayans before u comment lah.

      The scheming for the new villages was part of the Briggs plan, as was supposedly known.

      In fact it was a well tried concentration camp setup adopted from the Nazis as disclosed in some of the first batch of thousands of "lost" colonial-era files believed to have been destroyed, made public by the Foreign Office in April 18 2012.

      Such new villages not ONLY happened in Malaya. It was also practiced in S Africa, Kenya, India, Indonesia etc.

      The claimed Malayan purpose was to defeat the communists, who were operating out of rural areas as a guerrilla army, primarily by cutting them off from their sources of support amongst the population.

      The fact was it aimed to target communists of ALL races within Malaya.

      Same as in S Africa for the Afrikaaners, the pro-independence Indians/Kenyans of India/Kenya etc.

      Why the new village is so synonymously linked to the Chinese Malayan?

      Perception & pommie political divide & rule game plan.

      The Chinese Malayans were a well dispersed community within the British Malaya. They scattered far & wide with diversed clan setups of various sopo ability.

      The Indian Malayans who were only concentrated within the tea & rubber plantations. Besides, due to the long association with the British tuan, many of the Indian Malayan were conditioned subservient to the colonial master.

      The Malay had already crowded themselves into self-enclosed kampongs. Besides, due to the fear of Christianity proselytizing, many Malays were just likely to keep to themselves w/o offending the colonial master.

      When Bragg put his plan into action, obviously the ONLY group of people that he needed to control was the Chinese Malayan. After all, the other two main races, the Malay & Indian, were already well confined to a pseudo boundary & behaved as expected!

      Moreover, the pommie needed a scapegoat, that the Chinese Malayan fitted perfectly, to entail the mainly Malay public servants.

      The effectiveness of this divide & rule scheming works till this day, that the communists were Chinese out to 'finish' off the Melayu legacy remains largely intact with the blur-sotongs.

      Anyway, In not interested to give u historical & sopo101 lessons. If u r interested, there r tons & tons of official documents, especially recently declassified, for u to learn MORE!

      Suffice to say that yr stated proof was/is urban myth of the pommie scheming legacy!

    7. Wakakakaka.....

      '..but the Malays serving in the civil service werent there to serve the British overlords but to serve the people.'

      Which period r u farting about? Do be very clear, OK?

      Who's pinklips father???

      So much for yr Malayan history101!

      I'm gamed to say that yes Gandhi was a British collaborator in his early year in Ghana & India!

      U need to really polish yr history & perhaps read between the lines, official propaganda &/or otherwise!

      Maybe u r just one of those REALLY wet-in-the-ear impulsive youth le!

  2. It is a long story. In a nutshell, China and Japan fought a very long war. They hated and killed each other ruthlessly.

    Naturally, during the second world war the Chinese supported the British to fight the Japanese in Malaya. When the war ended, the Chinese then fought against the British for the independence of Malaya.

    It is logic that the British and the Special Branch needed the assistance of the Chinese to fight the communists who were ordinary people during the day.

    The communists were supported by China, Russia and also perhaps Indonesia. Many Malayans (more than 2,500) had died in the hand of the communists. I don't know what is the breakdown by race.

    1. "They hated and killed each other ruthlessly."

      disagree. it is like saying us army n iraq civilian hated and killed each other ruthlessly.

  3. I would say the CPM insurrection hastened Malaya's independence, but
    I would not characterise their terrorist campaign as fighting for Malaya's independence.

    The CPM was fighting to establish a Marxist state in Malaya. The most likely outcome if they succeeded would have been a satellite client-state of Mao's China.

    1. communism in Asia hated the colonialists like Britain, France

    2. Colonialism is an attitude of mind, not a racial characteristic.
      Colonialism can come wrapped in a Red Flag, and speaking Chinese, as some Asian countries are just now finding out.

    3. don't twist and turn

      our post involves the periods just before 1950 to 1970 so who were then the colonialists? if you want to muddle the issue you might as well say that Sri Lanka will be a colonialist in the year 2716

    4. OK 1950- 1970, my take on it is - the most likely outcome if they succeeded would have been a satellite client-state of Mao's China.

    5. None of the communist fringed countries, who used to be supported, politically & economically by the Mao's China, has become a satellite client-state of Mao's China!

      Read yr history WELL & remove yr ingrained red lens before u write lah.

      Vietnam, North Korea, despite the heavy supports given by the Mao's China, have NOT kautaw-ed in ANY sopo formats to China.

      Instead, they have branched into their very OWN form of communistic reforms that's not in conformity to the Chinese!

      Loas, Cambodia???

      If u need to let goes of yr hatred for the CPM, then be very clear about how u fart le!!!

    6. In no other country other than Malaysia's CPM , whether Vietnam, North Korea, Cambodia or Laos were the Communist insurgency led and largely crewed by ethnic Chinese.

      In fact Vietnam and Korea had for centuries been vassal States of China, and notwithstanding Communist fraternity, none of them were interested in exchanging one set of colonial masters for another.

      That's why Vietnam had a hot war with China barely 6 years after the fall of Saigon.

    7. communists in Vietnam, Korea and Malaya received aid from China, but as you mentioned Vietnam and Korea did not want to be Chinese colonies. Then what makes you think the CPM wanted Malaya to be one, bearing in mind CPm was multiracial? Were you an Indian member of CPM?


      The CPM's "multi-racial" part never amounted to much.
      In the end they recruited more Thai Malays than Malayan Malays.

      The number of Indians in CPM you could count on one set of fingers.

      The MCP also made efforts to recruit more Malays into their organisation. Despite a small number of Malay personnel, including Abdullah CD and Rashid Maidin, it remained dominated by the Chinese. A special Malay unit, known as the 10th Regiment was established under the leadership of a Central Committee member, Abdullah C.D. Abdullah also established several "Masses Revolutionary School" (Sekolah Revolusi Rakyat) to disseminate Maoist ideas among Thai Malays. Since the MCP was based in southern Thailand, most of its recruits were Thai Malays and people from Kelantan, a northeastern Malaysian state

  4. It takes 2 to clap.
    Go and see the ethnicity of those who went during Polis & Army recruitment drives. 90% is malays and of those 10% nons, not all can even pass the 1st barrier; which is proficiency in BM. So don't give me that bollocks about discrimination during recruitment as there are non-Malay superintendents/ officers overseeing these activities.

    Discrimination may happen amongst the cadets and work peers but definitely not from chain of command. It happens everywhere, and at private sectors the bias happens on the opposite scale of the racial makup. The armed forces may just be the most racially & gender -unbiased employer in MALAYSIA. Just look at the achievements of Major Yapp.

    Certainly the nons prefer airforce or navy (god knows why, perhaps less chances of being shot at). But that doesn't mean there isn't equal opportunity in the Forces. To the soldiers and officers, they don't care what colour of skin their superiors has as long they(superiors) can guide them out of a sticky situation unharmed.

    Your own bias is just reinforcing Ismail Mina's.

    1. [ Certainly the nons prefer airforce or navy (god knows why, perhaps less chances of being shot at).]

      There is an old Chinese saying... “You don’t make nails out of good iron, and you don’t make soldiers out of good men.”

    2. in the late 50's and early 60's the Chinese and Indians were better off academically on the subjects of Maths and Physics, the mandatory requirements for entry into the Air Force and Navy. There were Chinese and Indians too in the army, mainly in Signals, Engineering (combat engineering, not civilian types) and Armoured Regiments where better academics in Maths and Science were again required.

      Most infantry soldiers were Malay who usually would pass at only Primary Standard 3 or equivalent

      Whether Air Force or Infantry the personnel was shot at.

      TUDM officers like the late Lt Choo Yoke Boo and the late Lt Chang Tatt Min who were both awarded the Panglima (or Pingat) Gagah Berani (PGB) posthumously were killed when their helicopter was shot at and crashed fatally. It's said that the PGB is next in gallantry honours to the SP.

    3. “You don’t make nails out of good iron, and you don’t make soldiers out of good men.”

      Historically, i agree with you. British Empire's height was when their worst misfits and dredges of society were on board their warships expanding Rule Britannia to the globe. They certainly didn't become what they were via gentlemen fisticuffs fights.

    4. the Chinese M'sians need an outsider to tell them the duty to the nation?

      Especially those wannabe hp6 'scholars' of spurious training in explaining Chinese idioms/teachings/legends!

      好郎不当兵,好铁不打钉 applies ONLY during time of peace! There r better use of human resources to built a nation than being a soldier in time of peace.

      Throughout the Chinese history, there r many stories of brave generals & soldiers, both man & woman, taken up the irrevocable national duties in defending the country from foreign invasions.

      Never has there ANY story about them fighting to expand the country's territories!

      霍去病,叶飞,穆桂英,文天祥,八路军, those gallant Chinese M'sian arm forces personnel mentioned by kt, etc r just tip of the iceberg!

      This teaching has been cultivated deep into the gene of the Chinese.

      How could a non Chinese understand that concept?

      Neither would an unmokkauxai banana le!

    5. Written by CK..."好郎不当兵,好铁不打钉 applies ONLY during time of peace! There r better use of human resources to built a nation than being a soldier in time of peace.

      Throughout the Chinese history, there r many stories of brave generals & soldiers, both man & woman, taken up the irrevocable national duties in defending the country from foreign invasions.

      Never has there ANY story about them fighting to expand the country's territories!"

      Hear ! Hear !

  5. Don't twist and turn.

    Vietnam's circumstances were totally different. The Viet Minh was led and crewed by ethnic Vietnamese , not ethnic Chinese or China-born nationals, as many in the CPM were.

    Vietnam has 9 centuries of history as a vassal and tributary state of China.

    Why did CPM continue its war after August 31st, 1957?
    Tunku Abdul Rahman was an honourable and reasonable person as any for them to deal with yet CPM decided that continued WAR was a preferred option.

    Why ?

    Because CPM's real objective was Marxist revolution.
    Anti-colonialism was a useful cover, that's all, at most a very secondary or tertiary objective.

  6. possible, but history show us there is no "satellite client-state of Mao's China." among all asia countries until today.

  7. [disagree. it is like saying us army n iraq civilian hated and killed each other ruthlessly.]

    Rahn.. remember there were two Sino-Japanese war - (1894 to 1895) & (1937-1945).

    A Japanese soldier who took part in the rape of Nanking said this.. "Few know that soldiers impaled babies on bayonets and tossed them still alive into pots of boiling water. They gang-raped women from the ages of twelve to eighty and then killed them. I beheaded people, burned them, and buried them alive. It is terrible that I could turn into an animal and do these things. About 300,009 Chinese were butchered in the first six weeks of the massacre."

    1. CBMFer what's yr point?

      How about a quote from Annelies Marie "Anne" Frank's diary about Nazis concentration camp!

      Perhaps a recall from one of the memo of the May13 survivor?

      See the parallel?

      Guess not, for a zombieic ketuanan freak!

    2. I would expect a sympathetic reaction from you, or at least criticise the apparently useless League of Nations; why it did not try to penalize Japan?

    3. DON'T even try!!!

      Reading past yr seemingly simplistic write, yr udang is as clear as the emperor w/I cloth!

    4. You are supporting the Japanese rape of Nanking..tsk tsk tsk.