Saturday, January 13, 2018

A fool and his money are soon parted

My predictions in Mahathir's legacy - a Greater Pribumi?, as the Bible is wont to say as per Exodus 12:41 (KJV) with grammatical adjustments, will come to pass, that is, if Pakatan wins GE14.

blast, found out I cannot join Pribumi

am of wrong ethnicity lah

Basically, my prediction has been that, with a Pakatan victory, PM Mahathir and his Pribumi will end up DOMINATING the coalition. That's a dangerous position for the rest of Pakatan, especially the Anwar family.

Thus Mahathir will be able to "organise" a new (he loves the word 'Baru') pribumi-ONLY alliance together with the major part of PKR and Amanah, and the losing but still substantial UMNO (Mahathir's UMNO Baru) to form another de jure (note, NOT de facto) Mahathir government a la Barisan Nasional Most-Baru-est, wakakaka.

And the DAP can either STFU or if it doesn't like that, get the f**ks out of Mahathir's Barisan Nasional Most-Baru-est, to resume its role as federal Opposition.

DAP will then continue being an independent non-aligned political party, as it was back in 1972-3 when it refused to join Tun Razak's newly formed Barisan Nasional (BN). What gain has it made in nearly 50 years?

The reason for my growing confidence but also growing concerns in my prediction of Mahathir's 'Greater Pribumi' aspiration has been Pakatan's very foolish allocation of most of federal seats, especially in Pahang and Johor, to newcomer Pribumi who came to Pakatan with begging bowl.

The senior members of Pakatan (PKR and DAP) had been sold a dangerous tale by a rather vicious so-called ally, Pribumi, and they foolishly gave an unproven untested unknown Pribumi the majority in its recent allocation of federal seats.

And all the tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land, or of the fruit of the tree, is the Lord's: it is holy unto the Lord.

And if a man will at all redeem ought of his tithes, he shall add thereto the fifth part thereof.

And concerning the tithe of the herd, or of the flock, even of whatsoever passeth under the rod, the tenth shall be holy unto the Lord 

- Leviticus 27:30-32

Thus they hath willingly made Mahathir their Lord and one day cometh to rue their foolishness.

Seems the only intelligent people in Pakatan have been the Selangor faction of PKR, Johor Amanah, and a few lonely voices in DAP.


  1. i believe most msian, especially the opposition including dap n pas known its a delusion to fight umno, they reaslid only a umno can fight umno, especially if we have voters like u.

  2. Wakakakaka....since when an old Testament/Bible bashing 'atheist' starts to believe in the mumbo-jumbos of biblical proportion!

    When he is running out of believable idea lah!

    How about another version of this mamak's unpredictable predictable.

    PH wins the ge14, mamak becomes the PM.

    After 'cleaning' out the kleptomaniac's house of cards & obtaining a royal pardon from the Agong for Anwar, true to his words, mamak relinquishes the interim PMship to Anwar.

    That's after LKS voluntary resign his MP & offer the parliamentary seat to Anwar to contest.

    Mamak & LKS retire & rode into the sunset!

    Far fetched idea?

    At least it's better than yr grandfather's unbroken vinyl of petrified chant lah.

    Wakakakaka.....go sobbing at the corner lah with yr sifu for both yr broken I-told-u-so daydream le.

    1. biblical quotes are useful references - nothing more than that

      and I did not realise you were such a hopeless dreamer, indulging in fantasy, wakakaka

    2. Useful references?

      There r a plenty, not necessarily biblical. Right?

      Hopeless dreamer indulging in fantasy??v

      Perhaps we both r! It's just in degree le.


  3. My prediction -and the reason for my support is - there is a Zero point Zero Zero % chance of Pakatan wining a majority over BN in GE 14.

    However, Mahathir and Pribumi's role is very important to siphon off what would otherwise be Solid BN Fixed Deposit votes away from BN, weakening BN's traditiinal hegemony, hence strengthening democratic checks and balances in Malaysia.

    That will be Mahathir's most important remaining legacy before he dies.
    Ironic, of course, considering his role in damaging the system in the first place.
    But HEY, we CANNOT AFFORD to be prisoners of the past.

    Kudos to Lim Kit Siang and other DAP leaders for this insight.

  4. Satan has really lied to LKS to get him into cutting a deal with Mahathir, where DAP has got no option but pay/agree whatever.

    1. is that true lks did all this for his son? is that also y lks have to fren fren with macc? aduh all this sons, susahkan babak saja.

  5. kua now train his gun towards lge n his cybertrooper, he seem to imply lge engage in corruption, r u one of his cybertrooper? u have anything to rebut kua?

    1. It's payback time for Kua against Lim Kit Siang and family.
      People like Kua keep their grievances for decades.

    2. Liken to yr hatred for the CPM!!!

  6. Let's zero in to a specific particular :

    "DAP will then continue being an independent non-aligned political party, as it was back in 1972-3 when it refused to join Tun Razak's newly formed Barisan Nasional (BN). What gain has it made in nearly 50 years?"

    Isn't this the vaunted "PRINCIPLES" that lately you and others like Fa Abdul, Sangeet and Dr Kua had been making a great brouhaha about, macam kera kena belacan ? NOW you are looking askance at DAP's refusal to join the Tun Gasak big great Barisan National where the non Malay parties like MCA and MIC are all lap dogs gundiks but whose leaders are amply rewarded with crumps big enough to feed at least up to 6 generations effortlessly. Why now ask what gains has DAP made in nearly 50 years ? This is the "Principles" bukan ke ? DAP stuck to Principles by not wanting to join the man whom Tunku had alleged to have engineered the coup via May 13 incident ( don't believe ? check out your Sifu's write when he was still not yet the putar belit kelentong that he is now, Wakakaka.....

    Looks like your definition of Principles boleh tukar as and when it fits into your agenda.