Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Stop being sexy

FMT - Stop being sexy and you can stop harassment, journalists told (extracts):

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) said female media practitioners should mind their appearance while on duty, including not dressing sexily, in order to avert sexual harassment.

NUJ president Mohd Taufek Razak however admitted that female journalists had been facing the problem for a long time.

“The NUJ wishes to suggest, in view of sexual harassment having become a part of the challenges faced by women journalists, that they should have an appropriate appearance and a firm stand while performing duties.

“For example, do not wear eye-catching or excessively sexy attire, and reject interviews in improper places like nightclubs or homes of politicians,” he told news portal Malaysiakini.

He said it was human nature for men to be drawn to women, and for women to attract the attention of men.

Indeed, I heard an innocent politician who was minding his business and thinking of holy things got a humongous HARD-ON when he accidentally caught a glimpse of the sweet ankle of a female journalist. Luckily he had an umbrella with him.

But that wasn't so bad, another innocent politician's HARD-ON on seeing the journalist's fair wrist went berserk and burst the seams of his trousers front - its zip was rendered into smithereens. It was embarrassing for the innocent bloke because the metal splinters from his shattered zip struck several female Yang Berhormats right in their buttocks - ouch.

The third f**ker was named D. Trump, wakakaka, end of story.

get his camel ready, quick! 


  1. Malay society is overall still very conservative.

    Some young women, especially Chinese girls brought up in the urban bubble of Klang Valley or Penang, put on what they think is just modern dress, without realising it looks highly inappropriate to other eyes.

    Different people react differently. Some react with disappointment, some with anger to what they see as a kind of disrespect.

    There will be a small number of Yahoos who will think the woman is cheapened and inviting improper behaviour. This is not to excuse their bad behaviour, but it is a fact.

    1. Say it out loud lah - unable to march in step with time!

      Chained by the archaic doctrines that's STILL fully determined by pheromones.

      Time changes. People changes. Attitude alters too.

      Except the zombieic voluntary sexist reactions!

  2. Matey,you hit the nail right on the head,with horndog Donald Trump.Last few days news that his lawyers paid off porn stars from talking about their 1 or 2 minute sessions are all over the talk shows and newspapers.No wonder he was horny with adult porn stars,that his 2nd and 3rd wives avoided him like the plaque and started screwing around with other men.

    1. wakakaka, bruno matey, juicy news for the morning

    2. The story has been floating around since before the 2016 elections, and both sides denied it (though that may not mean much) and even if true, they were consenting adults.

      So the story died off after 1 day.

      In terms of Donald J. Trump, its no big deal.
      He's been accused of much worse.

    3. If u replace a word like shithole with s-hole, doesn't it sound worse, pronouncing it? Hehehe