Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Biggest mistake in Johor PKR’s history?

Aiyoyo, it seems all's not well in Johor for PKR, and the culprit adversely affecting Anwar Ibrahim's party is newbie Mahathir's Pribumi.

PKR - hung out to dry

c'mon lah, mana jaguh parti?

Looks like Mahathir and his Malays-only party are once again crossings word with Anwar Ibrahim.

everything in life should be symmetrical so I'm just giving him another one to make a pair of ...


In the recent Pakatan Harapan seal allocation exercise, Pribumi sapu (swipe) the most number of seats at 18 out of Johor's 56 for itself, while poor veteran PKR only received 12 (DAP was assigned 14 and Amanah 12).

The person in particular distress and who is damn bloody mad has been PKR’s Batu Pahat deputy chief Ronald Sia. He lost the opportunity to represent Pulai Sebatang state constituency, where he has been quite active. The depressing thing for Sia is that he won't get another chance until 5 years later, that is, if by then, he is still in favour with the party leaders.

I know exactly how you feel Ronald Sia

my personal tactics has been to make MUCHO noise and screw everyone up - I strongly recommend that


MM Online reporting about cracks in Johor PKR informs us a PKR source said “He [Sia] had lashed out emotionally through his personal Facebook account on Saturday afternoon and also left the Johor PKR coordinating team WhatsApp group saying that the seat negotiation team under the Johor PH central committee was the biggest mistake in Johor PKR’s history.

But you know what, as a DAP supporter who had for years been annoyed at PKR's back stabbing antics against DAP on matters of seat allocation, especially in Sarawak, I reckon PKR the party (not poor Ronald Sia) is now getting a dose of its own avaricious medicine. And I have to thank Mahathir for that, wakakaka.

But alas, the end result still is poor Ronald now has to put all his working files back into the storage crates. Kesian saje.

But Ronald Sia has a point which begs the question, at what price are PKR, DAP and Amanah paying for the desired membership of Mahathir? Will it all come to nought?

They should ask those questions to Mahathir's chief sponsor, Lim Kit Siang.

I play Pokemon to keep my mind off these issues I had raised for 3 decades 


  1. I don't claim to be very knowledgeable on the current situation in Johor, but I have spoken to people there.

    Based on GE13 results , the seat that PKR won (1) , as well as almost all other seats (11) that PKR was still in competitive running are still being contested by PKR for GE14.

    Its possible they gave up "a few" other competitive seats, but that is the nature of seat negotiations.

    Batu Pahat town has always been a Solid BN seat.
    MCA is still very strong in Batu town, the old Die , Die support MCA mentality still exists among the Chinese there.
    But maybe Ronald Sia , as a local, knows something we don't.

    The Japanese pilots who went out on Kamikaze missions did not expect to survive....eakakakska...

    As I mentioned in a previous post, most of what Bersatu has got in Johor for GE14 are Kamikaze seats.

    Solidly Loyal UMNO seats where neither PAS nor PKR has made any headway in the past decades. If Bersatu can score successes there, well and good, but the chances are not pretty.