Wednesday, January 31, 2018

So-called freedom advocates attack her for expressing her free views

From FMT (extracts):

Uphold right to dissent, halt attacks against Maryam Lee

January 30, 2018

Women's rights organisation says recent events also highlight how women are attacked more severely than their male allies for speaking up on the same issues.

Maryam Lee
sadly abused with disgusting obscenities and photoshop images for her views by so-called fighters for democracy and free speech 

By Empower

Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor (Empower) strongly abhors the slew of vile attacks against activist and writer, Maryam Lee, following her public expression on #UndiRosak.

Instead of demonstrating maturity when engaging in the discourse, many supporters of the opposition resorted to unwarranted sexist, misogynist and extremist harassment against Maryam. This included the targeting of her identity as a young woman.

Many of these attackers have even used her pictures found online without her knowledge and consent.

They manipulated her images and modified them into sexually explicit ones. These images are accompanied by extremely demeaning and sexualised insults and name-calling.

Many have also falsely accused her of “receiving bribes from the ruling coalition”, “betraying the people”, and “working for Najib”.

Others have belittled her views by saying that she “needs a therapist and some introspection”, is “brain damaged” and so on.

This includes many people who are known for their activism and progressive views, predominantly men but also some women.

It is also disheartening to see fellow activists who hold similar views on the #UndiRosak campaign fail to support Maryam. Instead, they said if someone presents her/his views in public, she/he should be open to be attacked.

Such a view underscores the reality that women are attacked more severely than their male allies for speaking up on the same issues, despite the valid and substantial points women make.

Engaging in a discourse does not mean we only respect those views that agree with ours, but also to be able to respect and listen no matter how these expressions and opinions are alien or new to us.

Maryam’s privacy was invaded when her photos and personal data were used without her consent.

What is more distasteful are the vile efforts to silence a voice that does not fit into the narratives of the opposition’s supporters.

Let us all be reminded that everyone, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, political belief and so on, has the right to freedom of expression and opinion.

Any impediment to these freedoms must be addressed and condemned.


  1. of course maryam lee can dissent, but that doesn't mean she is not a stupid.

    1. UndiRosak is a voice from heaven to oppose one extremely adroit political manipulator. Thus, the freedom of thought should be granted to Maryam Lee as long as her inspirations are not incompatible with the security of the country.

      Nobody can 'chup' or reserve any political seat; anybody can play mahjong; anybody can protest via UndiRosak; is this not democratic enough for the pliant bad lots? Is she stupid? Shag off man..

    2. i reiterate again i am fine with undirosak, it is maryam democratic rights to do what she wants, but that doesn't mean she is not stupid, didn't u see how the stupid democratic right produced hitler?

      btw the heaven u mentioned must be a jew n christian one, bec according to hadi "tindakan kempen berkenaan jelas bertentangan..." wakaka

    3. HY.. didn't I specifically write - a voice from heaven to oppose one extremely adroit political manipulator?

  2. I do agree that supporters of the PH should not attack the lady personally.But it is okay to ask her to keep her big mouth shut.If she wants people to #UNDI Rosak then why waste time to stand in line and then throw one's vote away.

    This election is about Umno/BN versus PH.Forget about PAS and the mosquitoes.So one either vote for Umno/BN or PH.It is just plain stupid to ask or encourage people to throw away their votes.She should have said stay home and make babies.That would have been a nicer or diplomatic way of staying fuck the polls.

  3. KT. are you saying a billycock English gentleman has more rights to freedom of expression than a foul mouth crocodile dundee?

    when someone chooses to engage the public with their opinion, one should expect not only the kitchen sink but the occasional gas canister as well

    an article from a women's org would naturally term it as an 'attack' on poor defenceless miss maryam

    1. a billycock English gentleman or a foul mouth crocodile dundee

      both are equal before the law

      incidentally the foul mouth is not with crocodile dundee but so-called 'gentlemen'

  4. Here we goes again!!!

    Prime Directives, anyone???

    Now it's one syiok-sendiri-ic #undirosak proponent been 'attacked' verbally by her opponents.

    What's wrong with that? Even if some of the languages been used r considered 'non-civilised'.

    Think about the 'harsh' words been splashed toward the opponents of jibby's kleptomaniac hippo's opulent handbags/rings/hair styling etc etc.

    It's the same common basic human reactions towards things/feelings they disliked. That reactions r been rested on the current level of their humanity development!

    So get off yr high horse! U r no better, even if the words u have been used to express yr thoughts r not that 'coarse'. It's worst - for been a hypocritical display of yr inner self le!

  5. Barbaric words have also been hurled against Mahathir when he started campaigning against the Opposition.

    Mind you, Ktemoc is on the same side as them, these days.

  6. Don't live in Dreamland or Australia.
    Malaysia is still a country where the government will lock you up if you say inconvenient things.

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    1. wakakaka, am I responsible for everything and everyone? Why don't you smart alecs take up blogging too

    2. So u r responsible (perhaps assigned) to target manmanlai/mamak!

      Now thing becomes clearer lah.


      Btw, u blog we response. Apa salah tu?

      Using yr own argument, Why don't you smart alecs stops blogging too?

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  8. Back in the dawn of Reformasi, those who championed democracy, free speech, good governance, and change, supported Oppos and were heckled and dismissed.

    And now those same champions are heckling and dismissing those who follows #UndiRosak as their own way to democracy, free speech, good governance, and change.

    Looks like nothing has changed, huh? Not even the champions of change.

    Now those same champions are fearful becoz #UndiRosak are fishing in the same pond as Oppos. Now those same champions have realised, they are not the only ones who can dictate what change should be. Now those same champions will know that Karma has come back to roost.

    1. if the Opposition wants their supporters votes back, there is a very simple solution, just get rid of Mahathir - wakakaka

    2. Mahathir's entry is just a symptom of the disease that plagues Oppos. Change is not about using the same tools and methods that were used against you on those who have a different opinion. That makes them no different than those iron-fisted communist regimes that fought to break tyranny yet imposed tyranny when come to power. I'm sure you know the word that best apt to describe it, yes?

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    4. if one really wan to look for a pandora box, its all started during the internet age, its a common phenomenon worldwide. toxic is when a leader, a politician or a public figure say or issue statement that provoke for eg amanat hadi. if we accept verbal or writing abuse as a common feature in internet age without indulge in violence, then everyone is a winner.

      n pls ask kt to use less vile language towards mahathir anwar, azmin hadi etc, he is also deemed a public figure though a dedak eating one.

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  10. @JJ
    And of those 6 decades, ur PM-in-waiting had direct and indirect influence in 4 of them. So are the current problems u stated stems from UMNO or from that PM-in-waiting?

    And these are some of the contradictions that #UndiRosak sees. They see the sheer absurdity of using a rat(devil) to catch a rat(devil) becoz u can never succeed with this method.

    And ur "devil to get rid of another devil" is just saying 'the ends justify the means'. And do u know what goes well with that quote? 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions'.

    1. To cut to the chase ( let's stop these tiresome to-ing and fro-ing ), I would advise you to read Thomas Fann's article " What if we bring back Mahathirism ?". Hopefully, from this, you might be at least have a glimpse of the big picture.

    2. Them I too would recommend u to read Barry Wain's book on Mahathirism and LKS's many many books on the subject matter as well. Or do u dispute the insight of DAP's supremo?

    3. So u r the indulge of the PAST, rather than the clear & present pestilence!

      What a character, in the same class as kt!