Monday, January 29, 2018

None so deaf as Pakatan who refuses to hear

I am not sure why the federal opposition especially those in Pribumi keeps insulting, heckling and abusing the #UndiRosak people?

I have read the abuses against Maryam Lee and I have to say I've been thoroughly shocked by the barbaric insults, eg. "... her mouth is full of my sperm ... etc etc ...".

Why insult or abuse those who do not share your political beliefs? Are you a mini-dictator? Who says that you are right in your political belief in the first place?

The irony has been these abusers have the brazen nerve to proclaim themselves as champions of democracy and free speech. They are only that insofar as no one should ever disagree, oppose or argue with them. They will be worse dictators than Ayatollah what's-his name.

They haven't even identify the cause of #UndiRosak, namely, the preposterousness of Pakatan nominating Mahathir as PM-designate.

MM Online publishes a statement by Dr Patricia Martinez (extracts ONLY as follows):

... This PH is not the same as the one we welcomed and voted for in GE 13. So those luminaries insulting us as “betrayers”, “delusional” “hopeless and giving up”, for #UndiRosak (I have had to personally endure such abuse on a long-term basis) are themselves delusional.

Malaysians can figure things out for themselves... and we are now cynical, angry, disillusioned, frustrated. Among other possible reasons.

Articles sanitising Mahathir or calling on us to “forgive and forget” and intimate or actually tell us to “choose the lesser evil” horrify me.

I have never knowingly settled for evil, so why should I, when I vote?

Patricia A. Martinez is a Malaysian who is Senior Research Fellow for Religion and Culture and head of the Intercultural Studies Research at the Asia-Europe Institute of the University of Malaya.

She is the first non-Muslim Malaysian with a Ph.D. in Religion, specialization Islam, having studied in both the USA and the Middle East. Using her knowledge of Arabic and Islamic texts and tradition, she employs interdisciplinary analyses in her presentations and publications on Islam in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, Women and Islam and Christian-Muslim relations. Her latest project researched the identity and Islam of ordinary Muslims in Malaysia. She has been awarded a Fulbright in Islamic Studies at Ohio and Stanford Universities for 2003-4.

From here, we can at least understand why Pribumi has attacked #UndiRosak because the young group's target is the removal of what they see as an evil Mahathir the Chairman of Pribumi. Thus Pribumi has to attack, attack and attack.

But what about the other Pakatan component parties? Recently Lim Guan Eng in an attempted conciliatory move towards #UndiRosak asked them for their wish list, but WTF, they have already given that to Pakatan, to wit, the removal of Mahathir who had his time already for 22 long years, and who had shafted their parents, democracy, freedom, the Constitution and the Judiciary etc kaukau.

Are the Pakatan parties (minus Pribumi) so stupid they can't read what #UndiRosak has been crying out against? The removal of Mahathir as Pakatan PM-designate!


  1. When it looks like finally the opposition is going to get it's house in order,problems and problems kept coming out of the woodworks.I think that it is some hidden powerful hands at play.Money talks pussy lover horndog Donald walks.Donald Trump's partner in sexual assault and rapes,casinos magnate Steve Wynn have resigned as RNC finance chair due to sexual allegations dating back three decades.Also he paid off a manicurists US 7.5 million for raping her,a married woman.Money sure talks.

    A lot is at stake in this coming GE14th.With billions been siphoned off from 1MDB,tens of millions to create problems for the opposition is chicken feed for Umno/BN.Like I said in an earlier comment why #UNDI rosak lah?Because people will fall for it.If these people screaming #UNDI Rosak said #UNDI Umno/BN,people will fuck them upside down,so #UNDI Rosak lah.

    1. wakakaka, but Dr Patricia Martinez seems to be a credible person

  2. I can accept Undi Rosak if its direction is Non-Partisan.

    i.e. it is not simply a campaign directed at potential Pakatan Voters due to the supporters revulsion towards Mahathir.

    There is an equally or more reprehensible person who is Barisan Nasional's Prime Minister, and a non-partisan movement should also be encouraging potential BN voters to spoil their votes as a protest against the Mega Crooked Malaysian Official 1.

    As things stand currently, Undi Rosak is acting like a bunch of UMNO-organised Agent Provocateurs.

    1. To suggest without basis that the Undi Rosak movement is the works of UMNO speaks volume of your maturity, or the lack of it.

      Who is more reprehensible depends on whether you are properly schooled of the relevant facts and history.

      Don't be blinded by your political affiliation to the extent of not being able appreciate when a genuine concern is raised, namely in this case, PH is void of principles.

    2. this stupid where got direction one, just wanna impress mo1.

    3. By what proves do you say that DSN has siphoned off billions? Even he primary accuser, TDM, said he has no proof.

  3. Well i disagree.. Reason being we see this undi rosak is directed to pakatun is coz they layan.. BN doesnt really give two hoots bout it coz they have PAS and a combination of about 4 to 5 mil voters ready.. PH doesnt.. Their voters are the floating type.. So coz they layan this undi rosak call it may look like the doing of BN when its really the opposite (PHs own fault and wrong to their suppoters)

    And the worse of all this.. PH os giving their own suppoters who are 'mengadu' to them thru undi rosak a taste of hardcore slandering, mockings and insults.. And they want to save malaysia.. Huh.. Ironic..

  4. Who is more reprehensible depends on which side of the political fense you're at. To summarily say that #UndiRosak is the works of Umno without basis speaks volume of your maturity, politically and as a person.

    The mantra 'end justifies the means' doesn't and shouldn't apply all and sundry. Certain level of principles is needed if one wants to convince the people that they are better than those than they intend to replace.


    1. no one said #UndiRosak is the works of Umno, monster merely opine that Undi Rosak is acting like one, in fact the stupid one.

    2. Those who keep believing the mantra of 'end justifies the means' must be made aware that it goes well with 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions'.

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