Sunday, January 21, 2018

Amanat Mark II Hadi?

PAS president Hadi Awang responded to Mahathir's question on who PAS prefers to have as PM for Malaysia in a post GE14 government, saying:


“We are not greedy to become leaders… but want Islam to lead, save the country, save humanity, this is the core of our cause.”

“Allah will decide who becomes prime minister post-GE14.”

And then virtually in the same breath, said:

"We hope the people of Selangor will choose our Islamic leadership,” after he declared PAS' intention to wrest the Selangor government in the 14th general election (GE14) and make it a 'model administration' for other states, probably like PAS' state government in Kelantan and once in Kedah, wakakaka.

The PAS Kedah state government lost its rule just after one term - that's how good or rather bad it was.

Anyway, that's virtually a mini Amanat (yang kedua lah).

Hadi once threatened DAP in Penang that it might lead to another May 13 if the state government were to hold local elections (for councils).

That move might prevent PAS members from being APPOINTED to the councils because it was likely  those PAS members won't be 
elected in local elections

do you think such a person will support and uphold democratic elections?

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  1. Hadi is doing fine. I just do not want to argy-bargy with anyone on Hadi until he is really well.