Friday, January 12, 2018

Encik Kleptocracy bin Abdullah

Malaysian Digest - Dr Mahathir's 'Kleptocracy' Concept Is Of His Own Making (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR: A former Malaysiakini editor last night branded the concept of 'kleptocracy' harped on by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in his continuous tirade against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, as "a b*stard child of his own."

Speaking at an open forum titled "Is Mahathir the Solution for a Better Malaysia?", Fathi Asri Omar said the 'damage brought to the country' that the opposition pacts have fought against since the Reformasi movement began in 1998, had been caused by none other than Dr Mahathir during his 22-year tenure as prime minister.

"We have been fighting against damage to the judicial system, the oppression of media, racial politics, cronyism and the siphoning of the nation's riches, now known as kleptocracy," said Fathi during his presentation.

"When did all this begin? It was during Dr Mahathir's time. These were all introduced by him and now he is with us and leading the charge against his own legacies, the kleptocracy which is a b*stard child of his own," he said.

And he still have people supporting him to bring back the dreaded Mahathirism?

Either they want to make use of him, ...

... or they are damn stupid ... but then there's a sucker born every minute.


  1. when did mahathir claim he wanna go back to his old ways? its umno / najib n now join by pas wan to continue the old way. stop yr slandering.

  2. Nobody has to support anyone that they distrust or disagree with...fine.

    But let me ask you... are you just talking cock, or what are you doing to bring about a better future for the country ? What ideas do YOU have ?

    Mahathir has a plan... get rid of Todays's Chief impediment - the Prime Minister and his ruling party by beating his party in elections.

    You don't have to support him.

    I just ask - what is YOUR contribution, YOUR idea.

    1. What does kt want? Contribution? Idea? prop up the kleptomaniac pinklips lah! In whatsoever way. PERIOD.

      Tak tau baca ke?

    2. There was an 80% drop in oil price but we did not go into recession. Najib immediately reduced our reliance on petroleum revenues from 44% to 14% of govt revenues which was a right decision. Our economy continued to grow until today. Ringgit is improving, and so is KLCI. IMF and World Bank have praised/endorsed Najib's policies. Saudi Arabia has followed Malaysia and now Brunei will too.

      What is your contribution?; if not to condemn and casting aspersions to bring down Najib and BN. Damn you, Monsterball.

  3. Matey,yes,it is true that there is one sucker born every minute.Luckily for Malaysia it is only one in a minute.

    It is not that lucky for America that there are tens of suckers born every minute.Because their population is ten times more than Malaysia.

    In China?Not that many suckers born every minute than in America,although their population is many times more than the Americans.

    Why is it such?One may ask.Well,because in America there are thirty million suckers who are hardcore supporters of Donald Trump who suck his balls
    and tiny prick every day.No wonder his balls and tiny prick are blue,black, purple and swollen everyday.