Thursday, January 11, 2018


FMT - Nurul Izzah: Sangeet has right to voice fears:

PETALING JAYA: PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar has defended the right of DAP member Sangeet Kaur Deo to express disapproval of Pakatan Harapan’s choice of Dr Mahathir Mohamad as its prime-minister-designate.

Speaking to FMT, she said Pakatan needed to “start appreciating every voice”.

Sangeet, who is late DAP leader Karpal Singh’s daughter, said recently that Pakatan’s choice betrayed the opposition alliance’s lack of a long-term strategy. She voiced fear of a return of the autocracy associated with Mahathir’s 22 years in power.

Nurul said Sangeet’s concern was valid and Mahathir needed to hear it.

kaytee's note: He bloody won't.

“We have lived under a dictatorship by virtue of the system for so long that it’s important to appreciate concerns and fears,” she said.

She said it was because of such concerns that PKR took its time to reach a consensus on whether to back Pakatan’s choice of Mahathir.

She referred to pledges made at Pakatan’s annual convention last weekend and said the political reforms proposed should allay fears of a return to iron-fisted rule.

The proposals included a reform of Parliament to ensure its independence, a limit on the term of the prime minister and measures to ensure that persons appointed to top public positions are answerable to Parliament.

OK, Pakatan abusers of Sangeet Kaur Deo, wanna abuse Nurul your heroine with obscenities like 'brainless', 'bitch', 'she just wants her 15 minutes of fame', 'not her father's daughter', so on so forth?

Or, are you going to be hypocritically inconsistent, like Lim Kit Siang?

Suck up or shut up, wakakaka.

And go detox your rotten otak and mouth with buah petai juice - it's less smelly than your rotten overrated oral orifice but bloody good for your toxic kidneys.

alternatively, stuff your rotten mouth with a handful of the above, wakakaka


  1. What an oxymoron!

    U keep shouting about “start appreciating every voice”!!

    Tapi u buat apa?

    U abuse anyone, too , who r not in tune with yr rancid outpourings of 'principles???'

    Or r u going to be hypocritically inconsistent, like mom?

    1. Oxymoron ALREADY hypocritically inconsistent ! A principled person tak boleh tahan keeping quiet, so very deathly quiet, on the massive thievery which garnered such "accolade" as the Biggest Kleptocracy in the world ! Malaysia boleh dah...

    2. Singapore Boleh Too.

      "Singapore’s state-backed corporate heavyweights – collectively known as “Singapore Inc” – will face tough questions in 2018 on their commitment to the Lion City’s vaunted anti-corruption ethos, observers say, as a shocked public comes to grips with a graft scandal that has engulfed oil rig builder Keppel Corp.

      One political observer went as far as to describe 2017 as “annus horribilis” for the city state’s corporate sector. That sentiment echoed the hand-wringing among government critics that followed last week’s announcement by US prosecutors that Keppel’s offshore and marine arm, Keppel O&M, agreed to pay a US$422 million settlement to avoid a criminal trial for bribing Brazilian officials.

      Keppel O&M, according to court documents released by the US justice department, engaged in a scheme between 2001 and 2014 to pay US$55 million in bribes to win 13 contracts with Petrobas and Sete Brasil – two Brazilian oil companies deeply mired in the country’s wide-ranging Operation Car Wash graft scandal. Keppel O&M is the world’s biggest builder of oil rigs."

    3. None of the money went into Lee Hsien Loong's personal bank account.

    4. Who knows? Singapore Inc settled it. But with whose money? The citizens.

    5. The Singies know that the RedDot government DARE not touch any of their national coffer!

      S'pore Inc didn't/doesn't act like 1MDB to borrow here & there, arm twisting, enticing huge parachute profit, glcs helping hands & whatnots to help Keppel!

      Keppel paid for the fine, itself!!

  2. Sangeet Deo got real guts,like all bais have real balls.Of course Nurul will voice support of what Sangeet said,because Mahathir was not their family's first or favorite choice anyway.But love it or hate it,Mahathir is the only choice the Pakatan Harapan has to come close or even win GE14th.All the PM wannabes like Azmin to Nurul's cat have their balls caught between Mahathir(a rock) and Kit Siang(a hard place).

  3. Karpal Singh's record shows he was willing to pragmatically work in the present and future, instead of being locked in the past.

    He supported Anwar Ibrahim in Pakatan, even though he chided Anwar on specific actions and behaviours, and had been scathing on Anwar when he was DPM.

    He cooperated with PAS, at least until PAS uncompromising HUDUD push.

    I believe Karpal would have been able to assess the CURRENT situation involving Mahathir on its merits, not just only on events 20 years ago.

    Some of his children, unfortunately , appear fixated on the past , without being able to assess what needs to be done to move towards the future.

    1. Such children...that's why we have terms like " still wet behind the ears", wakakaka.

  4. "Some of his children, unfortunately , appear fixated on the past , without being able to assess what needs to be done to move towards the future."

    Nope, they are not fixated on the past but they are indeed emphasizing on the right principles.

    Health and stamina are not important if you want to be in politics, but principle is. If not it defies God, and God's creation.

  5. Smells really bad for the Malaysian Official 1 camp to talk about principles.... The First Malaysian Prime Minister to be implicated as a Money Launderer.

    The only reason he wasn't identified with his name was he did not directly commit a crime on US soil, and being a Head of Government, the Obama Administration gave him a free pass.

    1. How much money was laundered?

    2. Wakakakaka....Still in denial!!!

      U've claimed to be a management course tutor, so u must know the in&out of monetary laundering lah.

      Mulia Group of Indonesia bought the 3.4-acre TRX site in May 2015 for RM665mil, or RM4,490 per sq ft, among the highest land deals in the vicinity.

      The proposed Signature Tower, with a gross development value (GDV) of more than RM3.5bil, will have 92 storeys of column-free floors each averaging 34,000 sq ft, the largest configuration of column-free floor space in the city. It will have a gross floor area of 4 million sq ft and a net lettable area of 2.65 million sq ft.

      Coming to end 2017, the Minister of Finance (MoF) bought a 51% majority stake in the developer of the Exchange 106 (formerly TRX Signature Tower), stands at 492.3m , set to be the tallest building in Southeast Asia and one of the 15 tallest buildings in the world.

      Based on simple proportional calculations, the MOF is now paying RM2.057bil for a 51% stake after just under 2 years!

      Using the original land to development cost ratio of 0.19, that means the MOF is paying RM391mil for that land portion.

      Out of the original 100% RM665mil land cost, Mulia, is now only paying RM346mil for its 49% portion while making a gross paper profit of RM319mil, just on initial land cost, in under 2 years!

      Mulia has been handsomely awarded by coming to the help of 1MDB in its time of 'urgent' need. It makes huge profit out of land deal while still retaining 49% share ownership in a choice development!

      The bolihland taxpayers have been conned & scammed again in helping 1MDB via a convoluted financial acrobats!

      This is money laundering in its highest form where everything appears to be legal & proper, EXCEPT in ethic le!!!

    3. I have no issue with 1MDB's business model. If I am the CEO of 1MDB, I will do likewise.

    4. Of course u WOULD.

      Manna from the coffer of the rakyat w/o lefting a hand!

      It has been meme-ed deep into yr gene, such that whatsoever schemes conceded within 1MDB's business model, ethical &/or scandalous, is NO issue to u!

      Besides, u WILL never be able to come up with such a convoluted & treacherous scam. So how r u going to do likewise le!