Wednesday, January 24, 2018

No need to study medicine if you want to be a politician

Malaysiakini - Dr M: No need to study engineering if you want to sell nasi lemak (extracts):

Dr Mahathir Mohamad today continued his tirade on professionals being "forced" to take up odd jobs such as selling nasi lemak.

The former premier said that if someone really wanted to sell nasi lemak, there was no need to get high qualifications in fields such as engineering.

"Now we see people like engineers not being able to get jobs who are forced to sell nasi lemak.

"If we are spending hundreds of thousands of ringgit to train someone who ends up selling nasi lemak, that is a waste.

"If they really want to sell nasi lemak, then there's no need to make them an engineer," he said in his weekly “Policy Talk”, which was streamed on Facebook live today.

Can we then say that if someone really wanted to be a politician, there was no need for him or her to get high qualifications in fields such as medicine.

That person has wasted his-her parents' and his-her nation's resources in studying for years at a university, and subsequently deprived Malaysians of the availability of a doctor (or two, wakakaka).

What a bloody selfish waste and what a bloody selfish person.

But it's OK for Anwar Ibrahim to be in politics. After all he majored in Malay Studies, right up the alley of his chosen profession, wakakaka.


  1. Nothing wrong with Mahathir stating the obvious.

    It is an indictment of the country's economic performance , and higher education system, not of individuals who are forced to survive working on a trade which basically amounts to a waste of their personal potential.

    Society has spent a substantial amount of resources to educate a professional, it is a loss to society if there is some obstacle preventing them from contributing their skills back to society.

    A person runs for elected office to serve the country - at least that is what it ought to be.

    In the US Congress, many elected officials are highly qualified , and highly successful individuals who actually take a hefty pay cut to serve as an elected official.

  2. kt yr hatred is amazing, like hasan said, this is bad, fortunately u r not reside here.

  3. KT, your rant here does not make sense at all, I'm sorry to say.

  4. I'm just using his own words so why view it as hatred?

    By the way, I do NOT hate anyone - yes, I do dislike some people, wakakaka, but to reiterate I do NOT hate anyone.

    Once I did hate only ONE person, someone who must have hated me because he kept fabricating numerous lies against me (which were damaging to my career and general reputation), but one day he passed away due to illness.

    His death gave me reason to pause and think as my late mother told me never to talk bad about the dead. I then thought why did I waste my time hating someone, anyone.

    But if someone said something bad (which I admit I sometimes have done, wakakaka) he must be prepared to see his own ugly looks in the mirror. What I have provided is just a mirror (this post).

  5. 'do unto others as you wish done unto you'

    Where's yr OWN mirror?

    1. waiting to borrow yours, after you have used it, wakakaka

    2. Wakakakaka.... That's where u HAVE failed miserably!

      For someone who has combed the Abrahamic books in&out..... tsk... tsk..Don't u have learnt something?

      A person's psychic mirror is his/her OWN reflections of his/her deeds. It doesn't concern others!

      If u want to borrow mine, then it either means u have NO shame (no self conscious awareness), or u want to hide to face yr OWN deeds (r u may ke danger with yrs??).

    3. Wakakakaka..Now u want to throw stone?

      What? To crack yr mirror out of shame?

      Do reflect more on my take about yr psychic mirror.

      In 儒釋道 teachings, one only accounts for one's (mis)deeds, which one can reflect through ones inner psychic mirror.

      Can an unmokkauxai banana understands 老祖宗's wisdom ?

      Or u sure is a confused soul!