Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Only DAP member with balls

FA Abdul (I so love her name Fatimah), one of my fave columnists, has the following to say in Malaysiakini in her article Sangeet, you have my absolute respect:

Sangeet Kaur Deo

Two days ago, Sangeet Kaur Deo, daughter of the late DAP chairperson Karpal Singh, gave her personal opinion on Dr Mahathir Mohamad being named the prime ministerial candidate for Pakatan Harapan.

In a Facebook post, Sangeet questioned the leaders of DAP who had always been vocal against abuses of power, but remained silent following Mahathir’s recent apologies without any calls to hold him accountable for wrongdoings during his tenure as prime minister.

Honestly, I take my hat off to Sangeet for having the balls to speak out, although she herself is with DAP.

This is not the first time Sangeet has been vocal about the matter. In December 2016, speaking at the DAP national conference, she had already raised her concerns about DAP’s alliance with Bersatu.

“I strongly urge the leaders of DAP to be very mindful when we choose our allies. Yes, there are no permanent friends, there are no permanent enemies, but there must be permanent principles. And when we choose our allies, we must be sure that their principles are genuinely in line with ours,” she said.

DAP's new flag designed by Lim KS

Priorities versus principles

While unhappy netizens are asking Sangeet to keep her mouth shut on the Mahathir issue and accusing her of seeking 15 minutes of fame, I honestly think she is displaying the remarkable character of a true leader.

While DAP has swept aside their “Malaysia for Malaysians” ideology while making way for their newly-formed friendship with a party which does not recognise anyone but the Malays, Sangeet stands by her principles. I think many leaders who have lost their backbones can learn a thing or two from her.

Sangeet’s statement holds water. And anyone who refutes that is just being hypocritical.

For ages, we have been talking about the need for us to have leaders with values. And today, we ourselves are willing to push those values aside in order to make way for what we claim to be a “priority”.

Honestly, if getting rid of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is more important than adhering to principles and keeping values in check, I do not think bidding farewell to the regime which has been in control of Malaysia for the past six decades is going to do anything much to restore our nation.

Winning the war and marching towards Putrajaya isn’t going to be easy without the support of the majority. I get that. However, rebuilding Malaysia must be done the right way, by the right people, for the right reasons.

I have seen (read) Pakatan people, anyway most of those who are Chinese, abusing Sangeet on the Net, calling her 'brainless', 'bitch', 'she just wants her 15 minutes of fame', 'not her father's daughter', so on so forth.

It makes me wonder whether they are Pakatan people, or just Pakatan people poisoned by toxic politics into using unbelievable vile abusive words and phrases at the daughter of the late hallowed Karpal Singh.

When I joined in some of those dialogues to protest, reminding those commentators that she is the daughter of Karpal Singh, the responses were furiously fast and just furious. Some reminded me that she did not speak for Karpal, while a couple told me Karpal himself was just a glory seeker. But the most insensitive one was a provocation for Sangeet to go ask her father for his views.

FA Abdul has been spot on when she wrote:

For ages, we have been talking about the need for us to have leaders with values. And today, we ourselves are willing to push those values aside in order to make way for what we claim to be a “priority”.

And what is that 'priority'?

To smash UMNO and oust Najib, and Mahathir is just the person to do that, thus Sangeet is 'brainless' to raise concerns over Pakatan's current Moses who will lead them out of the wilderness into Putrajaya.

it's the letter (email) from Agong on sacking Salleh Abas 

We will leave aside for now the question whether Mahathir will destroy UMNO or just destroy Najib but to leave UMNO largely intact.

But the sad Pakatan force at work has been due to the personal push of Lim Kit Siang, namely, to enlist even the Devil (pun not intended, wakakaka) to get into Putrajaya. Lim KS is particularly impatient as the post GE14 term will probably be his last and he wants his political swansong to be a victory over BN.

In doing so by resorting to flabbergasting volte-face belakang-pusing-an to the DAP's political stand, that is, to ally with Mahathir and the racist Pribumi (which FA Abdul mentioned is a party which does not recognise anyone but the Malays) Lim KS has abandoned his nearly half-a-century of steadfast principles, his party's principles, his closed colleague the late Karpal Singh's principles, and every principles that I once respectfully associated him with.

Cina mudah lupa mah 

His endorsement of his erstwhile foe and current political ally has seemingly given a carte blanc imprimatur for Pakatan supporters to excoriate anyone who raises any concerns or objections to his nifty naughty nasty pact with Mahathir.

So toxic is our politics that the abusive words used against Sangeet demonstrate the blind-as-bat biadab-ness, barbarity, savagery and mindlessness of political acolytes.

The same toxic savageries employed against Lee Lam Thye and Michelle Yeoh have disappointed me before, but for those blood-thirsty savages to abuse the daughter of a DAP icon like the late Karpal Singh and for them to even insult the memories of the late Karpal, speak of their gross lack of polite cultivated upbringing, made worse by intoxicating toxic agitations.

Next, they may be going for FA Abdul.

To reiterate FA Abdul's words, it seems we have abandoned the need for us to have leaders with values, because we ourselves are willing to push those values aside in order to make way for what we claim or have been duped into believing is a “priority”.


  1. Why are you jumping up and down like an Ape Kena Belacan on DAP leader's silence on certain leaders activities 20 years ago ?

    You yourself are totally silent
    On certain other leaders execrable activities ranging from 3 years to just last month ?

    1. Exactly...this shameless blogger just simply refuse to admit how deafening his own silence is to all the shenanigans, thuggery, treachery and crimes under the current administration but keep on yelling hypocrisy when the biggest hypocrite is he himself. The more he sings such tune, the more we won't let up in calling him out !

  2. Wakakakaka....without that priority how could we to have leaders with values??

    Blind as bat indeed, while pondering as a bleeding heart on 'priciple'!!

  3. It's a free market out there.

    You can instead support UMNO, Gerakan , MCA, PAS, PCM (wakakaka)

  4. Mahatma Gandhi said there are seven deadly sins that would destroy the world. One of it is "politics without principles".

    Politics without principles is dirty and toxic. Hence, it breeds poisonous politicians who become the devils of toxic politics.

    1. Politics with/without principles??

      What principles!

      As in a sapu-all kleptomaniac regime?

      As in a benevolent dictatorial?

      As in a free for all Westminster power block?

      As in hotel-California type of progressive intertwined with conservative oxymoron zombieic religious doctrines?

      Take yr pick lah!

      Deep down principles r just the set of rules as displayed by the men/women manipulating the political/religious shows lah.

      Principles, good & bad, grow out from years of sieving through circumstantial indulgences.

      W/o self awareness of the highest order, principles r just list of human syiok-sendirism.

      It's people who breed toxic politic/religion.

      Faham tak?

    2. "It's people who breed toxic politic/religion.

      Faham tak?"

      Ya.. sangat faham. People like you.

    3. Don't count itself out le!!

      Whether I'm in yr pack, u can tan ku ku & let the reading community decides lah!

      Wakakakaka....A day dreaming ketuanan zombie!

  5. "....calling her 'brainless', 'bitch', 'she just wants her 15 minutes of fame', 'not her father's daughter', so on so forth."

    I so happened took the trouble to read through all the combined 100 plus comments at Malaysiakini. No doubt as always, some sprinkling of comments will resort to such name calling and abuse which are reprehensible and hardly to be lauded. But it must be pointed out that in the majority, most comments there are free from such ill-mannered abuse. So let's be honest and not give way to exaggeration, which in itself is also another form of abuse ! But I suppose this blogger, who once was thought to be scrupulous and fair, somehow along the way, has been a disappointing let-down. Just pipe down, need to be like a kera kena belacan ( this is another good one to adopt, thanks to Monsterball, hehehe )

    1. did I say it was in Malaysiakini? Don't assume what you wish to assume

    2. Trying to twist again!

      Be a man & admits u have been caught with yr pants REALLY down this time lah.

    3. I think Ktemoc was hanging out in his Sifu's stinking bar called New Malaysia Today....
      their commentators are really odious......
      Who knows whatever anials they are, but Ktemoc has in one step tarred all of them as Pakatan Supporters.

  6. Two cheers for Sangeet! Gutsy and admirable and to the quasi-Mahathiristas, shame on you.

    Yes, we need principled politicians. Power for power's sake merely corrupts us. Pakatan Harapan smells of No Harapan!!

  7. pkr sel oso got balls according to yr, ie kt logic n std, but wouldn u do a aplogise, a specific one, for slandering the azmin faction for so long?