Saturday, January 27, 2018

Uan Ong (Wronged)

Star Online - Accused of stealing handphone, teenager tries to hang herself (extracts):

NIBONG TEBAL: A secondary schoolgirl tried to hang herself at home hours after being accused of stealing her teacher’s handphone.

The student left a note to her parents, saying she did not steal the phone. She also did not want to cause them any more trouble. [...]

Her current condition is said to be critical.

The father, a former cook in his 50s, said a missing handphone could be replaced but “can my daughter’s life be replaced? She is on life support now”.

He said his daughter was brought home by the class teacher and her husband at about 6.15pm.

“They said the theft was captured on CCTV but they could not confirm whether the girl in the footage was my daughter.

“She said she did not steal the phone when I asked her,” he said. [...]

Meanwhile, David Marshel, the president of NGO Malaysian Tamilar Kural said: “We will refer the case to the police as the teacher should not have taken the girl home in her car without parental consent or the consent of the school.

Sad but sometimes such injustice of wrongly blaming an innocent happens, more so when the CCTV could NOT enable the accusers to identify the thief.

Penang Hokkien has a term for such wrong accusation - Uan Ong (wronged).

I had personally experienced a similar case though mine wasn't so serious. As a kid I was once accused of being unnecessarily rowdy at the back of my uncle's neighbour's house. I wasn't the culprit and there were in fact half a dozen other bigger kids around. But for some inexplicable reason the house owner zoomed in on me (perhaps because I was the smallest and easiest to bully, or with the most ugly face, wakakaka). He physically dragged me to my uncle to complain.

Fortunately for me, my uncle knew I was the quietest kid among the group and most unlikely to be noisy. Unc knew it was probably his son, my cousin, who was a bit of a rascal.

But that's the unfairness of the situation where innocents were blamed on the bias of a reckless accuser. Anger indeed makes one reckless.

I am very sad to read about this story where the poor girl took the extreme path. I hope she can recover.


  1. Ktemoc has also Uan Ong people many times before with his Assumption of Guilt attacks.

    1. This is a post to express sadness at a tragedy but trust bad-hearted Monsterball to exploit for his politically motivated interest

    2. Just a reminder for people who live in glass houses not to throw stones.

    3. your disrespect and disregard for that poor girl are disgusting