Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Pakatan's seat allocation - lions & cats

Pakatan Harapan has confirmed its PM-designate as Mahathir, the chairman of Pribumi. I congratulate Tun even though I do not support DAP's endorsement of him.

My stand against him is of course personal and totally insignificant in the general political scheme of Malaysian things, but I am somewhat vindicated by Sangeet Kaur Deo's objection to Mahathir. Sangeet is a DAP member and the daughter of the late Karpal Singh.

I have written a letter to Malaysiakini titled The about-turn on Dr M is an ending fit for a Tamil movie, published yesterday. It's about my views on Pakatan's selection of Mahathir as its PM-designate, which as mentioned, I had criticised and still will criticise as DAP's folly a la 1999.

The letter attracted an severely adverse comment from a reader who goes by the nick of
Anonymous 2405191458063842 but who, I suspect, is none other than Monsterball, a visitor to my blog and who is known for, among many other things, his pro Zionism (thus anti Palestine), pro USA, pro capital punishment advocacy (in favour of death penalties), thus whose Weltanschauung (views of the World) is in complete opposition to mine.

Monsterball makes extraordinary strenuous efforts to defend his idol Mahathir and disparage me

he must be terrified of my letter to Malaysiakini that he took the trouble to place his acerbic comment there and then unashamedly came her to say there were people like-minded to him at Malaysiakini, wakakaka

I am thus, among many other things, anti modern Zionism (thus pro Palestine), anti modern Zionism in the USA, and anti capital punishment (because it's not for human beings to kill another human being on the pretext of state sanctioned murder).

To correct a misconception (or fake information as usually propounded by Monsterball, wakakaka), anti modern Zionism does not mean anti Jew and similarly anti modern Zionism in the USA does not mean I'm anti American, as no doubt Monsterball will endeavour with great efforts to show you, wakakaka.

Yes, note my qualification of being anti 'modern' Zionism, and not anti Zionism.

Zionism is the nationalist movement to create a homeland for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel which I personally have no problem with, but 'modern' Zionism is an aggressive Israeli strategy to illegally grab Palestinian land, chiefly through military occupancy and deliberate Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, to build a Greater Israel, with no consideration nor intention to respect the UN-approved Palestine and its United Nation Security Council 242 and 2334.

By the by, the former, UNSC 242, states that the fulfillment of Charter principles requires the establishment of a just and lasting peace in the Middle East which should include the application of both the following principles:

(i) Withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict;

(ii) Termination of all claims or states of belligerency and respect for and acknowledgment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every State in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force."

The latter, UNSC Resolution 2334. states that Israel's settlement activity constitutes a "flagrant violation" of international law and has "no legal validity". It demands that Israel stop such activity and fulfill its obligations as an occupying power under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Anyway, back to our principal topic in this post - Pribumi by its name alone shows its racist credentials.

Presumably by this ethnic-exclusive credentials and its alleged anti-Chinese chairman, Mahathir, the new party Pribumi is Pakatan's hope to penetrate the hitherto-unbreachable UMNO stronghold known as the Malay Heartland. Not even PAS has thus far won any significant bloc of votes there but Pakatan hopes that its new found toy can.

As part of the Pakatan Harapan's recent negotiations on seat allocation, the 4 component parties were distributed with the following number of seats (only in Peninsular as Sabah and Sarawak have local conditions - for example, UMNO cannot contest in Sarawak):

Pribumi - 52

PKR - 51

DAP - 35

Amanah - 27

As the new kid (but a racist label) on the block, and with a 93-year old former PM and former UMNO president, Pribumi grabs the most number of Peninsular federal seats.


I wonder whether that has been an acknowledgement by Pakatan of the virtual indispensability of Mahathir? Or, does Pribumi just have bigger biceps (koon t'au boe)?

Wakakaka, though I have to admit Syed Saddiq of Pribumi has the biggest mouth this side of Pakatan, while Tan Keng Liang is his opposition in Gerakan-BN, wakakaka again.

two 'giants' in the verbosity departments of their respective parties, wakakaka

PKR may appear to have 1 seat less than Pribumi but overall, with its East Malaysian allocations (or self-grab, wakakaka) it will be the Pakatan component party with the largest seat allocation. Just to remind everyone, PKR has fared poorly in 2013, in contrast to the DAP and former ally-now enemy, PAS. Perhaps there is merit in losing rather than winning when it comes to the subsequent seat allocation exercise, wakakaka.

But PKR still dreams of being the primus inter pares in Pakatan, which it tried twice to do in the Sarawak state elections but left with its tail behind its hind legs. Thus it will always merajuk and kick its legs in the air while lying on the floor, wakakaka, until it gets the most number of seats.

if you're dap, watch for for pkr, wakakaka 

The DAP contested 36 seats in 2013 and has consistently remained as the best Pakatan performer but now has to be satisfied with 35. Hmmm, is this a fitting reward for a good performer?

'Tis one of the consequences of having a new and very hungry Pribumi newcomer in the Pakatan coalition, apart from dealing with an avaricious PKR.

Nonetheless, I suspect and expect the DAP to once again emerge from GE14 with the most number of federal and state seats won among Pakatan parties, as it did so in 2008 and 2013, wakakaka.

Amanah as a new party too but unlike Pribumi, has obtained 27 seats, just 8 seats behind the DAP. It may also contest in a DAP seat Ayer Hitam but under a DAP banner.

During the Pakatan negotiations Amanah (Khalid Samad) proposed an equal split four ways, with 25% each plus or minus 5%. But alas, with ketuanan Pribumi and ketuanan PKR there, the dice had no choice but to roll towards Pribumi and merajuk-ish PKR. Thus the two ketuanan parties in Pakatan received the lion's share.

While a significant faction of PKR is still pissed off with the designation of Mahathir as its anointed PM-candidate, and from rumours continues to be still pissed off with the man who was the ugly cause of PKR coming into a stepchild' existence in 1998, the Amanah crowd has also been equally stressed out.

Coming out last in the seat allocation and minus several seats in Johor, but chiefly with zero dividend in the Federal Territory because it has to give up Titiwangsa, it's rumoured that Federal Territories Amanah chief Dr Mohamad Hatta Ramli has resigned, either from frustration or anger, but the rumour has still to be confirmed.

FT Amanah chairman Hatta Ramli accused Umno minister Noh Omar of showing off his ministerial power by calling off local government projects in areas not under BN.

Describing the move as being grossly unjust, he said the action of the urban wellbeing, housing and local government minister in flexing his muscles would serve to help voters make up their minds on who to vote for in the 14th general election.

But all is not well in the aftermath of Pakatan's negotiations with some in PKR and Amanah and even a few in DAP very unhappy. The only happy party is Pribumi, who obtained most of the goodies.

standing under a pribumi logo? wakakaka 


  1. Wakakakaka.....When did u discover 'modern' as in modern Zionism?

    Please toy back to yr past articles about Israel/Palestine conflict. Had u ever qualified anything Isreal/Zionism approaches as anything 'modern'?

    Now, u have discovered that u r trapped within yr past illogical & one-eyed jack understandings of that cursed-land legacies, u putih2 come out with a MODERN twist!

    Well done, wordsmith.

  2. 1st, Pribumi by its name alone shows its racist credentials. So r umno, mca & mic. Ada complaints dulu ke?

    Pribumi grabs the most number (52) of Peninsular federal seats. So what!

    Superficial numeric doesn't necessarily turn into sure win. Besides, by investigating deeper into, one will discover that in majority of these seats other PH members will have zilch chance of winning.

    With mamak as the flag carrier, pribumi at least has a fighting chance in enticing the blur-sotongs to vote for its candidates.

    DAP's 35 is the uppermost sure win seats, ± 2 or 3 surprices. His chance of winning more seats lies, perhaps in the ge16, when there r more liberal blur-sotongs around. Otherwise, unnecessary of canvassing for election seats is a pure waste of fund that DAP doesn't have!

    Amanah has to seriously thinking about merging with DAP for any of its future political relevancy. Besides, its closed link with DAP has already casted in stone within the mindsets of the blur-sotongs. Nothing will change that line of thought, so might as well do it to please the liberal Melayu, who r consciously seeking for viable Melayu candidates in DAP leadership.

    PKR is an umno clone, true & true. The hyenna packs will show their colour once the dinner is set. Better let them sort themselves out right & proper for its evolving schemings. Whatsoever forms, nothing good will come out. In fact, it has many potential kataks waiting for the best offer that umno can provide. Just wait & see lah in the namesake of alifbata!

  3. People who are on borderline lunacy tend to be frightened by ghosts and spectres.

    Anonymous 2405191458063842 wrote very well... but sadly , is not me.

  4. Anonymous 2405191458063842 wrote the truth..
    why is Ktemoc so frightened of the truth?

  5. The multiple commentators against Ktemoc's letter are highly damaging..

  6. My guess is that BN will win again in GE14, with Pribumi coming in and Dr.M being proposed at PM. UMNO and EC will also look into that. We have to live with that fact; and keep hoping that GE15 will be a bit better for next generation of younger voters. A DAP/Amanah merger is what I hope for in the years to come; or both will have to close shop in about 15 - 20 years time.

  7. There is a 100% chance that BN will win GE 14.
    The great challenge will be to reduce its majority and secure existing NON-BN States or even increase

  8. http://www.straitstimes.com/opinion/pas-has-a-promising-future-even-if-it-is-thrashed-at-polls

    BN shall win this GE14.. Aamiin.