Friday, January 05, 2018

More of the Same Mahathirism

From Malaysiakini, Dr Kua Kia Soong says (extracts ONLY):

The so-called leader of the opposition knows of Mahathir's scandals more than anyone else in this country, yet ...

Mahathir can be seen as the
'father of crony capitalism' in Malaysia.

According to social scientist Barry Wain, Mahathir squandered close to RM100 billion during his reign as prime minister. The leader of the opposition knows of these scandals more than anyone else in this country – during the 80s, he called Mahathir’s privatisation of our national assets, “piratisation”!

Siapa lanun? 

This is not to mention the billions lost through the Proton fiasco and its costs to the environment and the failure of the public transport system in the country.

And don’t forget the RM5 billion arms deal that Mahathir signed with Margaret Thatcher in 1988 which also led to allegations of “commissions” paid to Umno which led to the “Arms for Aid” and “Buy British Last” furore in 1994.

Bakun - another mega Mahathir scheme 

Actually, if I had to say what was the worst thing that Mahathir did during his term in office, I would say it was the forced displacement of 10,000 indigenous peoples from 15 different ethnic communities from their Bakun ancestral lands. It was a wicked thing to do at a time when the Bakun dam project had been suspended as a result of the financial crisis in 1998.

Then there were the hundreds of plantation communities and urban settlers displaced through Mahathir’s privatisation policies. These have been thoroughly documented through the years in Suaram’s publications including our annual Human Rights Reports.

GE14 about real reforms

Opportunism in its crudest form can be seen when politicians target an individual and not the political regime and political-economic system that oppresses, divides and exploits the people.

This so-called “Save Malaysia” campaign to only expel Najib but maintain the rule of the same racist and exploitative dominant party is nothing short of pure opportunism.

both started by the same godfather 

Does Mahathir’s “pribumi” (indigenous) party intend to cleanse Malaysia from the racism and racial discrimination that we have suffered from since 1971?

Aren't these revelations by Dr Kua food for your thoughts, my dear goofy gullible guppies?



  1. according to kt, either najib or Maddy, we are fooked kau kau one way or the other..that much we all agree no? that takes us to the next question, would you rather have MCA, gerakan, mic and now the covert pas as your backup boys cum yes men in the same gomen or would you fancy dap, amanah and pkr as your partners in a refreshing new gomen...the dynamics are totally different...this gullible guppy would rather take a chance on no nonsense dap affecting change and reforms

    1. mate you are wrong, I did NOT say either Najib or Mahathri - I'm just against Mahathir. As a life time supporter of the DAP I support the DAP but that does not mean I automatically accept the racist Pribumi and its anti Chinese Chairman Mahathir.

      I cannot ever support Pribumi and UMNO (and thus BN component parties) but I am OK with DAP, Amanah and with some reservations, PKR, wakakaka.

    2. If u r true to yr word-play of 'cannot ever support pribumi & umno etc' then what's yr moral takes?

      How to deconstruct, pulverize & then eliminate the legacy of Malaysia from the racism and racial discrimination that we have suffered from since 1971?

      Hentam kau2 the mamak while giving unquestionable support to pinklips?

      (u r obviously NOT against the current widespread of sopo pestilence reinforced by pinklips!)

      From whatsoever messages u have propagated so far, u ONLY want to condemn the past not to punish the present!

      The glaring udang hiding behind the transparent batu has no shield & yet still keeps championing the shameless kleptomaniac.

      Don't u realise that pinklips & mamak r one the same - a product of that bigoted hegemonic umno.

      The ONLY way to do what u have been chanting spuriously about freeing M'sia from racism is to get mamak to fight with pinklips. Period.

      The end result will be the depletion of years of accumulated resources (moorla subjugated from the nation's coffer) from both camps. W/o the moorla the associated hyena packs would disintegrated.

      W/o these hyena packs, comprised mainly of heartland blur-sotongs, semua sapu-ed ketuanan freaks & aljannah dreaming zombies, who r the backbone of pribumi/umno, the chance of what u have been yetta superficially about freeing from racism can then only resurface.

      Digging up mamak's past misdeeds r so yesterday.

      Just like yr mom sifu deep in reminiscent mode about his blue blood dream, bcoz in Manchester nobody cares about his useless hereditary linkage!

      Make this yr 2018 resolution lah!

    3. I've already stated unequivocally I will not support UMNO. Please show me where I have been (in your words) "giving unquestionable support to pinklips? Otherwise stop slandering me, wakakaka

    4. 'according to kt, either najib or Maddy, we are fooked kau kau one way or the other..' - mucking fuddled

      'mate you are wrong, I did NOT say either Najib or Mahathri - I'm just against Mahathir.' - KTemoc

      Bolih baca satu kali kan?

      Nobody is slandering a clothless pinklips ampu-ee!

    5. you are, wakakaka, as usual without evidence whatsoever - just syiok sendiri suspicions i.a.w your reckless nature.

    6. Without evidence?? Whatsoever!!

      To u, what I have shown ain't no good enough but syiok sendiri suspicious...Sigh...Ain't yr postulations about mamak's future acts a humongous syiok sendiri conjecture?

      Keep playing emperor w/o cloth lah while wakakaking in pain let.

  2. And I'm dead set against Najib.

    Between a crime in progress and crimes 20 years ago, priority must go to stop a crime in progress.

  3. Boss u r in an anti madey spree heheh

    1. read what Dr Kua say about Maddy manipulating the judiciary sacking, ops lalang etc just to stay in power in umno - what an evil man

    2. read what the rakyat say about pinklip manipulating the judiciary, the MACC, the EC, the Finance Ministry, and his black hands in FGV/Felda, IMDB and SRC, Tabung Haji, KWCP, and his descend into a theocratic fling with Hadi-Sekarang-Ada-Wang - what an evil man