Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Confrontational diplomacy and barbed rhetoric?

Many Pakatan supporters will naturally vote for Pakatan candidates. But that's not all - they very much HATE Najib too, wakakaka.

gonna get that bloody brat  for pawning away my Proton, not re-commencing my crooked bridge & selling off KTM land in the lil' red-dot

In Malaysia there's no moderation, tolerance or civility in politics a la George Bush's "you're either with us, or against us". Kill and kill kaukau, wakakaka.

Today the Star Online reported
Najib: No more 'confrontational diplomacy' with Singapore in which Najib said Malaysia does not want to return to "confrontational diplomacy and barbed rhetoric" when conducting bilateral relations with Singapore.

Hmmm, I wonder what Najib meant by not returning to "confrontational diplomacy and barbed rhetoric"? 


OK, I suspect one of you, wakakaka again, will now hate Najib even more for daring to be pally buddy with the Singaporeans, with a likely probability of even tearing what little hair you may have left on your head.



  1. Sing probably has Terrabytes of financial transaction data and intelligence on corrupt 1MDB transctions.
    So far they have only charged and sentenced individuals who committed crimes on Singapore soil.
    The transactions data and Intelligence is bound to lead straight to Malaysian Official 1's desk as well as personal bank account.

    It is a minor step to Leak those to the world press if they so choose.
    Great leverage to ensure Malaysian Official 1 will behave as cute as a puppy towards Singapore.
    No more confrontational diplomacy of course.

    Don't get me wrong...I love Singapore....

    Majulah Singapura...

  2. We are neighbours, so we must be friendly lah. But we must continue to go separate ways.

    With over 4.0 million Chinese and 89 Parliamentary seats in Singapore, "IF" plus DAP 35 seats in Malaysia, a total of 124 seats, whoa, I am sure the Chinese will create havoc for the Malays. I guess, there will be frequent riots everywhere. Indeed, Tunku had made the right decision.

  3. Wakakakaka.....

    '.. sure the Chinese will create havoc for the Malays. I guess, there will be frequent riots everywhere.'

    Chinese creates havoc for the Malays?

    How about the zombies, the ketuanan freaks & the blur-sotongs keep looking over their shoulder for an imaginary threat, initiated by the ingrained inferiority complex & thus go into amok mode!


    1. "There had been several incidents of racial conflict between Malays and Chinese before the 1969 riots. For example, in Penang, hostility between the races turned into violence during the centenary celebration of George Town in 1957 which resulted in several days of fighting and a number of deaths,[4] and there were further disturbances in 1959 and 1964, as well as a riot in 1967 which originated as a protest against currency devaluation but turned into racial killings.[5][6] In Singapore, the antagonism between the races led to the 1964 Race Riots which contributed to the separation of Singapore from Malaysia on 9 August 1965." ~ Wikipedia

    2. U forget to list the causality of these 'incidents' le!

      Tsk...Tsk...Sigh...Going round the loop of ketuanan!

  4. British Dictionary definitions for amok Expand
    /əˈmʌk; əˈmɒk/
    a state of murderous frenzy, originally observed among Malays
    run amok, to run about with or as if with a frenzied desire to kill
    Word Origin
    C17: from Malay amoq furious assault

    1. Do you know that LKY demanded to Tunku there should be two Prime Ministers for Malaysia i.e. Tunku and LKY?

    2. LKY did not demand two Prime Ministers for Malaysia.
      LKY considered the formation of Malaysia at the time as Singapore merging in as an equal partner, not become just another state in Malaysia.
      LKY was already de Jure Prime Minister of Singapore.
      The whole relationship was very complicated and difficult, in the end it was not surprising that it could not work.

    3. I read this sometime ago; the interview between Tunku and Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad (Tun Razak's private secretary). But your version is what was written by Noordin Sopiee. Tunku told Abdullah Ahmad (twice or thrice when Abdullah Ahmad asked to think again) that LKY demanded to have two prime ministers, when Tunku was at Cameron Highland. LKY had followed Tunku to Cameron Highland.

    4. Singapore today has a per capita GDP about equal to the USA, driven primarily by human capital based on meritocracy.

      Malaysia is still a 3rd World country drowning in Ketuanan politics and Kleptocracy.

    5. For a cunning political fox like LKY to demand a scheme of TWO PMships for a united M'sia??

      Either senior Lee was senile or someone was deliberately twisting words (Tunku or aa)!

    6. So, Monsterball.. the demand for two Prime Ministers justified???

    7. Singapore made the right decision to develop separately from Malaysia.
      Who knows what the real story is about the 2 Prime Ministers demand or otherwise. The protagonists are all dead.

    8. Prior to formation of Malaysia LKY and Tunku were both PM of their respective countries. LKY wanted to retain the title PM after the formation but Tunku said no because in a nation there could only be one PM. Before the matter could be laid to rest Tunku kicked Singapore out. So LKY remained as PM of Singapore, wakakaka