Sunday, January 28, 2018

Another misquote landed Mukhriz in brief grief

Malaysiakini - Mukhriz proud to be M’sian, but ashamed at state of the country (extracts):

I wonder whether Mukhriz Mahathir could be equated to the political sin or faux pas of Nurul Izzah, an offspring of a larger-than-life iconic father, but who had been accused of walking with a heavy humongous foot which he puts into his own mouth, or so as he claimed he was wrongly quoted.

Nurul had in 2015 took a cheeky chummy cosy photo together with Jacel Kiram - the daughter of the man who reportedly ordered 200 of his men to invade Sabah in 2013 with an aim to take over Lahad Datu.

In that Pinoy incursion the Filipino bandit-terrorists killed and barbarously mutilated several of our policemen.

She was astonishingly stupid to be lulled into that photo-ops with a state enemy, which was a reflection of her political inexperience and in some ways, naivety.

Mukhriz had earlier this week been reported as saying he's ashamed of being a Malaysian, but has retorted he had been misquoted.

It seems Sinar Harian misquoted Mukhriz in a report, saying that the former Kedah MB was ashamed to reveal his nationality to foreigners, telling them that he was from Brunei instead.

The newspaper later amended the story, after Mukhriz’s aide said he meant that Malaysians in general are ashamed of the country’s tainted image, but only in Mukhriz's opinion.

But Mukhriz needs to be vigilant against such misquoting - it's a norm in dirty politics, wakakaka.


  1. Yes, I too am proud to be a Malaysian, but ashamed at the situation in the country.

    Malaysia was a well known and respected up-and-coming Tiger economy when I started dealing with overseas business clients 27 years ago.

    Nowadays they still respect the integrity with which I have always dealt with dealt with them.
    The country ? , not so much. There's always an obvious snickering in the background...Your Prime Minister, that Big Time Crook ?

  2. “He (Mukhriz) gets Petronas contracts by the billions. What else is there to be angry about in Malaysia?”