Friday, January 19, 2018

T'aam Sim (Tamak sangat)

From Malaysiakini (extracts on stalled Pakatan seat negotiations in Selangor):

It was reported by The Malaysian Insight which quoted sources that at least four PAS' representatives in Selangor may cross over to Harapan.

Their move, however, is being actively blocked by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang which resulted in the Selangor government terminating Selangor PAS lawmakers' allocation last year.

Another highly-placed source said Azmin, who is Selangor menteri besar. should have been the one to call for the seat negotiations meeting.

"There were only two meetings held in September and October last year. And how about the other states? Well, they have meetings on a weekly or biweekly basis," said the source.

"He (Azmin) chose to rope in this faction of PAS because they listened to him," said the source.

He claimed that Bersatu, Amanah and DAP, which had discussed the Selangor seat allocation among themselves, have made progress during their informal talks.

Meanwhile, Abdul Rashid said Selangor Harapan's initial agreement was to give the12 Umno seats to Bersatu to contest while the state seats won by PAS would be contested by Amanah.

"On the seats held by PAS, Amanah agreed that Bersatu would be given some seats to contest. There is no problem between us. But PKR wants to take some of the PAS seats and Umno seats as well," he said.

He said PKR wanted to contest the Umno-held seats as it claimed Bersatu had 'no strength' in Selangor.

"Well, we have almost 20,000 members in Selangor. We have enough to mobilise the election campaign too," said Abdul Rashid.

When contacted, Selangor DAP chief Tony Pua confirmed the Selangor seat negotiations have yet to begin.

PKR has always shown its greedy nature, which it demonstrated disgustingly in two consecutive Sarawak state elections. It grabbed humongous number of state seats in the Sarawak state elections, and in the second one even reneged on a deal with DAP and sabotaged the Rocket Party, but still ended up winning less than the DAP.

That's its sore point, being always second to the DAP.

Federally, it now has the most number of seats allocated amongst Pakatan members, with 51 in Peninsular (Pribumi 52) and several others in Sabah and Sarawak (Pribumi 0).

It wants desperately to be primus inter pares or 'first among equals', as UMNO has always been in Perikatan and Barisan Nasional. PKR being a clone of UMNO still carries that ketuanan DNA.

But fate, nasib, kismet, karma ensure it remains second to the DAP, wakakaka. Even in Selangor it has less seats than both PAS and DAP, yet it merajuk until it gets the B position.

While Azmin Ali has great potential in becoming Pakatan PM-designate he, unlike Anwar Ibrahim, lacks the big picture vision, often descending into the Machiavellian gutter to be calculative and very mean.

Now, he's encouraging Selangor PAS ADUN to froggy-jump over to PKR. Thus he refuses to countenance the agreed allocation of all PAS-contested seats in the state to Amanah and UMNO-contested seats to Pribumi. If he has his ways he will sapu DAP blue ribbon seats as well, wakakaka.

Cina kata: T'aam Sim (Tamak sangat).


  1. PKR is a fucked up political party.It's leaders are all bums.As always greedy for more seats.What is the point of fielding so many candidates,if it cannot win due to not having enough resources as volunteers,party workers and of course,"MONEY".These fuckups will ensure that Umno/BN win in the seats that PKR loses,and retain state and federal governments.

  2. bersatu wan more u r not happy, pkr wan more u oso not happy. pretty obvious yr heart is with umno.