Thursday, January 18, 2018

Malaysian faces Islamisation danger

TMI - Islamisation will tear Malaysia apart, says Marina Mahathir (extracts):

Malaysia is on a slippery slope if the nation carries on with its Islamisation agenda, which will not only divide society, but also promote violence, said Marina Mahathir.

Citing a recent example of a man slapping a Muslim woman for not wearing a headscarf in public, the socio-political activist said Islamisation is not going to be positive or healthy for the nation.

“What could possibly have given the man the idea that he is entitled to harangue and slap a Muslim woman for not wearing a tudung as happened recently in Penang,” she said at a book launch at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall last night.

The footage of a man slapping a woman for allegedly not wearing a headscarf some two weeks ago went viral on social media.

The man had singled out one of the women seated at a bus stop believed to be in Penang and questioned her about her religion and the way she was dressed. He then slapped the woman in the face.

Touching on the book she launched last night, Illusions of Democracy, Marina said the publication provided “empirical back-up” to her stand on the Islamisation of Malaysia because “it is another form of colonisation, a concept that has never been known to being non-violent”.

“Whether it is the growing numbers of modest fashion of family cosmetics to the denunciation of any friendly overture to people of other faiths, to the demonisation of anyone that does not fit into one’s official interpretation of Islam, all of these have proven not only to be divisive in our society but has led to inevitable violence,” she said.

She also commented on a statement by “a former educator” who said minorities should not be given scholarships, and also questioned “a political party leader” for suggesting a Muslim-only cabinet.

At the Rise of the ummah convention recently, Raof Husin, a former education officer said Putrajaya was constitutionally bound to limit study aids to Bumiputeras.

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang said last year only Muslims will occupy decision-making roles in the Islamist party’s cabinet.

“If you didn’t know better, wouldn’t you think that Isis (Islamic State) had said these things?

“And yet in our enthusiasm to fight terrorism in this country, some people become confused,” Marina said.

Just a wee explanation before I start my discussion on Marina Mahathir. The term 'Islamisation' does NOT meant the religion Islam per se. Wikipedia tells us that 'In contemporary usage, it may refer to the perceived imposition of an Islamist social and political system on a society with an indigenously different social and political background.'

In other words, it's akin to PAS' intention to go full compliance with syariah laws (meaning the abolishing of the civil courts and thus civil laws) and the Arabisation of Malays.

I have always considered Marina as my blogging friend, much as I have criticised her father - I wonder whether she still considers me as a friend?

I have admired her since the days of her incredible work and leadership in the Malaysian AID Foundation. By the way, she was awarded UN Person of The Year in 2010 for her volunteer work in combating HIV/AIDS.

She's wonderful, compassionate and caring, quite unlike her dad who she loves very much, and for which she has my utmost admiration as a fine example of a filial Asian child.

She should be made Pakatan's PM-designate, not her dad.

Dirgahayu Marina Mahathir.


  1. Nothing personal, I suppose...

    Your feral attacks on her father are just part of earning a lucrative side-income hard feelings...

    1. Aren't you earning a lucrative side income by defending Maddy and disrupting or discrediting anything against him?

    2. To be fair, Monsterball did not write anything describing the heroic deeds of Tun nor him being a benevolent despot. All he said were why only concentrating and kept refreshing and highlighting him as if he is THE ONLY ONE guilty (which happened to be in the past) but conspicuously ignoring the CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER?

      In the context of your heroine Ambiga recent article, you opined exactly the opposite of hers, e.g. on Sangeet Kaur Deo. You are right and she is wrong?!? Wakakakaka .......

    3. sometimes we disagree, for example I once disagreed with my hero the late Karpal Singh who strangely and bizarrely wanted the death sentence for an Indian bus sekolah driver who stopped his bus by the roadside to rape a primary school girl in his bus right in front of her mates - looked like the bus driver ta'bolih tahan liao. Anyway I'm against capital punishment and so was Karpal, but in that incident I think my hero was so incensed he called for the death sentence for the bus driver

  2. The slapping incident is not in Malaysia.

    1. Orang gila. Mana boleh sepak sepak orang. Itu bukan ajaran Islam tetapi ajaran setan.

  3. there is great possibilities marina religion worldview is/was shaped by her dad.

  4. Arabisation of Malays? One should not confuse the real Islam with the Arabs. If you said Arabisation then it should include the celebrated Arabian Nights.

    What makes one a Muslim? It is the Qur'an and Prophet Muhammad, not the Arabs. The issue is, if Christianity can be secularised, then why can't THEY secularise Islam?

    BTW 25 seats in UK Parliament are reserved for Bishops (Lords Spiritual).

    1. Well...I'm said to be anti-Arab ...

      UK today is in practice a secular state, but formally, the Church of England is still the official religion, with the Queen as its head.

      Therefore, the representatives of the Church of England still sit in the House of Lords.

      In practice, the Lords Spiritual have hardly ever taken a stand on any legislation brought to the House Of Lords.

      UK is an unusually gentlemanly country where such unwritten conventions still work.

  5. Wakakakaka.?.closed both eyes...denial & denial, by lying to the teeth!

    Look around amongst the zombies lah.

    What happened to the baju kebaya? Too sexy despite of eons of having occupied the Malay womenfolk's wardrobe?

    Why all the Arabian phrases instead of the Melayu tulin greetings? BM jatuh standard ke?

    Search deeper into the Quran lah to find out how many of the so called Islamic celebrations r actually Arabian tribalistic rituals!

    Man made sunnah & hadith DON'T count due to their humanistic inputs & Arabic infusions.

    Wakakakaka....secularise Islam?

    Over the petrified bodies of the zombies all over the ummat le.

    Perhaps, that's how progressiveness CAN works with conservativeness!!

    Wakakakaka....(running out of breath from laughing so intense)..

    What so special about that 25 seats in UK Parliament reserved for Bishops (Lords Spiritual)?

    Arabisation, tak cukup! Tambah lah Anglicization for completeness.

    Mmm…mm..Maybe there is a common connection here for the Abrahamic influences.