Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Unwanted: RM30 million? Unused: RM50 million

This is rather intriguing!

Six years ago Koon Yew Yin, a multimillionaire (and a developer) wanted to donate RM30 million to build a hostel adjacent to Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) in Kampar, Perak.

Koon Yew Yin

But for some inexplicable reasons (none were offered by MCA or UTAR), his humongously generous offer was turned down by UTAR, a MCA run university.

As I mentioned I am indeed intrigued as to why the MCA or UTAR would decline a RM30 million offer to build accommodations for students at UTAR.

UTAR Kampar 

So Koon decided that if UTARA did not want the money, he would donated RM50 million to the Penang government to build a students’ hostel in Gelugor.

The Penang state government matched Koon by giving a 1.5 acre piece of land diagonally opposite USM for the proposed students' hostel. The necessary building approvals were obtained and an open tender was called to do the piling work. That was three years ago.

Today, alas, the land is now the subject of a legal battle, thus the hostel is just on blueprint.

A frustrated Koon (for the second time) said:

“As the piling contractor was about to start piling, former Butterworth MCA leader Tan Swee Heng claimed that he had the right to own the land."

“The lawyers from both sides had been exchanging letters for almost a year. Finally, the case will go for arbitration in February 2018."

“No one can predict the conclusion of the arbitration and its final decision.” 

Koon said that the current land imbroglio in Penang reminded him of the UTAR episode six years ago, where the owners, the MCA, had similarly prevented him from building a hostel.

Koon lamented: “In spite of the fact that I clearly stated that I did not want any profit derived from my donation, the MCA leaders rejected my offer.”

Is there something we do not know?

Is MCA boycotting his generous offer for some unknown but good reason?

Can anyone help explain?


  1. The Sungai Dua land opposite USM is a piece of State Land that MCA had been squatting on for some 40 years.

    The building which stood there was the Sungai Dua MCA branch.

    As usual under Barisan , there was no boundary between the Government as an entity and BN the political party.
    Now MCA claims that somewhere in the past, the land title was transferred to them.

    Should be a straightforward exercise to determine the true story, based on Land Office records.

    1. the Penang construction has been held up for 3 years

  2. MCA is a fucked up party,full of corrupted people.The RM30 million for the Kangar campus was rejected,because the MCA cronies have invested heavily on rental properties.These fuckers were raking in money every month from the UTAR students.To have hostels built would be like having their cash cows slaughtered.

    The Penang hostel,I do not knowMaybe it is for the same reasons too.By the way who the fuck this bastard Tan Swee Heng thinks he is.He thinks he has the rights to state land too,like the Umno Malays.Maybe if he sucks Donald Trump's tiny prick instead of Stormy Daniels,he might have a chance of getting his filty hands on the title deeds.

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