Wednesday, January 31, 2018

#UndiRosak explained in 10 steps

Lord President of Judiciary Tun Saleh Abas sacked! 

5 High Court judges sacked! 

Ops Lalang - 106 people incarcerated under ISA and 4 Malaysian newspapers banned 

Once he ranted, raved and railed against Mahathir for above, but not anymore today


  1. no worry, dap holy water can do the cleansing, they successfully did that to razaleigh, anwar, pas n no diff with mahathir, y the stupid only wake up now? must be eating too much dedak.

    1. No way la HY.. DAP holy water cannot prevent the tsunami of UndiRosak that will drown the opposition.

    2. The cheering by UMNO supporters ought to alert the #UndiRosak mob that this only serves to benefit UMNO.

      But they are likely #OtakRosak

  2. Ouiiii..apa salah tu kalau one employs the strategy of

    'Fighting one bastard with another bastard' !

    The end result WOULD be much 'apprehensive' since both bastards have the same umno DNA - thus know each other's politikus manoeuvrability.

    Unless, the young one is kiasi - even with his ill-gotten - moorla spreading around to buy supports. Bcoz the old fox is much cunning & manipulative.

    Finally, CHANGES can only come when the umno-packed regime is exterminated.

    Hence, the cost of using mamak!

    Think about it #otakrosak aka #undirosak.

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