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Indians still neglected in Pakatan states?

MM Online - Is PH the best choice to reverse the fortunes of the Indian community? — Raghavan Nair (extracts):

Bloke is undeniably either a BN-ite or pro-BN-ite. He lambasted Pakatan whilst praising Najib sky high on matters relating to the poor Indians. Yes sir, we aren't talking about Ananda Krishnan or Tony Fernandez, wakakaka, but poor marginalised Indians.

But to be fair to him, politically biased as he might have been, he has made a few points worth discussing.

He wrote (edited slightly for manageable length rather than the meaning of the contents):

Over the last few decades, the changes chiefly brought about the exodus of Malaysian Indian Communities from estates have clearly manifested into the many challenges faced by Malaysian Indian families across the country. 

Recently, Klang MP Charles Santiago told off Najib, saying that it was too late to help the Indians. Even MP Sivarasa, voiced his displeasure for all Government initiatives for the Indian Community. Playing peekaboo, reminding people of his existence as the election nears.

Charles Santiago

If truth were told, it is within PH controlled states, Penang and Selangor comprises a large chunk of semi-urban areas where Indians have migrated after being displaced from the estates in the hopes of better job opportunities.

In past elections, PH won comfortably by riding on these poor Indian hopes of a better future under a new Government. Indians wholeheartedly placed their trust on the ballot boxes thinking of a change in fortune under the leadership of Pakatan Harapan.

Disappointingly, 2 terms have passed, 10 years since PH took over and the landscape remains the same. Their lives remains in the ruin, struggling to meet ends meet since their displacement from the estates, living in dilapidated housing schemes leading to high crime and societal ills.

Yet they keep jumping on BN, while flinching from their own responsibilities. If that was true, what justice have you played to your role in your own area? 

Now, the opposition repeats the same charade of hope, but this time promising the people that justice can be served, with their election manifesto, ONLY IF they conquered Putrajaya. How remarkable, perhaps they’ll have to conquer the moon next.

AS mentioned, while I agree with some of his points, I do not agree that Pakatan could have done much without federal funds.

Yes, the State Governments of Penang and Selangor could have given land for poor Indians to build houses but there is a limit they can do without impinging into their state limited budget (especially for poorer Penang) and overall management.

Additionally, land in Penang is limited hence we witnessed the recent brouhaha over the DAP-led government reclaiming land, thus again without federal financial input, the Penang state government, while doing quite a fair bit, has naturally failed to satisfy Indians COMPLETELY.

In Penang, I noted that DCM II, Dr Ramasamy, has done lots for Indians though I am unable to ascertain how much.

Interestingly, I picked up some background information from Raghavan Nair's rant, when he wrote:

In 1999, they were displaced along with their families (approximately 400 Indian families) to make way for the development of Putrajaya after the government under former Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad, acquired these estates. How about Kg Buah Pala or even Jinjang Utara residence who received their keys to their new homes in brand new PPR Sri Aman.

Poor construction in above last sentence but we'll come to part of it shortly.

His effusively praised "brand new PPR Sri Aman" is the building of new houses for free in PPR Ampar Tenang for displaced (Indian) estate workers by the current Najib government, who according to him has been undoing the years of neglect and marginalisation of Indians by the Mahathir government, wakakaka.

OK let's look at his above last sentence but only at Kampung Buah Pala as I am not familiar with his 'Jinjang Utara'.

If he had asked "How about Kg Buah Pala?" vi-a-vis housing for those displaced Indians, I believe most of the original residents of Kampung Buah Pala (High Chaparral) who did NOT foolishly follow the then rebel-rousing antics of Uthayakumar the Mandor-Accuser, wakakaka, did get new houses built somewhere there.

Thus the DAP-led state government in Penang did do its part for most but not all displaced Indians. Those who missed out were the very ones rejecting the Penang State government's help.

But I agree with some of his points that Pakatan in Penang and Selangor should (not 'could' as he lambasted, wakakaka) do more for poor Indians. Hmmm, do you think Ananda Krishnan can set up a trust funds for Indians and make a personal donation of, say, RM1 Billion?

Oh, I remember Lim Kit Siang made a 14-point Gelang Patah Declaration on 31 March 2013, prior to standing there in an election. Anyone remember anything? Shall we jolt his memory, as he seems to be a Cina Mudah Lupa lately.

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