Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Avoiding two Devils

At last, finally, to my immense relief, two members of my fave party, the DAP, has sprung to the defence of free speech for the #UndiRosak people, Maryam Lee and Hafidz Baharom, who were shamefully abused, vilified and heckled by the #OtakRosak cyborg clowns, defilers of free speech and free thinking.

Maryam Lee 

Hafidz Baharom 

Resistance to our pro-Mahathirism is futile
(so the cyborgs believe, wakakaka)

Teresa Kok and Charles Santiago have both spoken out in defence of them. Bravo Teresa I still love you and Charles you're my matey.

Teresa Kok 

Charles Santiago
From FMT: Khalid Ibrahim might have won the Port Klang state constituency in 2013 but was NOT known for servicing his constituency ... Political analyst Wong Chin Huat noted that after Khalid became independent, Klang MP Charles Santiago had been looking after the state constituency until PKR’s coordinator, Azmizam Zaman Huri, took charge in 2016

Actually, the campaign objective of #UndiRosak has been unique lateral-thinking in that when two candidates, A and B, are standing in Constituency X and we as voters note that A is Lucifer while B is Satan, #UndiRosak provides guidance to avoid both devils.

Spoiling vote is not a normal or standard action but when desperate situation exists, desperate measures will be required. #UndiRosak is the answer when the ballot papers do not allow for 'None of the Above'.

Bravo Maryam and Hafidz, both of you are worthy students of Edward de Bono.

And once again thanks to sweetie Teresa Kok and matey Charles Santiago. Just smile as 'spoilt votes' have occurred before, since election began, though admittedly this time the spoilt votes may well hit an all time high, only to deny Mahathir any political resurrection - what a frightening thought!

106 people were incarcerated, some for years, while 4 newspapers were banned 

5 High Court judges sacked 

Lord President of Judiciary sacked

"Never in the field of human conflict have so many been f**k so much by just one man" - with apologies to the late Winston Churchill for paraphrasing his eulogy to the Royal Air Field for its outstanding performance in the Battle of Britain

 Never in the field of human memory have so many issues been forgotten so much by just a greedy whim


  1. Wa lau-eh....

    Cockagroo#1 - Lucifer vs Satan, #UndiRosak provides guidance to avoid both devils!

    In the November 2016 US presidential election, only 56.9% of voters cast their votes. Some 43.1% of voters stayed away from polling stations, and only a quarter of eligible voters actually voted for Donald Trump.

    Before the election, Americans generally felt they had two rotten apples to pick, a madman and a swindler, and they didn’t want to see either candidate make it to the White House.

    Young urban voters were unmotivated, but Trump’s rural working class supporters came out in droves to vote.

    After the results were released, Americans protested across the country against Trump’s election.

    Americans were not the only people to take the brunt of the election of a substandard leader, the entire global community was dragged along with it.
    - (Lim Sue Goan, Sin Chew Daily)

    Cockagroo#2 - Spoiling vote is not a normal or standard action but when desperate situation exists, desperate measures will be required. #UndiRosak is the answer when the ballot papers do not allow for 'None of the Above'.

    Imagine if you’re on a long flight and your choice of meal is either the roast chicken on mash potatoes or the infamous nasi lemak telanjang? Both are not very appealing, as for the price you paid for your ticket you feel you deserve a filet mignon.

    You can decide it’s “filet mignon or bust”, and spend the rest of the flight hungry and angry or you can choose to have the chicken or the fish and eat your meal between sulks. But then you realise that while the potatoes are mushy, the chicken is actually not half as bad or while the rice may not be anything to write home about, the sambal is among the best you’ve had.
    - (Terence Fernandez)

    See the parallel?

    These two writers have eloquently disputed yr twisted lateral-thinking.

    Unique to u BUT definitely not in the original sense as attributed by Edward de Bono.

    These two spoiled brats belong to a group of disenfranchised and disappointed youths who think they r living in a perfect, vibrant & matured democracy.

    How wrong they r in casting spoiled votes & claim it's their oft-claimed democratic right. They r actually abdicating a citizenship responsibility in determining the future of a nation when bolihland is been overwhelmed by a demoncratic regime. A clear sign of missing the forest for the trees.

    The spoilt votes may well hit an all time high, only to deny Mahathir any political resurrection. But it helps to retain a clear & present kleptomaniac Jibby that has consistently pilfering the national coffers.

    Which is a more frightening thought?

    Don't behave like those anti-Brexit youths or the urban American voters after the votes r been counted & confirmed!

    U might find yourselves regretting when been showered with chemical water & been charged by riot polices for taking yr frustrations to the street!

    1. Wrong analogy. You have long wanted to 'rebel' and you have repeatedly in your write instigated others to participate. Ah.. you certainly have not learned the principles of a good 'rebellion'.

      PH is accepting an old man as its leader under duress, ipso facto, its characteristic of being a good opposition/alternative government is gone/destroyed overnight, just like that.

      PH believes that the old political offender whom it had "pardoned" can bring down BN and that he will not jeopardize the future of the country, even when it is clear that his sons are now flaunting their wealth that they have acquired under his tenure.

      OTH, if PH stands firm and would sacrifice another five years rather than (having the old man) compromising DAP's/PKR's/PAN's principles, PH shall be able to maintain its integrity even after LKS'/AI's/Others' death, and that Bhai's spirit (as shown by his daughter) shall live forever. Then multitudes of others will follow, and will bear the duties and responsibilities in accordance to the principles that KS/AI/LKS/AA/LGE put high on the pedestal for the welfare and in the moral interest of the country.

      #UndiRosak - No Sweat.

    2. There r tons & tons of 'good' rebellions mentioned in any world history.

      For a pommie trained, u should be unfamiliar with one Winston Churchill!

      There r some similarities between mamak & wc in their respective politikus manoeuvrabilities off u can read between their sopo works.

      But then, with yr two simplistical paragraphs, u want to dispute an old & tested strategy of invoking fighting amongst known foes!

      There is a clearer take against yr illogical rant - read "What if we bring back Mahathirism?" by Thomas Fann.

      Sacrifice another five years?

      Moron, many things can happen within 5yrs.

      Venezuela goes from a prosperous oil exporting country to NOW a sopo-econ failed state in less than 5!

      & right now, bolihland is just standing at the door step of the club of doom, waiting to be shovelled in after yrs of sopo mismanagement.

      #UndiRosak - No Sweat? When u send yr daughter to be a housemaid in Indonesia lah.

    3. “Patience is a virtue; it helps to sustain optimism; it is bitter but its fruit is sweet."

    4. Tell that to the down&outs, toiling daily just for a meal lah!

      Many of these 'wisdoms' apply sparingly to very fews, bcoz they r aiming at people of substance.

      Hence, there r many syiok-sendiri kakis than true achievers after the fire bath.

      R u - a tongkat addicted weakling, crying days & nights for handouts just bcoz if yr skin colour?

    5. there r more n more people that share pakatan values, from anwar to mahathir, n in future, najib might join us as well. n we oso see many racist n bigot left us, n we wish them good luck.

    6. Pakistan values....wakakakak...A clone of bn, that's it!

      Any wonder all those ex-umnoristas would swamp PKR if PH wins the ge14.

      But, as mentioned in Thomas Fann's write-up, they wouldn't have anything the old ways of umno within bn lah.

      So having pkr in PH is a transitional necessity. When the rats, snakes & weseals find out they can't have it the old ways, they would leave. It's a self cleansing process that takes time & patience.

    7. Speaking of Venezuela. Its quite telling that what the Oppos are promising the rakyat were the same goodies given out by Chavez & Maduro that led to their country's quagmire now.

      If we were to truly hold them to their promises after winning GE, we may not even need 5 years to reach where Venezuela is now!

    8. Wakakakaka......

      How many western sopo magazines have u combed to come up with such conclusion?

      Chavez was loved by the country’s poor and working classes but despited by the rich conservatives elites.

      Chávez transformed the country’s political and economic landscape by nationalizing industries and funneling enormous amounts of government money, especially the oil money, into social programs.

      Under his rule, Venezuela’s unemployment rate halved, income per capita more than doubled, the poverty rate fell by more than half, education improved, and infant mortality rates declined.

      He also won plaudits at home for his willingness to stand up to the United States.

      He had serious authoritarian tendencies: He stacked the country’s courts with political allies, passed laws restricting the ability of journalists to criticize the government, and consistently sought ways to do away with checks on his power. But there were limits to his authoritarianism, and he thought of the electoral system as a key way to make himself more effective as a leader.

      Maduro is no Chavez.

      While Maduro shared a great deal with Chávez ideologically, he has not been able to repeat his political or economic success.

      Instead, he’s overseen Venezuela’s descent into economic catastrophe, lost swaths of Chávez’s committed political base, and become one of Latin America’s newest autocrats.

      Maduro lacks “the personal magnetism that would allow him to boss around faction heads”. What that means in practice is that Maduro feels compelled to do things like giving members of the military — a highly influential institution in Venezuelan life — powerful positions in his administration in order to neutralize the threat they may pose to his rule.

      He held a rigged election for a special legislative body that supplanted the country’s parliament — the one branch of government that was controlled by his political opposition. The new superbody has carte blanche to rewrite the country’s constitution and expand his executive powers.

      Maduro and his supporters now have total control of the government, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

      Maduro is unlucky that the oil boom experienced by Chavez is now on decline!

      Anyway, again I'm not here to teach u Venezuela 101. Read more & wide lah.

      BTW, what make u think that under jibby's current pestilence, bolihland won't sink even faster than Venezuela?

    9. @CK
      Please do read more from established news. Venezuela was already facing teething problems and their healthcare was straining at the seams when he died. U didnt realise all that becoz of Chavez's dictatorship that limits these news from becoming widespread. Thats the beauty of authoritarian regimes.

      Maduro was the tragic actor that inherited this rickety system & subsidies that was propped up by then high oil prices, as u mentioned, and the persona of Chavez's image. When the price collapsed, the whole system came crashing down like a house of cards.

      And now that people has realised of this charade, it can never be brought back or even be the same again despite the current oil prices now reaching those highs of Chavez's time. And Maduro has neither the full support nor the charisma of Chavez to continue fooling their people. Not when stores are empty, hospitals medicines are finished, material shortages everywhere and crippling 4,000% inflation rate.

      I'm not trying to defend jibby or whatnot but if u ask me about jibby's current pestilence, then let me ask u this; do u disbelieve in the World Bank?

      When we criticise, we have to look at things objectively and argue factually. Also giving credit when its due. These are sadly lacking in the political sphere of today.

    10. Established news?

      U mean CNN, BBC etc etc..! Wakakakaka.....What a sucker le!

      I do disbelieve in many of the activities of the world bank - knowing deeply that it's an organisation that ONLY champion the elitic countries interests WHEN the chips r down!

      From yr few lines about Chavez & Maduro, u r very obviously influenced by western medias, especially those of US origin.

      Go there, talk to the locals, if u really care. Only then u fart!

      Objectives come out from deep undetstanding & clear analysis of the subject in hand. Not regurgitating opinions from udangs.

    11. During the 1997 Asia financial crisis, the World Bank was very critical about the capital control policy imposed by mamak.

      All the doomsayers within that railtracked thinking lair were predicting sopo dire straits for M'sia.

      Many years later, on licking-own-backside hindsight, they simply admit mamak was right in imposing the capital control!

      How did those 'experts' got it so wrong?

      Bcoz they COULDN'T think out of the box to solve a hot potato scenario that their air-conned setup wasn't designed to envision & solve!

      Moreover, they ONLY read numbers submitted by the respective country, w/o any ground feel.

      Numbers DON'T lie iff they have not been adulterated. Most of all, numbers have zilch feeling, thus r detached from the reality at the ground zero.

      World Banks report says M'sia is currently doing well under jibby.

      BUT is it?

      U SHOULD read the economic dissections of bolihland by our renowned economist Prof Jomo.

      He could turn the PowerPointed flowery figures into a real bloodbath, which the ayam local attributors so smartly disguised via accounting acrobat & saddly, which the World Bank takes at face value!

      Read, but read wide & deep! Most of all use yr grey matter to analyse, based on common sense.

      No matter how cleverly intertwinedly disguised, the schemers wouldn't be able to cover all the holes.

      Just like 1MDB!

      There r very smart people out there.

      R u one of them?

      If not, do u believe them?

      Think over yr sleepless nights lah.

    12. Hohoho! My dear CK.

      I dont give a ratsass about what CNN, Fox News, ABC, or BBC says. The World Bank has a yearly summary of the economic health and prospects of each country. Its done by technocrats so the analysis is as impartial as it can get. Of course, nothing can be purely unbiased in this world.

      Regarding the World Bank's role in the 1997 Crisis, it wasnt the main doomsayer although they did stressed that Mahathirs actions were very unorthodox. The main critic was the IMF which was about to give us the austerity loan, that Mahathir rejected. And the IMF is widely known to be a US proxy. The World Bank instead, reports to the UN. I believe u might have confused between those 2.

      As for Prof Jomo, yes I do agree about reading up on what he wrote as well, namely:
      -Mahathir's Economic Policies,
      -The Way Forward? The Political Economy of Development Policy Reform in Malaysia,
      -U-Turn? Malaysian Economic Development Policies After 1990,
      -Malaysia's Political Economy: Politics, Patronage and Profits,
      -M Way: Mahathir's Economic Legacy,
      -Malaysian "Bail-Outs"? Capital Controls, Restructuring & Recovery in Malaysia.

      Also might I suggest to add books from other illustrious figures like Malaysian Maverick by Barry Wain, as well as The BMF Scandal, BMF – The Scandal Of Scandals, The Bank Negara RM30 Billion Forex Losses Scandal, Economic & Financial Crisis, & Time Bombs in Malaysia. All of these by the right honourable Lim Kit Siang.

      Coming to ur believe of 1MDB and kleptocratic Najib. Where did u get that from? CNN? BBC? ABC? DOJ?

      Do u know that unlike The World Bank, the US DOJ are political appointees that may not necessarily be law experts? And as political appointees, they are only beholden to their patrons (whether political, lobbies, financial, or others).

      So how can they be impartial of what they said? And yet u chose to believe them!

      Well, u have ur right to do so, and I'm not gonna criticise that right. So I end this with "to u, ur way. And to me, mine".

    13. 1MDB from where??

      Wakakakaka..... Besides those reports from up down left right reporters, there r also criminal cases, in at least 4 countries, related to it!

      U claim to be well-read, how about spend some time reading up those filed cases. AND most importantly, use yr grey matter to draw the lines to link the intertwined elements.

      BTW, for investigating journalism NOTHING bets the Yank's. (Just in case, for political profiling reportings they r heavily one-sided!)

      "US DOJ are political appointees that may not necessarily be law experts? And as political appointees, they are only beholden to their patrons (whether political, lobbies, financial, or others)" ????

      Wakakakaka..Go & double check the past AGs of DOJ lah. They were/r experienced practising lawyers/uni legal experts. Most of all these 'political' appointees have to be interviewed/vetted by a Senate committee. ONLY approved candidate WOULD eventually claim the post.

      So, they r not yr bolihland political appointees who r beholden to their patrons le!

      U r right, I have confused World Bank with IMF wrt mamak's capital control.

      But the same logic of ivory tower experts, devoiding of ground zero feel, STILL apply. They r relying on data fed by the respective countries to do the analysis. Rubbish in rubbish out, they can't do better!

    14. Lets get this straight.
      Of the 4 countries involved with investigating about 1MDB, 3 of them were indirectly linked to it. Most of cases were about misappropriation by fund managers from banks/ hedge funds/ investment companies that happened to deal with 1MDB.

      The only one that directly accuse 1MDB of malfeasance was the Yanks. And so far, the only journalism coming out from the Yanks were those fed by the DOJ.

      And as u so succinctly put it, the DOJ is appointed by Senate committee which consist of, u guess it, politicians. Still trust in their impartiality?

      And as far as fake numbers goes, the World Bank has ample technocrats & experts capable of sniffing this out. They have full information on money coming in and out of any country (provided its integrated into the world's economic system).

      The world's economy are so intertwined with each other, that if any country blatantly lie, it can create shockwaves that affect others which the World Bank constantly monitors against.

      Therefore Malaysia can no longer shield its economy against the international flow of money, trade, and commerce (heck, WB even have economic data on Somalia!).

      Hence Malaysia's transparency towards the world, at least economically, is undoubted.

      For that, i rather believe in the cold hard facts of numbers instead of allegations.

    15. "The world's economy are so intertwined with each other, that if any country blatantly lie, it can create shockwaves that affect others which the World Bank constantly monitors against.
      Hence Malaysia's transparency towards the world, at least economically, is undoubted. "

      Wakakakaka.... yr naïveness & yr shallow understanding in readings r amazing!!

      DOJ is politically appointed - so what??

      Almost every key administrative posts of the USofA r politically appointed. That doesn't mean the world's most engaging democracy IS a disguised oligarchy!! The check & balance for authority power abuses/mismanagement r there.

      Hence the Senate appointment committee's vital role in ensuring a minimum sets of impartiality.

      Jibby claims to be a #1 buddy of the current POTUS. Will his buddy frames him & for what??

      Will the US AG frames him & for what??

      (MOM's miserably story of Pakatan buying favour from the AG Chamber shows how desperate he is in meeting his kip).

      U fail miserably in politics101!

      WRT World Bank/IMF theoretical sopo-economic expertise, no one would doubt them.

      But the facts of the matter r they have been very wrong in many of the sopo-economic implementations, especially issues involving Africa & SAmerica. They r also deadly wrong about the unanticipated rise of China within the last 30yrs.

      However, they r better in predicting/analysing the sopo-economic trends of the developed & some developing countries.

      I attribute this dichotomic error forecastings to

      1) a bunch of 'ample' technocrats & experts who have REALLY lost touch with the ground zero feel - sitting in the air-conned offices playing with cold hard statistical data.

      2) sniffing out data submitted by the respective countries under study is a REAL skill.

      There r competent experts within that organisation. BUT, they r usually a minority who r considered as nonconformist, unorthodox. Since they r non team players, their works r usually unnoticeable.

      The effects of that 'political appointees', who r usually those who follow the rules, shines through to become the commanding force.

      Hence, when it's given adulterated number acrobat, most of the time the famed effect of garbage-in-garbage-out exhibits proportionally!

      Thus, these so called 'experts/technocrats' r so laughable with their reports/researches wrt poor/dictatorial/guilty-concious regimes!

      Bolihland's data fits very well with the guilty-concious category BCOZ of

      A) syiok-sendirism

      B) to hide the true picture

      However, the schemer WON'T be able to cover all the holes. Out there, there r REAL experts of distinguishable Big data analysis skill. Thus the 1MDB traces leading to the criminal charges in those countries, despite the uncoopperativenss of the current M'sian administration.

      U fail economic101!

      Together with yr earlier failed papers, better u resit yr semester OR quit lah!

    16. Sigh.
      U prefer to trust some "REAL experts of distinguishable Big data analysis skill". Which MAY or MAY NOT exist or even CREDIBLE rather than the expert technocrats in World Bank. Thats like trusting the friendly bomoh rather than the cold efficient doctor, but c'est la vie. From what u wrote above, its seems u have the wrong idea about World Bank's role.

      As for US political appointees, u see it from a Msian point of view while I see it from a US POV. These people in power, including POTUS, have no obligations to any external parties or interest except of USA's own internal powerplay and national interest. At the end of the day, they will prioritise USA's interest, whether its real or not. Case in point; they will quietly accept Saudi money into USA until the Gov's favour turns against Saudi, which then they will do all kinda investigations & other hoohaas.

      The US political system is very complex, with politicians, near politicians, businesses, lobbyists, influential persons, special interest groups all mixed in influencing one another. All i say is, dont take US politics, politicians, Gov, and whatever they say, at face value. Lotsa world leaders did that and suffer the consequences.

      Lastly, when u result to insults & vainly mimicking KT's uncouth wakaka behaviour, I find it no longer productive to continue this discussion as I foresee it will spiral into name calling, heckling and dismissing all rationality of the argument. It just furthers my believe why #UndiRosak did what they did.

      So good day to u.

    17. What a loser!!

      From whom does u learn the tricks of answering questions with arrows-everywhere-but-not-the-bulleye grandmother's story??

    18. U just proved me right.

      Good day.

  2. your fave party, the dap? you could have fooled me...anyway, in what capacity? as a true party comrade or a self appointed busybody because a comrade like teresa or santiago don't normally slam or criticise party directions

  3. Yes, I know how it feels.
    In my neighbouring constituency, it is usually contested by DAP and Gerakan.

    This time round, with all the scandals in Penang and Putrajaya, many feel like there is no worthwhile choice to make.

    Might as well draw Donald Duck or Donald Trump on the ballot paper.

    Sokong #UndiRosak

  4. DAP itself is vulnerable to the #UndiRosak campaign in Penang...little to do with Mahathir but everything to do with declining governance in Penang and DAP's worsening Bad Breath in Penang.

    I personally know quite a number of people in Penang who either have no mood to go out to vote or may well draw Donald Duck or Donald Trump on their GE14 ballot.

    This includes a guy who has been flooded out of his house Twice in the last year (the last flood before that more than 15 years ago) , and a guy whose house is under threat of being buried by a hillslope currently being developed - no problems in the previous 30 years.