Thursday, January 18, 2018

Kutu parties mushrooming

We know that PSM is facing immense difficulties with Pakatan acceding to its requests. And the reason is that Pakatan wants those seats PSM has earmarked because Pakatan won them in the 2013 GE. Yet PSM doesn't want Pakatan to kacau it in Sungai Siput. I am not sure how Dr Jeya is going to handle this dilemma.

But what has happened to Hindraf and its boss Waythamoorthy? And his brother Uthayakumar and his HRP party?

Uthayakumar (l), Waytha (r) 

And on the other side, myPPP?

Kayveas, myPPP party president
he had foresight knowing his party myPPP was dying thus some years back he wanted to merge with Gerakan but the late Lim Keng Yaik podah him

We would expect kutu parties to disappear but au contraire they keep popping up like MIRA, which is pro Mahathir, and now we hear 200 PKR members from its Jelutong branch in Penang has left to join the newly formed Malaysian United Party (MUP).

Rajaretinam claimed that Mira could swing 25 of 38 Barisan Nasional-held seats in the Opposition's favour


I have never heard of MUP until now. I'm not sure of its affiliation but it is a Penang-based party which has recently demanded the Penang state government hand over the infamous 50-Love Lane, former headquarters of the Ghee Hin triad society. Thus I suspect it's affiliated with the Gerakan Party, more so when its membership is mainly Chinese.


  1. Mosquito parties are a real pain in the ass.Unless Malaysians have the Mahathir syndrone (Malays or rather all Malaysians have poor memories),Waythamoorthy and his Hindraf help Umno/BN win a handful of parliamentary seats in GE13TH.Opposition leaders better not discount and look down on these mosquitoes as they are a pain in the behind.History will come back and haunt them if they ever repeat it again.

  2. Be very careful.Aneh is back.

  3. Take 3 people A,B,C, and they can form 4 political parties, depending on their respective special interests.

    A,B,C - your "traditional" political party.
    A,B - Special Interest 1
    B,C - Special Interest 2
    A,C - Special Interest 3

    Politics is getting more fragmented these days, even easier with Facebook, Whatsapp and WeChat where people mainly interact in with people of similar interests.

    1. Yup!

      And there are those who say Malaysia is "undemocratic" when in fact we have so much democracy and free expression that the landscape has become so fragmented that it has become dysfunctional with so much politicking that nothing concrete gets achieved.

      In fact, Malaysia is a dysfunctional democracy.

  4. I remember in 1999, some disgruntled Gerakan politicians formed a PBS (Parti Bersatu Sabah !) branch in Penang and contested under the banner.
    Then all lost badly.

    Now we have MIRA, MUP, Nallakarupan (Ktemoc's favourite India...eakakakka) MIUP Malaysian Indian United Party,
    Parti Cinta Malaysia,

    Penang seems to be a fertile ground for mosquitoes . ..wakakakaka..