Wednesday, January 17, 2018

What happens in the Middle East

It’s annoying to deny me my favourite sports
Doctors’ primum non nocere is just tok-kok
At most we will have ended up with a corpse
It’s the same with executing him with a rock

I am talking of hands to undergo amputation
To lope off criminals’ appendages for ‘crime’
Inhumane? F**k such a bloody consideration
The bleeding hearts are just society’s slime

People fear me ‘coz I love to really inflict pain
That way, I have them in the palm of my hand
Yes man, I like that saying of ‘no pain, no gain’
Though not of sports hahaha but of my stand

The backs of crying women I sure love to whip
Ogling at same time their fair juicy creamy skin
Wails rang out, my eyes stray to an ample hip
While I clean her soul from a lusty wicked ‘jinn’

If heads have to off-ed, that will be even better
Too much logical thinking is bad for the health
The headless corpse will be my badge of terror
My unchallengable power increases san stealth

Flog, whip, rip off skin, behead, chop off limb
What lovely musical play of terrorising words
Whoops, time to exercise my muscles at gym
Then drink coffee, and train my raptor birds

Wasting time chopping off a hand that's hale?

What poppycock tok-kok is this from the Med?
It's sheer nonsense, what a bloody sorry tale
To deny 'justice' because of stories that's sad

Blast, I've just sharpened my lovely chopper
To wield it & feed the public's increasing fear
I am the ultimate Judge Dread, the stopper
Of fun, dancing, love, driving, music and beer 


  1. A friend's daughter ended up in hospital with a concussion and
    25 stitches after a snatch thief grabbed her handbag and pushed her to the ground. The doctor said the her injuries could have been fatal if just she had fallen on a slightly different position.

    If they catch the Bastard who did this...I was left wishing we HAVE a Hudud amputation law..

    1. Then, you should give Hadi a chance to change things according to Qur'anic Islam to produce a better society.

    2. He will as he has a cruel cold callous heart, wakakaka, but be warned he's pro Israel and anti Palestinians

    3. i am willing to support hudud n islam but not hadi, a bigot n a racist understand nothing abt fairness.

    4. What r u people??!

      Trying to be politically correct & earning racial brownies??

      There r humane laws that fit the crimes committed in an open & modern approach through years of human refinements.

      Definitely not huduh - an archaic & inhumane tribalistic punishment disguised as a god's comment!

      If u want hukum hudud, migrate to one of those S**thole failed countries & have fun there lah!

    5. "i am willing to support hudud n islam"

      Surely? Not a slip of the tongue? But thanks Rahn for your open mind and comprehend people who do believe. Shake hands.

    6. "Humane Laws" are worth shit when you or your loved ones are the victim of violent crime.

      I am all far proper due process, but for those found guilty, fair and proper, penalties must be stern and severe.

      Not only the perpetrator must understand the heavy price he pays for their act, but others in society who may potentially be thinking about such acts.

      Criminals have a brain , every intentional crime involves thinking on cost vs. benefit , in a warped way.

      I do recognise that some crimes are unintentional or accidental. That is for the trial due process to establish.

    7. One Aussie parent whose daughter was killed in the 2002 Bali bombing was dead set AGAINST the death penalty for the guilty Islamists who were caught.

      Looks like you level of civilised mental thoughts have a long way yet to develop

    8. ok la, rephrase a little, i support muslim tat wan hudud, i never chng my stance since 20 years back when i first vote pas.

      muslim go thru more or less the same path similar to chinese in their pursue of revival, rejuvenate n , modernity. they try democracy, socialism, communism n all kind of ism but still kena whack left n right by the west. i dun know whether back to basic is the best way, but if we read history, we shd know that both muslim n chinese still couldn't create a political system that prevent "absolute power corrupts absolutely".

      that said, it seem japanese able to modernise but still preserve their old way. so what cause the diff? talking abt japs, i did reply u the other day but not sure y my post go missing, again. yes the chinese is at war with japs since centuries back, but the war always happen at sea or continent, its always the china civilian that suffer the worst.

      n share with u a funny conversation, a japs tell my colleague, a muslim, not to become a terrorist, my colleague ask the japs did muslim start the ww 1 & 2 kah? did muslim bomb hiroshima n nagasaki kah? the japs dun know how to answer. its a wakaka.

    9. Wakakakaka......know yr history lah!

      Who has create a political system that prevent "absolute power corrupts absolutely"??

      In the ancient China, 禅让 was the system that had the chance to prevent the concentration of absolute power.

      禅让 encourages the passing of leadership to a person that has passed the test of putting 大我 over & above self interests.

      The inheritor needs no bloodline/tribal/marriage linkage. The ONLY prerequisite is service above self.

      Unfortunately, the system was replaced via human greed & dynasty become a family heirloom!

      Wakakakaka 2....

      That funny conversation lacks the temporal prospective!

      Sound logical but totally craps.

    10. 禅让 is a myth, even if that happened, there is no sight of absolute power yet, n pls stay grounded of what a commonerr think n do, saint rarely exist, even under democratic system u see all dad wan their son to take over.

    11. Myth???

      Someone must be trying to rewrite history!!

      U should ponder kau2 about Prime Directive.

      Or is it another myth for u?

  2. I would not presume to tell parents whose life has been forever altered by the brutal murder of a child that life imprisonment is punishment enough."

    Antonin Scalia, JD (Late)
    Justice of the United States Supreme Court
    in dismissing a petition that the Death Penalty amounts to Cruel and Unusual Punishment

    The measure of punishment in a given case must depend upon the atrocity of the crime, the conduct of the criminal and the defenceless and unprotected state of the victim.

    Imposition of appropriate punishment is the manner in which the courts respond to the society's cry for justice against the criminals.

    Justice demands that courts should impose punishment befitting the crime so that the courts reflect public abhorrence of the crime.

    Justices A.S. Anand and N.P. Singh, Supreme Court of India, in the case of Dhananjoy Chatterjee