Saturday, January 13, 2018

Mahathir's Freudian slip reveals his true nature

FMT - Mahathir: I never aspired to be PM again:

Yet at the very start he offered his service to be PM.

Yet there was that indecent haste to name him as Pakatan's PM-designate that infuriate Azmin Ali and gang.

And his obsession with DOMINANCE and ABSOLUTE CONTROL made him in a very revealing Freudian slip criticised again and most unnecessarily poor AAB who has long retired kaukau like former PM should.

Mahathir took the media opportunity to ONCE AGAIN criticise Abdullah Badawi for not fulfilling his promise to continue with some of his projects namely the crooked bridge linking Johor Bahru and Singapore and the double-tracking project.

Actually AAB did us a good public service to bravely abort that stupid wasteful crooked bridge to nowhere which was nothing more than to satisfy Mahathir's childish schoolboy hatred for Singapore's refusal to revise water rates.

While it's debatable whether Singapore has been fair, the fact that Mahathir went about wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayers money without so much as a thought just, in his vengeful mind, to get back at Singapore in such a silly wasteful way, gives you an ominous inkling to his type of dictatorial & very profligate premiership.

And you want him?

OK, get ready, Lim Kit Siang will brief you on Mahathir's likely programs as PM.


  1. a dish called mahathir, the TripAdvisor's flavor of the month at kt's mee goreng, some find it palatable, some say ok la, some say it leaves an awful taste in the mouth, but kt has been gorenging and gorenging non stop, business must be good eh in Manchester are going crazy

  2. mahathir choose to compete with spore, not necessarily due to hate, unlike u.

    secondly, who else in ph is a better option compare to mahathir? which would draw less resistance from all the various faction. for eg, just read yr own past article, yr slandering against anwar, azmin, muhyiddin, azizah is equally worst, n the only one that perhaps u r fine with is lge, a chinese which would never accepted by malay. so its not a freudian slip, its yr hatred.

  3. Azhar Harun, popularly known as Art Harun has this to say : (excerpt)

    "In all those years, Mahathir was alone. He called the shot. He was possessed with unbridled power. So he did what he did without any obstacle. When there was an obstacle, he finished it off. went away.

    This time the circumstances are different.

    Mahathir is not alone. He will not have a compliant Cabinet, MPs and minions like before.

    If Pakatan wins, and Mahathir becomes the PM, his deputy is Wan Azizah from PKR. The cabinet will be full of people from PKR, BERSATU, AMANAH and DAP.

    Mahathir will have to live with Muhyiddin Yasin; Tony Pua, Lim Kit Siang, Khalid Samad, Azmin Ali, Rafizi Ramli and a slew of strong-headed bed fellows who are not about to be yes-men like those who existed when Mahathir was the PM before.

    During the 22 years of his rule, Mahathir surrounded himself with those who were loyal to him and his policies.

    He does not and will not have that luxury anymore.

    This time, Mahathir will be surrounded by those who are voted based on their promises to make Malaysia a better place.

    If the Pakatan wins in GE14, it would mean the people have spoken. It would mean the people would have said enough-is-enough.

    It would mean the people have KICKED ASS!

    And Mahathir knows that if the people have kicked ass once, there is nothing stopping the people from kicking ass again, including his ass.

    Those around him would also know that.

    So, think about it.

    You want to continue to wallow in self pity and lose your self-respect?

    Or do you want to take a calculated risk and make an unemotional and rational choice?"