Saturday, January 20, 2018

Interesting development for Bandar Tun Razak constituency

Bandar Tun Razak federal constituency, with 91,000 registered voters in 2013, was won by Khalid Ibrahim in the last GE. Khalid was then a PKR candidate and he defeated MCA candidate Tan Kok Eng by 11,832 votes.

The 2013 results were a monumental improvement for Khalid Ibrahim from the 2008 GE when he won with just a majority of 2,515.

Anyway in 2013, Khalid won 44,067 votes or 57.02% of the constituency's total in an election turnout of approximately 86%. Obviously very few played mahjong that day, wakakaka.

His MCA competitor Tan Kok Eng obtained 32,235 votes or 41.71% of the lot. There were a couple of kutu candidates, but the majority with which Khalid whisked past the winning post was 11,832. Very comfy for him.

The Bandar Tun Razak constituency was won by Tan Chai Ho (MCA) in 1995, 1999 and 2004. But PKR was victorious in 2008 and 2013 (the latter against new MCA candidate Tan Kok Eng), though today its representative is Khalid Ibrahim but as an Independent.

The voters in the constituency are made up of approximately 54% Malays, 36% Chinese and 8% Indians, the sort of 'ideal' racial mix that former PM Mahathir loved.

That's because if the Malay votes in a constituency were split between UMNO and PAS, the Chinese 7th Calvary would storm in to rescue the man who in 1969 told them in Kota Setar that he didn't need any Chinese votes. Then, the Chinese in an unprecedented voting move, gave their ballots to Yusof Rawa of PAS, a Chinese First in voting for an Islamic Party candidate and also a PAS First in getting massive Chinese support, wakakaka.

alhamdulillah, saya berjaya olih karena cucu Cina 

Since that unpleasant shock in 1969, Mahathir was more circumspect with his words against the bloody Chinese voters, in fact arriving at the conclusion (when he was PM) that those Chinese would be useful as they preferred to vote UMNO than PAS, hence his 'ideal' racial mix for a constituency.

Someone mentioned there were more than 60 of such 'ideal' federal constituencies which since 2008 were eyed hungrily by PAS. But Hadi Awang f**ked up those useful Chinese support, so necessarily vital to his Putrajaya ambitions, when he broke up with Pakatan Harapan. Thus he has to hold back his ambitions in abeyance.

Meanwhile, Najib realising Mahathir's 'ideal' mix constituencies will be fatal for him, has happily seen the EC sardine-ising (packing) 'extra' unhelpful Chinese into already-Chinese dominant constituencies like Tony Pua's Petaling Jaya Utara, 'mysteriously' renamed as Damansara (raising its registered voters from 85,000 to 150,000). We'll come to this shortly.

But local UMNO chief Rizalman Mokhtar informs that UMNO supporters prefer a Malay candidate for the parliamentary seat, thus there is a tussle over which BN component party (UMNO or MCA) will get to contest the seat in the coming GE14.

Bandar Tun Razak's present voters' racial profile, if unchanged, will ensure UMNO loses to a PKR candidate or as Francis Paul Siah wishes for, Mahathir of Pribumi - see my earlier post Aide-de-camp to Captain Mahathir tok-kok.

But Rizalman is confident because he knows that if the EC's sakti-ness works (approved) before the coming general election, about 20,000 Chinese voters would be transferred out of Bandar Tun Razak to one of the Chinese electoral ghettos, namely, Cheras, Bukit Bintang or Seputeh (renamed Sri Petaling).

British ghetto for Chinese

Rizalman pointed out that then the majority of voters then would be Malays. I calculated the new mix as roughly 71% Malays, 17% Chinese and 12% Indians (from its previous 54% Malays, 36% Chinese and 8% Indians) in the Bandar Tun Razak constituency.

Then the MCA will be hard pressed to win against a PKR candidate or Mahathir.


  1. The current spin I hear about EC is that people "prefer" to be represented by "their own kind".
    So Malays prefer to be represented by a Malay based or dominated party, and Chinese prefer to be represented by Chinese, either DAP, MCA or Gerakan eakakaka....
    Hence the new Ethnically
    "Pure" seats.

  2. Replies
    1. better to divide by 3, to wit, UMNO, Pribumi and PKR (PAS will side UMNO and Amanah will side Pribumi)

    2. 23.67% vs 29% [17% + 12%]; Anina is correct.

  3. The real world of Malaysian politics has become like the gladitorial battles in ancient Rome, where politicians vying for power battle it out in the arena before the masses who watch and cheer.

    It is not very different in other countries today, even in the so called "advanced" liberal democracies of the west.

    Watch this YouTube video - The 7 Signs Of An Empire In Decline. Do you see any similarities between empires past and the world today?

    Watch the video!

    1. The debasement of currency i.e. from the gold standard to quantitive easing is a western creation. Thus, they believe in this brilliant moronic idea that the west can never default because it can just print money and pump it into the system.

      The age of decadence i.e. from sports, celebrities, materialism, and immoralism are western creation too. Need we to say more?

      We have chosen a wrong system i.e. the Western (Jewish) secular system of life. This is coming to an end soon. Believe you me.

      Thanks for the video link.

    2. but there is no evidence a non secular system work better, from 7 century until today, the muslim try various reform but still doesn't achieve much. it seem mahathir, albeit his flaw, gain more success compare to most other islamic countries.

      my reading of nabi muhammad is he is a man of intelligence n flexible, i really wonder if today muslim understood his teaching, word or deed.

    3. partially agree with HY.

      Turkey under Kemal Ataturk practised a secular system despite its Muslim population and did quite well. As usual the system was corrupted by generals and now by Recep Tayyip Erdogen. Indonesia has a similar secular system but again was corrupted by greedy generals. Like Erdogen, Jokowi is allowing Islamists to determine its structure and policies, to its eventual disadvantage.

    4. Kemal Ataturk was a religiously and emotionally retarded general. He died a very miserable and a shameful death.

      Roy Jenkins called the Turks wogs and demanded Turkey should be kept out of the European community. And until today, the anti-Islam venom is very strong and which has led to the surge of Islamic fundamentalism.

      There is nothing we can do about the West/Nons intolerance of Islam save to wait for the venom to play itself out; perhaps, to take a more objectively look at the criticism whilst being patient for the arrival of Imam Mahadi and Nabi Isa.

    5. devout Muslims naturally hate Kemal Atuturk (and call him names, wakakaka). But if Turkey had kept to his doctrines (apart from the generals not btcoming corrupt) they would have been in Europe today. Erdogen fucked it up kaukau when he went against Atuturk's policy not to abandon secularism

    6. Many of you seem to have missed my point that the kind of politicking we see in Malaysia today is a symptom of empires in decline.