Wednesday, January 31, 2018

We should stop flights to Aceh

MM Online - AirAsia limits Aceh flight attendants to men, Firefly mulls non-Muslim crew (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 31 — AirAsia said it will only place male cabin crew on its flights to Aceh, after the Indonesian province enforced requirements for Muslim female flight attendants to wear the “tudung” (headscarf) upon arrival.

In a short statement to Malay Mail, the budget carrier said it was ready to comply with the new regulations imposed by authorities in the province that practises Shariah law.

“We are committed to ensure that our operations adhere to it. For the time being, all AirAsia flights from and to Aceh will be operated by male cabin crew,” the statement said.

Another Malaysian flight operator to Aceh, Firefly Sdn Bhd, said it may review its crew rostering to have only non-Muslim flight attendants to cater to the new law.

Its chief executive officer, Ignatius Ong, said Aceh’s request was still being assessed, but stressed that decisions have not been made.

He added the airline was also looking into incorporating an additional layer of clothing to its signature uniform — a knee-length form-fitting orange dress — only on flights to the Indonesian province.

Al least our two airlines have made some lateral decisions to avoid subjecting our sweeties to Aceh's frighteningly full compliance with syariah laws.

But note that AirAsia will have only male aircrew, which means all females won't be allowed to fly to Aceh.

This means that Islamic laws can affect non-Muslims, even foreigners.

As for Firefly Airline, there will be no necessity of incorporating any additional layer of clothing it and AirAsia both cease all flights into that country.

You never know, when next Malaysian men will have their lil' johnnies checked for circumcisions and if found to be 'unclean' like Moses (pbuh), will be subjected to immediate snipping.

Moses' 'feet' means his genitals

Zipporah by touching Moses' 'feet' with their son's foreskin demonstrated a vicarious circumcision just to please God, thus Moses was saved


  1. This will put pressure on all Malaysian airlines to conform as well....

  2. Only female Muslim flight attendants to wear tudung.

    "On Wednesday (Jan 31), Aceh authorities circulated a letter to Indonesian carrier Garuda Indonesia and other budget carriers such as AirAsia and Firefly, which ordered Muslim female flight attendants to wear the "tudung" (headscarf) upon arrival, or face punishment by the religious police."

  3. Wear the tudung by all means but keep the tight skirts n blouses. We r not interested in your hair hehehe.

  4. At least Air Asia is wise enough to have a all male crew for flights to Aceh rather than getting embroiled to further unproductive discourse over this issue!

  5. Turkish Airlines has banned their female crew frim wearing red lipstick, and the new uniform features long skirts