Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Adakah hilangnya sopan-santun Melayu?

On Sunday I posted Bigot demanded ban on scholarships for Non's in which I discussed Raof Husin, the representative of Malaysian Association of Former Education Officers at the Rise of the Ummah Convention, urging the government to end federal scholarships for non-Malay students in order to ensure and uplift Malay supremacy in the country ahead of the 14th general election.

Aside from his brain-baffling bigotry, I wonder what would be the significance ensuring and uplifting Malay supremacy ahead of the 14th general election?

Yes, what's the relationship of GE14 and his bigoted call?

I also mentioned I have written before on blokes like him who have not only been interested in promoting Malay education but more into suppressing educational opportunities for the 'nons' - to wit, the evil strategy of 'promote & suppress' - that is, promote Melayu, suppress orang Cina.

It shows his mean nasty jealous streak - seorang yang busuk hati sangat, wakakaka.

Today MM Online publishes Citing May 13, Perkasa supports Ummah’s call on scholarship which narrates (extracts):

Perkasa has extended its support for former educator Datuk Raof Husin, who over the weekend had called for the government to end federal scholarships for minority students.

In a statement, Perkasa said more scholarships should be offered to Bumiputera, while reminding others that the bloody May 13, 1969 racial riots happened due to the economic divide between the communities.

To be fair to Perkasa, unlike cretin-ish-chowkana-constitutional loyar-buruk Raof Husin, the NGO didn't call for an end to scholarships for non-Malays but rather for an increase of such study aid to bumiputeras. Perkasa has been more concerned about calls for an end to scholarships for Malays.

Thus by comparison, Perkasa is zillions of miles ahead of the constitutional bullshitter, but it spoils its ethnic educational concerns by raising the tragedy of May 13 to threaten non-Malay Malaysians, when it's not non-Malays who decide on allocation of scholarships.

Why must there be always the perennial, nay, perpetual threats of May 13, tebuans, un-loyal nons, etc to preface the statements of these bigots? Don't tell me they are not capable of string a few decent words together without racism, bigotry and extremism to get their points across?

Don't they as Melayu tulin know the sopan santun silky language of the traditional cultured Malays? Or have they been influenced by the gruff character of their patron?

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