Sunday, January 21, 2018

Spirit of UMNO lives in Pribumi

Once again, Pakatan has allowed newcomer Mahathir's Pribumi to take the lion's share of state seats in Johor.

Azmin Ali must be fuming considering PKR and Amanah came out last in the seats allocation with only 12 each, while Pribumi grabs 18 and the DAP 14.

Mahathir has not only been designated as Pakatan's PM-to-be but has hijacked Pakatan for his private agenda. The spirit of UMNO lives in Pribumi.

Malaysiakini also reported:

In 2013, the then three-party pact Pakatan Rakyat saw PAS contesting 31 seats, DAP 14, and PKR 12.

Up until the point Bersatu joined Harapan, it was assumed that Amanah, being the offshoot of PAS, would take up all of the Islamist party's seats.

However, the Harapan state seat negotiations in Johor ended with Bersatu taking up most of the seats PAS contested in GE13, with 15, while PKR took another five, leaving Amanah with 11 of its predecessor's seats.

The only gain Amanah made is in Kemelah, which it took from PKR.

Bersatu has also taken three seats that PKR contested. Bersatu gets nine mixed-seats.

Looks like Amanah has lost out again after its Johor Division had earlier boycotted Pakatan get-together when it was allocated only 2 federal seats while newcomer Pribumi sapu 5.

The 9 mixed-seats should ideally go to PKR as that's what the party professes to be, a multiracial party. Why has it gone to Pribumi, a ketuanan Melayu party which no Chinese nor Indian can ever dream of joining?

Indeed Pribumi has truly hijacked Pakatan.  


  1. Maharani, Senggarang, Rengit, Benut, and Kukup are mostly Bugis Malays.

  2. Berebut2 nak jadi wakil rakyat kerana nak berkidmat untuk rakyat, amal jariah konon2nya, bila dapat kuasa seksa rakyat piraah!

  3. I see things differently. It's not just a number game.
    Of course for an Australian blogger from 7,000 kilometres away and 10,000 km height, everything is just numbers

    All the seats that DAP , PKR and PAS won or were considered competitive in GE 13 are still being contested by them , in PAS case by Amanah.
    So in reality they are not "Giving Up" anything.

    Pribumi, as the New Kid is being given the Kamikaze missions. Sure Die missions Going up against loyal UMNO seats.

    Opposition candidates have often lost their deposits in those contests in the PAS.

    1. i suppose after the internal discussion among tis foreign dedak eaters, some is assigned the role of batu api wakaka.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


    Vote Dr Mahathir if you want change, says law professor

    “If you want to vote for the government then of course it is your right, but if you want change then you have no choice, no matter what you (or I) might think of Dr Mahathir,” Azmi said

    After 1MDB, a change in government is a must, says Ambiga

    “Boycotting your vote in a country where elections are free and fair, can send a message. People will know you are important,

    “But in a country where elections are not free and fair, you are giving the other side a walkover, you are giving those in power a walkover,” she said.

    Enough said!!!