Monday, January 29, 2018

GE14 - Selangor will be most exciting

Yesterday I penned DAP must watch out for Penang-bound PKR in which I mentioned that ... right at this very period in time, PKR in Selangor has another agenda, one of the party's very survival. PKR has refused to participate in Pakatan's seat allocation for the state as word has it that Azmin Ali is still trying to get the state PAS people on board.

Azmin fears that without PAS Selangor in alliance with him (and f**k the rest of Pakatan), PKR will be torn to shreds in GE14, apart from his own federal seat Gombak being in heightened peril from BN if PAS were to play spoiler.

I wonder what will be the eventual outcome with such a naughty Azmin-Ali manoeuvre, namely, attempting to enter into a secret alliance with PAS Selangor.

Whatever it is or to be, I am quite sure the DAP will or can retain its 15 state seats, those it won in GE13. Admittedly this time in some seats the DAP may face fierce challenges from BN (MCA, Gerakan) due to PAS' sabotage in 3-corner fights, or worse, PKR's, wakakaka. But nonetheless, I am fairly confident the DAP will retain its 15 seats though its ability to expand beyond that looks slim.

But what about PKR?

Let's be frank about one thing, PKR will sell DAP, Pribumi and Amanah down the river if PAS Selangor were to enter into a covert alliance with Azmin Ali.

PKR has come to regard Selangor as its 'home state', and its right to govern the state. But unless it swings the pact with PAS around successfully, it will have to migrate up north to Penang, for an eventual showdown with the DAP, for two tigers cannot exist in the real Bukit Bendera, wakakaka.

UMNO won 12 in the last election and this time, assuming it retains those 12, will require another 16 to form the state government. Considering that this time it will face Pribumi, Amanah, PAS and PKR, that may be too much of an ask thus it is unlikely to be the next state government UNLESS like Azmin, it enters into a pact with PAS.

There is only a slim chance of DAP being part of a new state government, and that is, if Amanah and Pribumi win enough seats to total 28 together with DAP. Of course that will be assuming Pribumi does not stab DAP in the back, wakakaka.

Thus my own preference will be for Amanah to win big, like 10 from PAS and 3 from UMNO. But I'm not even sure how many seats Amanah will get, as PKR has sounded its intention to have its usual lion's share, a gene it inherited from its Mothership.

I reckon the most exciting state to watch in GE14 will be Selangor and not Johor.


  1. Konvensyen Pakatan Harapan Negeri Sembilan kecoh selepas kira-kira 40 anggota Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) tidak berpuas hati dengan agihan kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri.

  2. For the opposition's sake,I hope that the dwarf will be "DWARFED" in GE 14th in both seats.Backstabbers,whether they are in the governing or opposing party will be finished off,once the fight is over.First is to win the elections.Then whether win or lose it is time to weed out traitors and backstabbers,once and for all.

  3. Azmin Ali must have been a "very good brother",for his siblings to come out so publicly to attacked him.He mush have fucked his own siblings good and proper(kau kau) too.

  4. the principled pkr/azmin, unlike dap/lge, choose not to work too closely with mahathir. lets support pkr/azmin, even the ex mb, now campaign for pas to prevent dap, a mahathir lackey, from controlling selangor