Thursday, January 04, 2018

Pakatan PM & DPM-designate by a PKR member

The Malaysian Insight on Pakatan's PM & DPM designates:

The Pakatan Harapan presidential council should consider alternative leaders, such as Mohamed Azmin Ali and Mukhriz Mahathir, as candidates for prime minister and deputy prime minister at its meeting tomorrow, said a senior opposition leader.

PH Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin said by having Azmin and Mukhriz as candidates, the pact could introduce a “refreshing” take on the country's politics, and would be able to attract young voters.

First of all, before we comment on the two nominees, let's see who's Zuraida Kamaruddin the proposer, apart from the fact that she is PH Wanita chief.

Zuraida Kamaruddin has been notoriously known as the PKR MP who loves luxury cars and was criticised by Rafizi Ramli for using her (the opposition-much-criticised) AP to purchase them.

Following that, there were claims that Zuraida had extraordinary wealth and owned a variety of luxury cars are making the rounds on social media.

She admitted to owning luxury cars, saying she always went for quality, and retorting that she'd be foolish not to use the AP to buy ‘quality’ cars.

Secondly, she is known for her intra party (PKR) political proclivity, being in the Azmin Ali camp.

When PAS was already (and firmly) out of Pakatan and slutting around with UMNO while giving Pakatan its two fingers, Azmin Ali was also slutting around with Pakatan's enemy PAS, and giving two fingers (instead of loyalty) to Pakatan's advice to stop sleeping with the enemy.

Naturally, as an Azmin Ali loyalist, Zuraida Kamaruddin sang the same song, croaking away in September last year (as reported by Malaysiakini) that Amanah's public call to oust PAS was not mature politics (extracts of that news article follows):

Selangor Amanah, its then state party convention in Ampang, unanimously approved a motion urging Selangor MB Azmin Ali, also Selangor PKR chief, to review PAS' position in the state government.

Amanah argued that failing to remove PAS from the Selangor government would hurt Harapan's electoral chances in the 14th general election.

Now that poisonous viper nurtured by Azmin in his breast (against Amanah's warning) may be coming home to sink its fangs into leng chai.

Mid last year Malaysiakini reported PAS wants Gombak back, Azmin in peril? (extracts):

Selangor PAS said it was "wajib (a responsibility)" to field candidates in Gombak, a parliamentary seat presently held by Selangor Menteri Besar and PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali.

"Taking back the Gombak parliamentary seat is 'wajib' for us," said Selangor PAS chief Sallehen Mukhyi today.

Sallehen said this when responding to a question following his announcement that Selangor PAS was ready to contest 42 out of 56 state seats in Selangor.

There are three state seats within the boundaries of the Gombak parliamentary constituency - Gombak Setia, Ulu Kelang and Batu Caves.

Of the three, PAS candidates won the election in Gombak Setia and Ulu Kelang, while Batu Caves went to a PKR candidate.

This indicates that Gombak has a sizeable PAS following.

Sallehen's announcement comes in the wake of efforts by several top PKR leaders, including Azmin, to forge an electoral pact with PAS ahead of the next general election.

Is that why very recent rumours (just yesterday) have it that Azmin Ali may be moving away from Gombak to contest GE14 in Shah Alam? 

Anyway, Zuraida Kamaruddin at that time of Amanah's warning criticised instead Selangor Amanah. She said Amanah's public call to review PAS' position in the Pakatan Harapan-led Selangor government was not a politically mature move by the party.

Just a kaytee reminder - Amanah was/is a component member of Pakatan whilst PAS was/is not in September last year. Wakakaka.

Zuraida Kamaruddin said, "In terms of consensus, I see Amanah's open statement is not in accordance with the spirit of cooperation in Harapan."

In her politically-confused Azmin-Ali-influenced mind, she tok-kok because PAS was NOT a member of Harapan, while Amanah (was)is. That's how politically-demented she had been.

She pompously pontificated, criticising Amanah, a Pakatan ally, in favour of PAS, a Pakatan enemy, "Conveying such views through public statements is not our way. This is not the practice of mature politics."

Was she trying to mask her PKR un-Harapan dealings with PAS secret? Indeed it was her PKR or the Azmin Ali faction that was been the adulterous party practising immature politics in continuing then to slut with a known Pakatan enemy, very much against other Pakatan members' advice.

It was Bullshit Galore by her, that if she had respected Selangor Amanah's prerogative on proposing motions at its convention then why criticised Amanah as practising 'immature politics'

While I appreciate her loyalty to Azmin Ali, she should have shown some basic loyalty and responsibility to Pakatn Harapan and members, and respect to Amanah. Obviously as a PKR person, she did NOT realise PKR should NOT stand on two boats with a foot on each.

Finally and worst of all, Zuraida Kamaruddin has been a Ketuanan advocate and practitioner

In 2013, just after the general elections, we saw PAS holding 15 state seats, DAP another 15 seats, and PKR only 14 seats.

Yet prior to any consultation with PAS and DAP, the minor-ketuanan party (wakakaka) PKR was seen squabbling disgracefully among themselves over which PKR ADUN should fill the position of the MB, as if PKR had been the political party which won the Selangor state elections by itself.

Perhaps it saw itself as a ‘minority government’ in Selangor. Well, it certainly was behaving like one.

Regarding the PKR intra-party squabbling, one of its factions had even disparaged its then own member, Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, the MB of the previous state assembly session, for poor performance, describing him as a lame duck, without even understanding what the term 'lame duck' means.

Khalid Ibrahim 

The criticisms or condemnations against Khalid Ibrahim were nothing more than a tragic intra-party attempt by that faction to prevent him from taking up the MB appointment for another term and to seize same for its most favoured son. With Zuraida Kamaruddin, you know who was her most favoured 'son'.

While PKR then twisted itself into an unhappy, avaricious and treacherous viper snake of Gordian proportion, PAS and DAP with a combined 30 ADUN nominated Khalid Ibrahim as their preferred candidate for the MB position.

Their preference was further endorsed by Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, the party president of PKR, a fortuitous endorsement for some in PKR because it eventually and unwittingly provided a face-saving way out for those against Khalid Ibrahim becoming MB. 

But what occurred next ripped the breath of many away as Zuraida Kamaruddin unbelievably told DAP and PAS pointedly to stay out on the Selangor MB appointment because, now get this, the post belonged to PKR and it was for the party alone to decide which of its ADUN should be MB. If that was not of ketuanan magnitude, I don’t know what would then be.

In a media interview she exclaimed whether the PAS and DAP state ADUN were gila kuasa (power crazy), without even recognising the irony of her accusation. 

Mind you, those PAS and DAP ADUN had nominated a PKR person to be MB, not one of their own party members. But obviously it was not a PKR ADUN of her preference.

I would like to paraphrase one of Anwar Ibrahim’s quotes in order to address Zuraida Kamaruddin for her belief that the Selangor MB post belonged to PKR, “So you think this is your father’s state?” 

The sheer preposterousness of her pathetic pseudo-proprietary claim on the MB position would have been a great joke if not for the disturbing cardinal belief by some in PKR that they possess supreme birthrights above their political allies, an indisputable ketuanan mindset. Thus, it indicated Pakatan’s ‘link’ to the ultimate ketuanan party, UMNO, which incidentally has been the progenitor of PKR.

As Wisdom has said, the buah bangsat langsat doesn't fall far from the langsat tree.

Now why have I taken so much pain in showing who Zuraida Kamaruddin is and what her mindset has been and probably still is, in her recommendation of Azmin Ali and Mukhriz as Pakatan's leaders for PM and DPM-designate?

Do you want recommendations from a politically-demented ketuanan otak? Wakakaka.

But leaving aside the politically-demented nature of Zuraida Kamaruddin, I would say that Azmin Ali has not been a bad choice as Pakatan's PM-designate. 

Azmin is cautious-careful, clever and cunning-crafty, all important qualities for a PM. These are qualities that Nurul Izzah does not have but should strive to cultivate if she ever dreams of being Malaysia's first female PM, outside of just being Anwar's daughter.

don't naively fall for sabotage within your party and get photographed together with a national enemy 

Given non-Malay and Islamic Party (Amanah) candidates are not likely to nor ever will be accepted as PM-designate, I have to concede that Azmin Ali is possibly the best available choice for PM-designate though I personally do not like him.

I prefer a bloke like Mohamed Hanipa Maidin of Amanah but alas, his party's (or rather PAS) religio-political stand has put fear into many people.

Mohamed Hanipa Maidin of Amanah
an intellectual and a very good man 
and not sly and crafty like Azmin

But Mukhriz? What PM-qualities does he have? Mukhriz is a nice bloke but he is in so many ways like Nurul Izzah, being just the offspring of a political icon, and nothing else. If he becomes DPM, he'll be a wooden dummy or a DPM-seat warmer to a far more versatile PM Azmin.

But you know what, Mukhriz will still be miles ahead of Muhyiddin Yassin as DPM, wakakaka.


  1. Mohamed Hanipa Maidin will lose in Sepang in GE14.

  2. Most ( though not all) of the criticism thrown against Mahathir today is pure bullshit partisanship.

    Most of those who were voters at the time the incidents being held against Mahathir today, voted for BN.

    Those days DAP had something like 10 seats in Parliament. In 1986, when Memali was made an issue by PAS , It won 1 seat in Parliament.
    Where were the rest of the voters ?

    They were happily voting for BN. They were part of the problem.

    I have refused to be part of the problem for decades now.

    No to BN.
    No to the Prime Minister of Today.

    1. the people you criticised had voted for mahathir, not so much bn; you will be doing the same. Aren't you a hypocrite?

    2. Ktemoc is a hypocrite talking about governance as a reason for opposing Mahathir, at the same time being an apologist for N.a..

    3. this is an appropriate occasion to use JJ's "wriggling like a worm" on you - wakakaka - ya, you're wriggling like a worm to get out of the hole you dug yourself into

  3. Methinks an apology is due from Ktemoc to Mucking Fuddled who had so wonderfully and aptly described you Ktemoc as the wriggling worm that you are, wakkakak :

    [mucking fuddled10:50 am, January 02, 2018

    your motives and intentions are megapixel, it's futile to deny... its embarrassing to see you wriggle like a worm]

    1. in which case my apologies to both you (JJ) and Mucking Fuddled - my excuse, I had relied on recollection rather than checking out that phrase from my archives, wakakaka

      but to Mucking Fuddled, thanks for that phrase as I needed it to apply to Monsterball who shot himself in his own foot, wakakaka again. Kaytee doesn't need it as you erroneously reckon I do